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  1. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    Hi guys, sorry for the big bump but just wanted to let you all know that we have added the individual game areas! It has pretty much only just gone live so we need some testing and feedback please......most of you have only ever logged on once haha. If you find any bugs, please submit them to the feedback form. Cheers, Ollie In case you forgot to bookmark it last time - http://www.mygamearchive.com
  2. Do my Penguin for me

    Or the pied piper!
  3. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    Done - Although I had to shorted the title a bit - I'll ask Fxn to have a look at that. Done Done : peace:
  4. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    Ah yeah, we 'sort of' have this covered. At the moment most names are in the DB in their European title, some others have crept in tho. The problem is that many Japanese titles don't translate to English very well. In the future the title from each of the three major regions will be available and the corresponding release date for said title will be linked to it (for most games we have 3 release dates in the DB although at the moment end users only see one date). If you remember the registration page we asked you for your region, well that is what that is for. Does that make sense? Basically we have the framework in place to cover this, but it wont happen until a while later. If there are games missing from systems that have already been added feel free to let me know here or at MGA and I'll get them added, we are working on a 'report' feature to make this process easier from within the site itself.
  5. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    If you ever want it changed just drop me a note There are loads of places that need instructions, people keep asking questions that I think are simple things but of course, I built the site, which is why this feedback is so important to us. And no I don't see any of what you have written as criticism, it's all feedback and it is all lovely lovely and very much needed! Hehe that happened to me too! we are going to put some totals on peoples profile as well, it is in the todo list! OMG, have you hacked our database or something, we are working on almost exactly what you have just said at this exact moment!!! It was supposed to be a big surprise :P That should be live by the weekend if all goes to plan and will also answers Cube's earlier question about just browsing for games rather than searching. Each game will have it's own page, on that page will be box art, information, screenshots, discussion boards, clans, lots and lots of user created information and will make up the bulk of the data on the site. I really want to do the 'if you like this, you'll love this' thing, and it is on the to do list, but I think we had kind of decided to leave it out from the initial releases as we wanted to see how the community would respond to everything else first. EDIT - Just added N64 games to the DB, Dreamcast to follow shortly.
  6. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    Sorry I didn't mean to sound snappy either, I have a bad habit of not being to type with emotion lol. I knew there was always the chance people would not like the design and that is fine, I just got to work out how to make it better! Yeah I'm really sorry about the weird username thing, we have had a few problems with that but once we fix if anyone wants their username changed will do no problem!
  7. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    I'm not sure but I think we can just go on the server and ban IP's if we have too. I will fix both of these to make it more intuitive, should be done tonight. We have discussed the avatar/profile personalisation ideas but haven't agreed anything yet I'll be adding N64 and Dreamcast tonight. I just text Fxn and he said this was a quick fix he meant to do earlier and will do it tonight and upload it once he can get online. Do it man, sometimes it gets tough and/or boring but sticking with it is worth it! All of you, many thanks for your continued support and feedback! With regards to design, without being specific, could you tell me more about the design that you don't like? Maybe the logo, or the colours or the fonts etc? I'm going to mock up a new design based on feedback, I'll get it live as soon as I can but need something to work from
  8. Finally got a Wii

    I got a Wii yesterday at last woo! I got with my Christmas vouchers and also got myself a component cable and classic controller. My family got me Mario kart and Mario galaxy for chrimbo and I used the stars I had reserved to buy some points and got DKC for the VC. Have to say I have been looking forward to this for getting on 2 years and I'm loving the 2 Mario games I have, they really are amazing!
  9. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    Yes, Fxn posted this morning the changes that he made last night, it is on the dev blog on the front page.......we can't give thanks to individuals as the feedback form is annonymous
  10. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    Thanks Actually it isn't a place holder. In terms of design, this is the biggest thing I have ever done and have had to learn a lot as I go along. I definately have ideas in my head for what I would like it to look like and I certainly have aspirations for the design. I made 2 decisions before I started, first was that I wanted it to be a 'full width' site (which in hindsight has made life so much harder) and second, that I wanted it be simple. I have managed both of those things, and I can appreciate that it wont be to everyones tastes. But moving forwards this is going to be a community driven site and if users hate the design, the design will change, of course we can't please everyone We will monitor all feedback carefully and see what happens....i'll put your feedback in the 'dislikes design' pile Thanks for your feedback tho, right now the most important thing is that users like the idea and that it is easy to use, we need to get users and keep them! PC games will go on, but possibly not in the way we have added the other games. This is still something that we are considering as I'm sure you can image there are literally thousands of PC games. Our first game upload was over 10,000 games and that took me quite sometime to compile on my own
  11. Beta testers needed - MGA!

