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  1. As unlikely as it may be, if a war were to happen, and someone started firing nukes about, that would pretty much be the end of the world imo. Other people start getting involved and then you really do have a world war.
  2. Vista Thread

    VISTA YOU BITCH! Sorry, very pissed off atm, I booted my computer up this morning, checked my email, locked it like I always do then went to work. Came home 3 hours later to a screen saying 'Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.' So I tried boot normally, just gets to Vista loading bar then reboots without an error, so tried safemode, same thing. Put the disk in, ran a repair, returns a report saying it couldn't be fixed. HELP ME PLEASE! I have so much data that I am supposed to backing up this weekend, and now I can't get to it :cry: EDIT - Right, finally after a few hours, found the problem. I disabled the onboard raid device and Vista booted up, so checked windows update history and there was an Nvidia nForce RAID controller update applied to my computer this morning which claims to have been 'successful'. I haven't yet tried to turn my raid back on, but Vista did finish installing stuff when it finally loaded. Now time to get on the Nvidia forums and find out who I have to shout at about this.
  3. Graphics card - need suggestions

    I use a BFG 7600GT (256Mb of GDDR3 Memory), they cost about £80-£100 and are about as middle of the road as you can get, I only use it to play WoW and sometimes HL2 or CNC3 and all of these games I can play on full settings with a pretty good frame rate.
  4. Microsoft Zune

    Check out the Halo 3 Zoon here!
  5. Microsoft Zune

    I'm currently trying to get a Halo 3 Zoon. I will be keeping my ipod as I have a special car connector for it, but I'm a sucker for special edition stuff, especially when it is Halo related >.<
  6. What keyboard and mouse for gaming?

    I don't think I'm going to change my mouse now, doesn't look like they have changed all that much since I got mine, might check the warranty though as it has a 5 year one and there is something that isn't quite right with it. That Vista keyboard I originally linked is no good for me, doesn't have a number pad and I use it all the time! So still on the hunt for a new one. Damn Jordan for moving and being offline, he'd know what to buy, as would Piro, what ever happened to him anyway?
  7. What keyboard and mouse for gaming?

    That mouse looks identical to mine, except its all broken on the top, or is it squishy? This is what I have got atm cost me about £50 i think, cordless is fine for me, not playing FPS games, and tbh have never noticed lag with this one! That keyboard is a little pricey, even if price isn't an issue
  8. Your old computer

    IMO a 60Gb isn't worth keeping, especially as it is IDE and I think most Dells come with SATA drives these days.
  9. I think that actual response was probably something like "Hahaha, funny joke, we will not be offering you an interview as quite frankly, every application we get is better than yours."
  10. Your old computer

    To destroy a hard drive just drive a nail through it (which shatters the insides). As for old parts, really depends on the age of the various components because of the way the technologies change all the time, for example, DDR memory from a P4 or AMD processor isn't going to be compatible with a dual core cpu which requires DDR2 memory. List what you have and what you want, if you don't know what you have send the service tag from the back of the machine my way and I will look it up on the Dell website and let you know.
  11. Vista Thread

    That might be the problem then! : peace:
  12. Vista Thread

    Well so did I, it stands for 'release to manufacture', but all you guys are saying how great Vista is, but I can't say I have had the same experience.
  13. Vista Thread

    I'm still running the RTM and it's a pain, I was going to roll back to XP but now I'm wondering if I should get the retail version, maybe that would be better than the RTM?
  14. Some news

    I'm a bit late, but good luck, I'm envious! (If that's how you spell it).
  15. Where should I get a Wii from?

    Because Sony pay for shelf space, as do M$. They always have done (well when I worked in Game they did and that was a few years ago now). Nintendo don't, that is why you get reps from Sony and M$ but not Nintendo, the reps come to check they are getting what they pay for.
  16. Where should I get a Wii from?

    I played Strikers at my mates and wasn't really impressed, I'm not into football, even if Mario is involved. I'm wanting to get one mainly for the games due later in the year such as Metroid and SSB, but I want to play something now. Is there a release date for the next version of pokemon stadium? (whatever it's called).
  17. Firefox vs Internet Explorer 7

    QFT! Firefox user for years, don't like IE 6 or 7, and have never needed to try anything other than FF.
  18. Wii In Different Colours???

    I want a black one to go with my black EVERYTHING ELSE!
  19. I got beaten up last September, some of you may remember. I thought I had a thread about it, but I can't find it if I did. Well anyway the police still havent done anything about it and even if it does go to court, I can't remember the specific details that would make the difference between getting a conviction or not. I'm nearly 23 and used to think I live in a safe area, but since then I don't walk anywhere on my own. I'm too scared, even going into town during the day, and especially in the evenings. At the time I didn't think it would make a difference, but it has. Sorry to hear this happened to yet another n-europer, and dude, before it happened to me I don't think I would have helped, but since September I definately would!!! It's the most horrible thing to happen and it shouldn't happen to good people like us!
  20. Right, I currently have an ADSL wireless router (a netgear DG384GT) which seems to provide wireless internet access for most of the house, but not my room, grr. Is it possible to get another wireless router (as I have a wired connection to my room) and use it to extend my current wireless network? This is so that I can get my DS, and soon to own Wii, online.
  21. Expanding a wireless network

    Well it didn't arrive today, so hopefully tomorrow
  22. Save Money! Say No To Rip Off Phone Calls!

    Or say that, then never get anyone, just leave the phone on the side, lol.
  23. Post Your Purchases

    I just bought: 4 hard drives a raid card a load of ram for my new server...I also bought a DS lite with DKR and FF3 from gamestation. Then I ordered FF Dawn of Souls and FF4 for the GBA from VGP because I can't find Dawn of Souls in this country and FF4 was $20 canadian, which is about £9, bargain!!
  24. Expanding a wireless network

    Bought one. I'll let you know the results!
  25. Expanding a wireless network

    Yes they are, that could be a better idea, do you know anywhere to get them? Well I was looking at this which has a repeater mode and bridging mode, but then it has a * saying that it only works with another version of the same access point, but it doesn't specify if that is for the bridging or the repeater modes.