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  1. Half Life in Real Life?

    I didn't say they were the ONLY ones
  2. Half Life in Real Life?

    Sorry but as interesting as it all sounds, I have zero tolerance for the shite the BBC spew out on their website. They are the biggest scaremongers on the net!
  3. Post Your Purchases

    I have just taken delivery of a white GC controller from Play-Asia for my impending purchase of a Wii and I must say, as insignificant as it may seem, the size of the box is awesome. It is small and oh so cute ^^
  4. Firefox Download Day

    You can't download FF3 yet, it is released at 10am PDT (San Francisco time) which is 6pm UK time. Any download you get before then is the RC version. Count down timers
  5. Ninja Gaiden II

    Good, seems first impressions are what I was hoping for even though the reviews haven't been wonderful. Can't wait to get this now! Roll on Friday!
  6. I got 39 but totally forgot about the Pokemon rap that I know all the words to ^^ I'll have another go when the results aren't fresh in my memory Plus I couldn't spell some...once I put in all the ones I knew from memory I started reliving the series and the card game in my head to get some others. Here you go:
  7. Ninja Gaiden II

    I really am looking forward to this, I hope it doesnt flop. I'll get it no matter what the reviews say, I just hope it can live up to my expectations!
  8. World of Warcraft

    Sigh, now I have my S3 helm I don't really have anything I want to do. All I wanted was full S3 and with the ratings on S3 shoulders and all of S4 I'm not going to be getting any more gear before the expansion comes out. I have decided I'm just going to make some money, a little bit each time I play. Then when Wrath hits I can send it all to my Death Knight (which will by new main). In the mean time I plan to catch up on all the games I have missed out on in the last 3 years lol.
  9. I am going to be buying a pair of 8800GT cards for my computer, but I can't decide which vendor to go for. I have searched google for hours looking for a comparrison of the different vendor cards but no one seems to have done one. I like the look of this one: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-150-AS It claims to have 1Gb of memory, however according to both Nvidia and Wikipedia, the highest amount of memory available on any 8800GT is 512: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_8_Series http://www.nvidia.co.uk/page/geforce_8800.html So I can't help but think that something isn't right. Can anyone shed some light on this, or would a card from a different vendor be better? I am replacing a 7600GT so this should be a nice upgrade
  10. Post Your Purchases

    I just got 4 GC games in the 2 for £20 at Game Station including Metroid Prime 2, Betallion Wars, PSO3 and Pokemon Colosseum. I also got Tingles Rosy Ruppee land for the DS brand new for £9.99!!
  11. That was indeed an excellent article. And he makes many good points with regards to why that era was an excellent one for gamers. I would also add the point (continuing on from the internet one) that MMO's have ruined gaming for myself. I am a self confessed wow addict and have barely played any other game since its release 3 years ago. Oh how I have missed so much! *Cries*. The problem is that every minute your not playing you feel like your wasting time that could be spent better improving your character with some kind of endless grinding session. Luckily there is an expansion coming out soon, so between now and then I am playing wow less and trying to at least try to catch up on some of what I have missed in the last three years
  12. Official N-Europe Share Trading Game

    I don't understand what I'm doing. I think I bought shares but I don't know what 'Term' and 'Pricing Type' means. Or when they actually make the trade for the shares so I actually own them. Yes I'm stupid.
  13. Supposed pic of xbox-mote

    lol, that's so fake. And it looks horrible.
  14. World of Warcraft

    Can't wait to get home from work so I can get my S3 helm on my hunter tonight! That makes 4/5 vengeful which means I'm pretty much done with my hunter. I will be using him for dailies and my 70 druid for farming alchemy mats to make money for when the expansion comes out and I can re-roll my death knight!
  15. I either need to create or source some videogame databases and wondered if anyone knows if they already exist? I need a number of them, off the top of my head, these are: - A complete list of all games available for Wii, publishers, number of players, online functionality or not, and that sort of general information. - The same but for DS/X360/PS3/PSP. I know this is a long shot, but it would save me a hell of a lot of time. Although I want this info as a database, it doesn't matter if it comes in a spreadsheet or something. Any ideas welcome
  16. Its top secret, well not really, but I want to have a proof of concept before I ask for any opinions, but its for a website idea that I have had. Similar to some of the games sites already out there (the likes of IGN and GameFAQs) but with some extra functionality.
  17. Well I need the data in a SQL database ideally. I'm currently working out if I should contact people at GameFAQs and ask if they can provide me with a database (which I imagine is about 0% likely to happen), or alternatively, write a script that goes through the websites in question, parsing the data.
  18. Nice one, I'll check these places, thanks Always so helpful
  19. Zero Punctuation!

    Ok fine, I'll watch some more, but until then I'm not convinced.
  20. Zero Punctuation!

    Well my review of him is that he is a cock and thats my opinion.
  21. Zero Punctuation!

    But I didn't lol
  22. Zero Punctuation!

    Not especially, got a DS and an Xbox.
  23. Zero Punctuation!

    Just watched the smash bros one, and I have to say, that guys a cock. I don't even care for smash bros, don't even have a Wii, but he is a class one knob!
  24. Hahahahaaaa this is proper funny, some of the things you get back make me wet myself. Lol @ Mundi getting rick roll'd. I drew: And got: Then I drew: And got: