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  1. Why are Japanese magazines so much better than ours?! I haven't tried the first one yet, maybe I'll pick it up after Christmas and see what I think.
  2. Well lets see how many people are up for it, then maybe have a thread especially for it?! It doesn't say if there is a minimum amount to bid so I guess not, although there isnt an email address just a phone number. Lets see what everyone thinks!
  3. Hey, I just has an idea! Lets get one, as a forum! Everyone could chip in a quid or something with paypal and then we could make a bid on one that is not likely to sell. We would all be part of: "Revolution-Europe: The forum that owns the Publishing rights to ....(insert crap game name here)"
  4. Am I correct in thinking that if you wanted to, you could gain the publishing rights to one of these titles, then turn around and say "I give everyone permission to pirate this game"?
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Someone definately has too much money!
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Its funny you should say that, I was trying to work out last night how many xbox's would be in the country by christmas, and I'm sure it is totally wrong but this is my thought process: Say there are 1000 shops that get 360's each week. Each store gets roughly 10 machines and there are 4 weeks before Christmas (considering that this doesn't include the initial pre-order allocation) that means: 10,000 x 10 = 100,000 100,000 x 4 = 400,000 Surely 400,000 xbox's would be enough to meet demand for Christmas?
  7. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I guess if you can afford to do it, why not! I wish I had though about getting some Nintendogs packs in, you could definately make a bomb on those on ebay!
  8. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Thats fair enough, I see what your saying, I mean as far as I knew, most major chains will get supplies every friday between now and christmas, and I dont know how reliable that information is but if I was looking to buy one I reakon I could get one before christmas without paying through the teeth on ebay!
  9. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Whats the point, if the shops are getting them in, people arent going to spend hundreds more buying a second hand one off ebay!
  10. I have been robbed

    Is that true though? I'm not really up on recent affairs, but wasn't it ruled that you are allowed to protect yourself using appropriate force should the situation require it?
  11. I have been robbed

    What the hell sort of area do you live in?! They have come back again?!
  12. I have been robbed

    Thats because they had too much to carry already! Sorry to hear about this dude, totally sucks. Ebay is your friend now if you want to rebuild your collection.
  13. Xbox re-appreciation thread

    I couldn't agree more, by far my favourite game on xbox, I will forever hate EA for bringing this series to an end!
  14. Case design tips

    But that is pretty much what PC modding, there isn't much else to it. Like anything its not for everyone I spose!
  15. Suikoden I & II on PSP!

    Johelian will love this! Maybe I'll have to get a PSP now, I was waiting for some good RPG's to come out before I did.
  16. Case design tips

    That isn’t necessarily true. It depends how far you want to go with it, but you can do a pretty good job just getting a window (maybe with a decal scribed into it) and some cold cathode tubes. If you get some UV ones with some UV reactive fans, that looks pretty smart too.
  17. Case design tips

    Erm i'm not sure of the website (i think its http://www.xbox-scene.com) but there is a lot of stuff on there about modifying xbox's, but whats interesting is there are a lot of guides on painting them, which would obviously carry across to PC cases!
  18. Why wont it play videos?

    Go here and download the DivX codec. Fixed.
  19. Introducing Fudge! ("Awwwww!" thread)

    Whoops *hits head on keyboard ngdlfanbuijfabjuiodfaupgs*
  20. Introducing Fudge! ("Awwwww!" thread)

    Awwwww! Here fudge, here boy! Is that engagement ring on your girlfriends finger? I was thinking about this for my girlfriend, but I thought a DS would be more fun
  21. RE: Secret Santa!

    If you feel like that why come here at all? I'm in! Sounds like a great idea!
  22. Wireless

    I have this router. Excellent peice of kit, works with the DS and upto 5 computers connected at a time (in my house, so maybe more). Mine came with a free USB wireless dongle for my laptop, not sure if they still do it though.
  23. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I'd go along with that. Back on topic, I'm all excited that you have all got your new xbox's, I really wish I could afford one. I'm going to wait until the new year and I have sorted out my finances (currently owe too many banks too much money) before I think about it. I cant wait to play PGR3!
  24. Recommend a monitor!

    Get yourself a TFT with a digital input. I bought a Dell 19" 1905FP 2 months ago and I love it, Dell monitors are great! I think Jordan (and maybe Piro) also rate the ol'Dells.