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  1. Career advice

    See that is the kind of thing I need, but not being at uni any more, no one tells me about this stuff
  2. How was your day?

    Aimless, first off, fix your avatar, cos it rocks and it makes my day Second, without going through all your posts I don't know if it is only your job you have lost or if there is something else making you feel crap, but you could always take this chapter in your life to do something totally new and positive? For example, if I loose my job I already have my plan, I'm going to sell everything I own and travel the world on my motorbike. I wont have much money and I don't have a route planned or anything, but that's the point. I'll just pack and go. I'm not suggesting this is what you should do, but perhaps this is a blessing in disguise?
  3. This Thread Again....New ISP

    This post is pretty much what I was going to say too, the only thing I would say with BT is never expect any helpful support. Generally nothing goes wrong but if it does (assuming its your computer/router and not the 'service') BT are COMPLETELY USELESS. So you might need to post in here if you need help
  4. New Year 2008/2009

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that!
  5. I might give this a go.....you going to be sending it to Radio 1?
  6. I'll Have 4, 12, 87 and 163 Please.

    What I love is that youi say the numbers anf they know exactly what you want, ewven tho there is normally like 100+ things!
  7. How was your day?

    I just got back from the puib! More importantly, recently found the ignore user thing, so awesome!¬
  8. Pokemon Transport and Vehicles

    I love oyu! Where did you come from? Your funny! Japn
  9. New Year 2008/2009

    THIS thread is so funny whanyou drunk! New year to everyone! and the simpsones!
  10. How was your day?

    I can't believe anyone thought it was white. Even when not being compared to something that is white, it is still quite clearly grey.
  11. Finally got a Wii

    Truestori! I've really only played this and I have 5 Wii games now, picked up MP3, Nights, and BW2 in the sales, but can't stop playing Mario Kart!
  12. Rune Factory Frontier

    I'm having trouble finding the DS game that was talked about on the first page of this thread....the only game I can find comes out early next year here in the UK?
  13. Top Gear New Series

    I love how Clarkson just throws the bike down every time he gets off it, so funny!
  14. Post Your Purchases

    Where was BW2 for that price? EDIT - Found it I just got Nights for Wii for £9.98 and Metroid Prime 3 for £14.99, with £5 on my reward card total price, £20, nice!
  15. Finally got a Wii

    Awesome, more must buys than I thought! Best get saving, been playing Mario Kart tonight, I love it so much, almost as good as the N64 version and so much better than the GC version! But N64 rainbow road should have been in there!
  16. Wii n00b asks n00bish questions

    I have one of these, so sexy!
  17. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Yeah that really annoys me, it should be possible either through the dashboard of via xbox.com tbh! I have no one from N-E on my friends list, I should probably go through and add some of you none of my irl friends play online
  18. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Ok awesome! Not sure why I couldn't find that myself lol.
  19. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but is there a way of removing games from you achievements list if they are arcade demo's that you haven't purchased?
  20. New Stretchable Theme

    Love this theme! Good job
  21. Post a picture of your car!

    Here is my steed: In the background you can just make out my car, it isn't exciting (a Clio if you can't tell). I'm currently thinking about getting a Corrado VR6 next year if I can get the insurance for a good price.
  22. Blur on new TV, normal or not?

    I know exactly what you're talking about! I've noticed exactly the same thing, tell me do you have Fable 2? I get it on my TV really badly around the edge of my character when he moves, is that what you're talking about?