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  1. YouTube HD

    Oh I see, I'll do that then ^^
  2. Banjo Kazooie (XBLA)

    Thanks S.C.G but I waited til I got home to download it from marketplace on my Xbox anyway
  3. YouTube HD

    I just watched both those videos at the same (admittedly without sound) and could tell no difference at all. Surely the shitty quality is due do the original source, for example, mobile phone or something?
  4. Crapping Internet

    I have BT and like Piro said I had to turn on my encryption, one thing to note about BT also is that between about 6pm and 11pm then throttle all net connections. Between those times I can't stream anything from youtube smoothly and my torrents all drop really low. What is shit about BT is that at my parents house we have had it for about 10 years and it's been amazing, so I recommended it to my GF and another mate who both got it and for both of them its wank. The only difference between them and my parents house is that I swapped out the crap homehub for a proper ADSL wireless router. Not sure if that's really worth noting tho.
  5. Banjo Kazooie (XBLA)

    At last!! I'll go queue it up now : peace: EDIT - Hmm I don't have the option to buy it
  6. Only Me!

    Actually I'm not even sure he still works there but his real name is Alan Webb and he looks like tarzan so you can't miss him. As far as I know he was working in the testing department, but it has been sometime since I last spoke to him.
  7. Only Me!

    Hey Jamba, do you know a guy called Death Alan that works at SEGA? Tell him Ollie says hi ^^ Welcome back dude!
  8. Holy POOP! That is a bargain! For some reason that deal isn't available online so I hope they have some stock in my local store at lunch time, definitely be picking them both up to play at a later date. EDIT - Yay got them, had to hunt around as the store is small and for a second thought they didn't have any. With the VAT cut got them both for just under £30. What a steal!!!!
  9. Wii General Discussion

    OK cool, thanks guys. I was sure the DS had a code tho :/
  10. Wii General Discussion

    So the console codes are only for the purpose of sending messages to one another? IE if you and I swap codes for Mario Strikers, we can play that together even tho we haven't swapped console codes? Is this the same process for the DS? Sorry I should really know this, but if I play my DS online I just play against randoms on Tetris
  11. Wii General Discussion

    Guys got a quick question if you don't mind. I'm just trying to work out a process about the Wii friends code system. Do you have to swap console codes AND individual game codes to play with your friends online? Or can you just swap console OR individual game codes? If anyone could give me a quick run down of how it works, that would rock! Thanks.
  12. God you think that's bad, try wanting to play all those games AND having a horrible World of Warcraft addiction!! I'm just about to but Fall Out 3 now, have missed loads of games that I will be picking up after Christmas, for both the 360, DS and Wii. I'm just glad I don't have a PS3 atm! All these games and work and WoW and my current website project is crazy. I don't know if I should be pleased there are so many good titles to choose from or annoyed that I'll never get to finish them all. ^^
  13. PS3 or Xbox for Christmas? Help!

    Get a PS3, get your Xbox fixed.
  14. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I didn't want to start a thread for this as it seem's a bit pointless, so I hope this question is suited to this place instead. I'm getting a Wii for Christmas (at last ) and I have been looking at Wii points on nintendo.co.uk.....I can't work it out. I had 18000 stars but they were about to run out so I had to spend them on shit. Now I have loads of registration cards waiting to be used. I was going to buy points with them, but you can't until you link your Wii (which I don't yet own) to your stars account. Could someone explain how the process works please? Do they mail you a points card in the post if you buy points with stars, or does your Wii find out electronically? Also there was some fuss about how there isn't always points available, is this still true? Thanks guys and gals! : peace:
  15. Anime and manga discussion

    Ah crap, I got ages to go before I can watch the movies
  16. Credit Cards

    Here is a tip for you (as much as I HATE CC's - I'm in a fair amount of debt because of them combined with uni): Go to money supermarket find what you want, apply for it. When they send you the form to sign and send back, throw it away, a week later they will send you another letter offering you a better deal.
  17. Anime and manga discussion

    Guys, I'm watching Naruto on DVD, just finished series 3, but S4 complete, isn't out until Feb 2009. Can someone let me know when it is safe to watch the movies without risking spoilers please? Need my fix ^^ Thanks
  18. I have been toying with the idea for this website for sometime now (probably going on 2 years). I can't decide if it would be worth the time investment to make it happen. Some of you maybe familiar with http://myanimelist.net/ and the 'my games collection' listings available through IGN, my idea is similar to them both. At a basic level, I want to be able to track my gaming career. By this I mean I want to have a record of all of the games I have played, and how far I have got with them. If I have any high scores, or worthwhile bragging rights etc, etc. I buy and play many games, but I often can't remember a few years later anything about them. I have mocked up a VERY simple page on my domain here but you will have to imagine the design for yourself. My question is would you use a service like this? Imagine that you can first of all catalogue your whole collection, then record data like percentage complete etc, then maybe upload photos or screenshots showing high scores etc, and being able to link your friends to it. To make this website worthwhile and usable will require an incredible amount of time investment by myself, so is it worth it?
  19. Is this website idea worth my time?

    Another update guy's and girls (if you're interested): We are still working on the site everyday. I'm currently in the process of populating the games database, which is a ma-hu-sive task I am editing and correcting something like 10,000 records, I haven't even thought about PC games or a lot of retro consoles yet. In terms of functionality, version 1 will release to beta soon. We have registered a domain name, and are looking for some appropriate hosting facilities. Version 1 will be released to the people that we choose to test for testing the very basic functionality of the site. Version 2 will have far more advanced functionality and will come soon after if all goes to plan. I'm always amazed at how often 20-30 hours work can appear so tiny to end users, but we are hoping that it will be worth it! We have come up with what we think are some pretty cool ideas, but I can't disclose anything yet. I will show you a list before the site goes live. PS - I'm so sorry I haven't contact those of you that are interested in what we are doing personally. I will do this week!
  20. What's sad is that this kind of thing happens everyday all over the world every time you buy goods and services. If only more companies would get busted the world may be a slightly better place. Shame the money probably goes straight into some government bank account to fund wars rather back to the consumer. We can just think of it as paying more tax.
  21. World of Warcraft

    When I logged on last night I was the 1400th person in the Que....2 hours to get on Got my Rogue to 60 but not enough gold for the riding skill, damn. Should have played more the other night, all the DK's have caught up with me now so going to have to put with that all the way to 80.
  22. World of Warcraft

    When I logged off last night at about 1am UK time there was a few 60 DK's but no level 71's yet. I'm swapping my main for wrath from my 70 hunter to my (now level 59) rogue. I'm hoping in a weeks time when I get my rogue to 68 that for the most part there wont be too many ppl in the starting zones of Northrend. I got a collectors edition, woop, ppl are loving 'frosty' the pet when I'm levelling my rogue in Outland
  23. Is this website idea worth my time?

    Gah stuff like that really annoys me, thought I was on to a winner here. Oh well, nothing like a bit of competition to keep the project rolling.
  24. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I've been playing Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, it's rubbish but I'm loving it. I can't really explain, it reminds me of Mystical Ninja on the N64 a bit. Will the next game be any better? I sure hope so.
  25. Is this website idea worth my time?

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I am doing this and it is currently in 'full steam ahead' mode. I am working on it with a friend and it is coming along nicely. For those of you that PM'd me I will get back to you as soon as I can! I am however having a problem choosing a domain name, I was thinking of myvgc.com (which is taken) which stands for my video gaming career. There is the domain my-vgc.com which is available though. Anyone have any catchy ideas for website/domain names? Thanks. EDIT - myvgc.net is also available......not sure if myvgc is what I really want tho :/