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  1. Getting Married

    Congratulations! I wish you both a very happy life together!
  2. See above, I'm taking Dysons place.
  3. Is this website idea worth my time?

    That is the kind of thing I want to create, although I have a facebook account I do actually hate it for many reasons. The primary function of my idea is to allow users to keep a record of the games they have played, a timeline of thier 'gaming career' if you like. Initially I didn't want too much 'social networking' for the site, but it would appear that is what people DO actually want. That is a good question Chris, I think php is my best bet, but I need to sit and plan it all out first, I still don't know what data should be recorded etc. I don't want to create a site that is monotonous and boring, entering data shouldn't be the primary use of the site. The boring and long part for me will be creating the database with the games in. I think to start with I'll do it for a selection of core systems say, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PS2. I can add more systems later. I toyed with the idea of allowing users to enter their own games but after writing a list of pro's and con's for this decided it was a no no. For some games tracking achievements will be easy, 360 games all have achievements built in which can be tracked via gamer tag, but for games like Zelda for example, I would have to decide how the best way to do it. Completing the story is one, collecting all the heart containers is another, and so on. Plus there are many games I have never played and won't be able to decide on 'progress points' by myself. Perhaps a forum is required to allow requests for new systems/missed games/progress points etc?
  4. Is this website idea worth my time?

    Well actually I wasn't really planning on making money from it, that said, read below... I think pics or didn't happen would work too, in it's original incarnation there wouldn't really be any point in lying about it, like my anime list, there is no advantage to 'pretending' you have watched all the episodes of Naruto for example. I was originally going to try and avoid another social networking type site, but with the statistics that it would be possible collect I would be able to sell advertising to games companies which would allow them to target specific groups. For example, someone who has completed 30 FPS games, would be perfect to advertise a new Halo or Half Life game to. As for the 'stealing' my idea, unfortunately this isn't something I can dedicate hundreds of hours too, so if someone beats me to it, I'll just have to suck it up
  5. Damn I missed this, not sure how Although seem's like it wasn't that well organised.....Dan if anyone has dropped out or is missing a CD I'll happily stand in, got a play list and CD's ready to go go. Also, is there not some horrible infringement of copyright going on here?
  6. Rate the last game you played

    Damn, this thread is making me want to go back to lots of games I haven't played for ages! I'm currently playing Fable 2 but haven't played it enough to rate it yet. So far, very impressed!
  7. Left Brain Vs Right Brain Test

    Wow, could only see clockwise before, now I can see both and easily switch between, so weird.... what does that mean? She's pretty hot for a silhouette
  8. Nintendo goes all out

    I'm hoping to get a Wii this holiday, I've been looking forward to it all year, hope they don't sell out
  9. Fable 2

    Mine has turned up, didn't get a collectors edition, was it worth it? Can't play it til Sunday tho, something to look forward to
  10. Fable 2

    Mine has dispatched, yay! But wont get to play it until Sunday, off to Alton Towers for the weekend
  11. Woo, my copy of Shadowman has arrived! The box is tatty but it's complete with manual/map/registration card. Cart looks mint too. Can't wait to get home and poo my pants!!
  12. I think I played a demo for stalker, is that the one with the little girl? On PC? Obviously truely horrid games like Doom 3 will make you sh*t your pants but that is just because they make you jump. Just Shadowman was/is a little gem. The music, the voice acting, it was all awesome. Maybe it's my fanboy-ism clouding my judgement over the best version but I'm sure I remember the N64 version being better. Anyway I just bought a copy from ebay for £5 devilvered. Win.
  13. The BEST halloween game is easily Shadowman on the N64. The PS1 and DC versions weren't nearly as good, but for atmosphere the only game I have EVER played since that matches it is Gears of War. Infact, I'm gonna try and get me another copy of Shadowman for this halloween!
  14. Vista Thread

    What's strange is that this is the second time I have had Vista, first time was when the RTM was released and I had the same problem then. I went back to XP but decided now SP1 was out it should be fixed, alas.....
  15. Vista Thread

    Guys can you help, I'm having a weird issue with Vista which I have looked around for answers too, but haven't had much luck. When playing games, I get a weird stuttering, which makes the frame rate drop slightly, but enough to be annoying. I have taken a couple of photos of my G15 screen when I have FRAPS running as this is the best way to show you what happens: Normal behaviour: (In this photo there is only one spike, the second one is a reflection). Stuttering spike: I have tried disabling indexing on my hard drive and disabling the search service but neither of these things have worked. Any other tips?
  16. mATX Motherboards?

