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  1. Ok, so i am building a PC for someone and I have chosen all the components except the RAM and GPU. I am building this on a budget so I think I can afford up to £80 for a graphics card. I have a 9800 pro and it is an awesome card, but these are still expensive. I was thinking maybe Nvidia for this system as I haven't had one before. What would you recommend. It will be used for playing games like WoW and the sims and zoo tycoon etc. I have bought an AMD 2800 CPU and an 80gig Sata drive, so with some PC3200 ram this machine will be quite capable for these games, I just need a good GPU. Thanks in advance for all your help.
  2. Another recommend me a GPU thread.

    wow, this is confusing, so your saying that the 6600GT is better than the 6800XT at stock level, even though the model number is less?
  3. Another recommend me a GPU thread.

    TBH for the difference I can't see the point in risking the card with a flash. I found this: http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?rb=15612245158&action=c2hvd19wcm9kdWN0X292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=81344 Many of the reviews people say that they upgraded from a 9800pro and have seen a big difference!
  4. Another recommend me a GPU thread.

    So the 6600GT is better than the 9800 pro? EDIT - Sorry didn't refresh before posting this. Ok, this is all great stuff, what is the 9800 pro equivalent, is it the 9550? Also, why is the 6600 so much cheaper than the x800?
  5. Another recommend me a GPU thread.

    Oh yeah, AGP. I have been looking at the 6600GT, how does it compare to the 9800 pro? I guess its DX9? What would be the ATi equivalent?
  6. MPEG or WMV?

    I have a load of AVI files that I want to watch on my xbox 360 (streamed from my PC) but the 360 doesn't support the divX codec. There is a work around available, but I want to try all my options before I decide what to do. So if I want to convert an AVI, what shall I convert it to? The 360 supports: MPEG-1 with MPEG audio MPEG-2 with MPEG audio or AC-3 audio WMV 7, 8, & 9 with WMA Standard or WMA Pro audio WMV Image 1 & 2 (Photo Story 1, 2, & 3) Now I assume that MPEG-2 is better than MPEG-1 and WMV 9 is better than 7 or 8 but I would like to know more. Are these formats as good as AVI? How about file sizes? I found a program called Win AVI Video Converter, is this a good progam (as I'll have to buy it). Any help much appreciated!
  7. MPEG or WMV?

    Ok thanks, I will try a few things out and let you know how it goes.
  8. Has Rare lost it's glory?

    I would have to say no. Kameo is awesome, it looks great and plays well, and some of the voice acting is sooo funny. PDZ is awesome too, the aiming is hard to begin with but with some practice it is even better than normal as you can really go for headshots instead of some crazy auto aim screwing thigs up. Let me just say, if you have doubts about PDZ, play it some more!
  9. Phone Pictures (56K?)

    Not if your able to drive with your knees!
  10. Happy Birthday Johelian

    Well seeing as you and me both left, no one else is organised enough to arrange a card for anyone, I thought I should! It is Tarzan's birthday on the 20th too! EDIT - Sorry for Hi-Jacking the thread!
  11. Recommend me some films, bitches!

    It simply doesn't get any better than ground hog day. It simply doesn't get any better than ground hog day. It simply doesn't get any better than ground hog day. It simply doesn't get any better than ground hog day. (See what I have done there, ha)
  12. Happy Birthday Johelian

    Did you like the card, I didn't actually read it, but it said willy on it so I got it : peace:
  13. Happy Birthday Johelian

  14. Is Windows Vista...

    Yeah. I think there was also rumor of a statment in the EULA that said to activate the Ultimate edition you also have to suck off Bill Gates.
  15. Happy Birthday Johelian

    I'm not saying Happy Birthday purely becuase I remembered before this thread came about! If you don't believe me Jo check the time on the text message and the time at the start of the thread! But Happy Birthday anyway!
  16. Recommend me some films, bitches!

    Excellent film! I like my westerns mostly, and Tomb Stone is an excellent example of a Spagetti Western. Christine is also a great film, but there really are too many to list. You can't go wrong with any of the early Bond movies, or the Indiana Jones/Back to the Future box sets. I can see this thread is going to have about a million films in before it dies, good luck watching them all!
  17. Nintendo making a MMORPG?

    How about an All Stars MMO? It would have all the Ninty characters in it and Bowser would be the big boss! You could be Mario or Zelda or Ash or anyone you liked! Or maybe you could be yourself and they are all in the game, each one resident in their own themed area? Would be sweet!
  18. Nintendo making a MMORPG?

    This would be awesome! There was one due for xbox that got canned (I cant remember the name - Johelian will) but they should buy that and do it for the Revo!!!!!
  19. Just been to argos and they were back upto £80 in my store, so I traded my purple one in and got one from game instead, nice new pearly white cube for me :p
  20. Bad or not so bad ?

    I don't think you should worry at all. It is her problem not yours. Of course if I was the boyfriend I would probably take a different view on the situation! But I'm not, so .... good.
  21. wasup

    You can't say things like that, blasphemy! :shock:
  22. I used to work in GAME before I went on my student placement, and I intend to go back there when I go back to uni. For those of you that are new here, there is a GAME bashing thread about once every 6 months. I used to work in the same store as Johelian, and it was great, we were always polite and knew our stuff, but you tend to get different people with different interests. For example, I was particularly interested in FPS games and Jo was into RPG's, so depending on the questions asked, different people would answer. All this crap about GAME going downhill and all the staff are crap is out of order tbh. I agree that as a company their priorities have changed, when I started three and a half years ago it was all about the customer and it is now about the margin, and yes I'll agree, that is clearly showing. But don't blame all the staff, there are many awesome emplyees and they are just doing as they are told. And to the person who has the problem with the prices - Go back and check, I think you'll find that they have changed their stickers and they no longer say 'lowest price guarantee'. Also just to mention, if you bothered to ask for the T+C's that policy applied to other stores in town, not internet stores or out of town stores, so they are more than allowed to say lowest price if they want to.

    What is better than winning the para-olympics? Having arms and legs!
  24. RE: Secret Santa!

    I'm cool with posting to ireland.
  25. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Go into game (or get someone to go for you if you cant) every friday at about 10am. By then they have had their delivery notes for the day and will be able to tell you if they are getting any in. Deliveries are paid to be in store each day before 12 (maybe 1 - can't remember) if they are getting them, you can hang around. As far as I am aware, they are not taking pre-orders for the stock they are getting in before Christmas, it is first come first served, however, it is at the managers discression. So if you head in with a wadge of cash and say 'hey look - money £_£' he/she might take your name and phone number and call you when they get them. How is this for harsh - A friend of mine went to the local Virtual Games and was told that they were getting premium packs for launch but it was first come first served. So on day of release he went there at 6am and waited 3 hours for them to open, when they did, he was told that the manager had decided to sell them all on ebay...wankers!