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  1. I haven't touched a console since WoW took over my life. As with what a lot of other people have said, I spend too much money buying games, there are too many games I want to play coming out all the time and not being a kid and having lots of free time anymore, I just can't finish them. I do actually believe that something has changed with games, the peak for me was my N64. All games I ever played led to that era, but nothing has since made me WANT to play. I simply play now (consoles) because I feel I have to. I do honestly think thats down to lazy developers rather than nostalgia. Bring on the days of Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing and Zelda OoT. Go away Halo, WoW and PGR. Don't get me wrong, these games are great, just not as great.....
  2. You forget ROADHOUSE best Swayze movie ever!!
  3. I have been pretty ill for just over a week now, but I didn't know I had Tonsillitus until Thursday when I went to see the doctor. I used to get it loads when I was young but thought I had grown out of it. I am BORED out of my head, I don't know why but when I'm ill nothing is interesting, for some reason my attention span is just a few minutes! What do you guys do when you're ill? Anybody got any good tips for feeling better if you've got Tonsillitus?
  4. Surprise!

    Haha, owned. I'm not sure who is more in the wrong here. The wife who was technically cheating to make some more money for them both, or the husband who was obviously going to spend money in the brothel.
  5. Oh man, rain.

    I love the rain, I think it's romantic in a strange kind of way. I have to admit I prefer rain when you are in a hot country and it's warm, especially if your in the sea or a swimming pool!
  6. World of Warcraft

    I play WoW far too much. Quit raiding a few months ago as it bores the shit out of me but still love to PvP. http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Outland&n=Busta Currently earning honor for my new boots (got 11k need 17k) and arena points for some new gloves (got 555 need 1500 or so). Also leveling an Orc warrior, currently level 65. http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Outland&n=Ragefist
  7. Merry Christmas Day everyone!

    Yes, Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have an excellent day!
  8. Big Internet Scavenger Hunt (BISH)

    I know the closing date, but is it a race to get the photos first or can I just get them all and then post em up?
  9. What car you got?

    Lol - I just got that image from a google image search, its not mine, just the same! I had one of those in blue!
  10. Big Internet Scavenger Hunt (BISH)

    Ok I'm in...have sent PM
  11. Big Internet Scavenger Hunt (BISH)

    Will there be bonus points for getting more than one request into a single photo? I'm thinking I want to do this, but cant think of 5 photos....I'll PM you when I have decided if I'm in or not.
  12. What car you got?

    I have one of these: And one of these: But my bike is a different colour to that
  13. Name That Game

    Sam and Max?
  14. PGR4

    I got a free PGR4 when I bought a Halo 360 last week, tbh haven't really played it because of Halo 3 but what I have played is great. Really struggling to get good with the motorbikes at the moment, and I reakon they will be key to winning online matches. Haven't seen a list of motorbikes in the game, but really hope mine is in there! (Honda VFR 400) EDIT - Just read first post: Honda '60 RC161 '06 CBR 600RR '92 NR750 Oh well, maybe it will come out in a bike pack download another time. I wonder if I can make a request ^^
  15. Home Pages

    igoogle .
  16. Greetings from the Jade Empire

    Lol...too much time on those horrible wow-europe forums for j00!
  17. HDTV Thread

    Cheers McPhee, I will check them out!
  18. HDTV Thread

    So what does everyone think about this one? Looks pretty good to me.
  19. Burnout: Paradise

    A friend of mine is a QA tester at EA and he is loving this game. Apparently there was a massive a multi-player mode to begin with but they keep finding massive bugs and have slowly been taking the various different modes out. Don't know if they will make it back into the final version.
  20. HDTV Thread

    Just wondering if I could get some input on this please?
  21. HDTV Thread

    I would also like to know what people recommend for playing games on. I want my 360 to look the mutts nuts on it, I don't care about anything else. I want something between 26" and 32". I'm guessing Samsung are the best seeing as MS use them for their instore 360 pods? (I think I noticed that Halo 3 does 1080 something - can't remember if p or i is better). Thanks EDIT - Just checked...its 1080p.
  22. Halo 3 is awsum

    I have just picked up my legendary copy from Gamestation on my way to work, but now I have a training course all day. Sigh. Roll on 5pm!
  23. Free Radical Talk Wii

    I always thought that guy looked like Jeremy Beadle!
  24. Suggestions

    I've changed it to the classic cube europe purple for now...ah the memories :P
  25. Suggestions

    That banner gets some dodgy looks at work, I think people must think I'm on a porn site....can we have pokemon back please? Or somesing new?