    What's the best one? I have a good selection of components left over from my PC upgrade and want to put them into a small case. Does anyone have any experience with these?
  17. mATX Motherboards?

    Thanks for the advice so far guys, these are what I took out of my old box: AMD AM2 Dual Core 3000 (I think, it's currently got dried thermal paste on it). 4Gb 667 RAM (in 4 x 1Gig dimms) nVidia 7600GT 80Gb WD Sata drive (intend to get another one for Raid 0) So I need to buy a case, mobo and PSU. I'm thinking of this case. Apparently it is actually quite big and seems to have lots of cooling potential. I have had Abit boards in the past and have an Asus board now, both of which have been amazing tbh.
  18. I'm looking to upgrade my machine, I'm pretty happy I have chosen a decent CPU and some tasty RAM, but I need some advice with the graphics card. I currently have a single 7600GT on an SLi capable motherboard. My question is, do I buy 2 better cards and run them in SLi, or do I spend the same amount on a really good single card. Been looking at some benchmarks on Toms Hardware and 2 x 9800 GT's seem pretty good, and really shine in the high end tests. On a side note, it really confused me they were talking about 9800's lol. I still have my trusty 9800 pro in the machine I'm posting this from!
  19. Ok, so I got the sexy new hardware yesterday (I'll get some pictures tonight if your interested), this is the setup: Asus M2N32 SLi deluxe AMD Quad Core Phenom 9850 Ati 4870 - 512Mb 2 x WD 250gig Sata drives in Raid 0 4Gb Crucial Ballistix (800MHz) Tracer ram Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit I was pleased that Vista recognised the raid, I was worried I would have to poke around injecting drivers, but I didn't, and Vista was intalled in about 15minutes - wow! I haven't overclocked anything, and probably not going to, we'll see. UT3 installed, everything on full, and runs like a dream. I need to do some research to see if there is a way of editing the config files to make it run with higher settings. More on this soon. Tonight I am going to spend some time tweaking my OS install. There is a lot of bloat in Vista that I don't need, so a bit of streamlining will make a nice improvement. I was surprised at the amount of heat the ATi kicks out, I am going to do some testing on this too, at least it will get better after a few cycles. So nothing concrete to report yet, but initial opinion is...AMAZING!
  20. Will do, the kit is due tomorrow and I can't wait. I know that everyone says Intels rock atm, but I'll always love AMD in terms of bang for buck. I'll try and give a nice accurate opinion but can't compare it to an Intel as I don't have one
  21. So this is what I ordered: CPU RAM GPU Luckily I have a good motherboard, PSU and HDD setup from my last upgrade meaning that I could spend more money on the components that really make a difference this time around. Its nice to know my rig is going to be good now after having to skimp on these components last time
  22. Yeah that's what I thought, I'll stick with Dell then. I'm surprised ebuyer can sell Dell monitors cheaper than Dell can. So, that's just about everything I wanted to know, except if anyone can recommend good ATi vendors. I think my 9800 pro back in the day was a Sapphire.
  23. Ok well I think the 4870 is what I'm going to get once I check my PSU is happy about that. I currently use a 19" monitor but am looking for a 24" widescreen, any suggestions? My current monitor is a Dell and it has to be said, probably one of the best monitors I have ever used, nothing wrong with it, just want something bigger.
  24. Nice, and that card is better than any SLi or Crossfire combo for similar price? Sounds like a winner! EDIT - Whats the best ATI vendor these days?
  25. Correct me if I'm wrong, as it has been a long time since I last looked at this, but when you buy your mobo, don't you have to predecide what CPU and GPU vendor you have to get also? I'm not changing the mobo which takes AMD and Nvidia, its an Asus M2N32 SLi board. SO that limits me to another Nvidia no?