    Ok thanks for the feedback guys but if any of the mods feel that they would rather ppl werent telling us about bugs here once they have laid down the law please just use the feedback form. You are already doing a grand job and have found things we haven't see ourselves before. One thing I would like to say is that it hasn't actually been optimised for Firefox or IE, only Chrome so far. So if you are using either of those browsers we are working on the optimisation already. We haven't tested any other browsers yet. Anyway I can't reply to everything but anything submitted to us thru the feedback form is logged Thanks again all! EDIT - Just been reading feedback in the database, and thank you SO much, it is so so helpful to see the things that we have missed from looking at the site so much and getting to know how it works!
  12. Lurrrrkeeeeers

    I lurk more than I post, and sometimes I can't be bothered to login which is really annoying as when I get home the stuff I have read isn't marked.... I'm going back to lurking, posting feels weird.
  13. Martial Arts Thread

    Ok, I didn't originally post in this thread as I haven't done much but wanted to tell you anyway as it hasn't been mentioned yet. I did a type of kung-fu called Kamon wing chun last year, it was actually very hard on my body and I decided I needed to quit smoking before I could take it seriously (which I have now done). With any luck I can go back to it this year tho http://www.kamonwingchun.com/ http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TB2-oMLruRw
  14. Sonic Unleashed

    Ok, that means nothing to me right now, but I'm sure it will make sense once I start it up
  15. Sonic Unleashed

    It's about £20 in Game and Gamestation, I think I'll give it a try
  16. Sonic Unleashed

    I'm leaving the office in 15 minutes, should I buy this game before I leave to go home? Like others have said, most recent Sonic games have been pants, in fact my last favourite one was on the dreamcast and that wasn't even that great, but you all seem to love this so much.
  17. That maybe true, but no one can argue that there isn't an amazing selection of titles for the 360 as well. In my opinion, there are more QUALITY titles for the Xbox than for the Wii, and there is just as much 'shovelware' for the 360. Somehow Nintendo has marketed the Wii to the masses and I can't help but feel it's got more to do with their 'family console' approach. In times past this has really been their downfall but this time round they seem to have nailed it.
  18. How was your day?

    Oh wait, that is what I was trying to do in my first post, inspire!
  19. PC Really Noisy

    That's a bit more like it, do you know which fan? They are all pretty easy to replace and cheap too. I had one go on my motherboard, it was the fan on the north bridge chip I think, so I replaced it with a heatsink thingy instead and now it's totally silent
  20. How was your day?

    It was probably my fault aimless, I was just trying to cheer you up in my original post, not start something ott! But I have improved your avatar, feel free to steel it back when it's more relevant!
  21. PC Really Noisy

    lol....tell us more.
  22. Career advice

    I finished my degree a couple of years ago and got a job, a job that was never really supposed to be a long term thing, it was more of a good place to be whilst I learnt my trade and decided what I wanted to do a bit more long term. Well I'm still here, and I'm bored and feel a bit stuck. A few months ago the company I work for got bought out by a big American firm and in that process I lost a fair amount of my responsibility and my identity within the company. Now obviously right now isn't the best time to be making any major job decisions, what with all of the redundancies etc, but I can still plan and research for when things settle down. I did a degree in Computer Science, and have a job in a support role, hardly what my degree was designed for, in fact, no one I work with has a degree, and without trying to sound big headed, I feel over qualified, especially now that I have almost no responsibility. The problem is that I feel my talents are wasted here, but I don't have anything to offer a new employer, I can't get training here to boost my CV but I can't imagine someone who offers any kind of training would be interested in taking me on with my current CV. Hence the reason I feel 'stuck'. So the point of my thread is, what should I do? Where can I get advise from, and how do I get it? Are there good websites for finding specific types of jobs? Anybody else like this or been like this in the past?
  23. Career advice

    Wow tapedeck, thanks man. I don't think you'll have any problems in becoming a careers advisor! prospects.ac.uk is already looking to be an amazing site, I have already decided on about 100 new careers to try lol, might need to stream line that a bit To answer your questions, in 5 years time I would like to be in a more long term position. Possibly even the job I may do for the rest of my career -which means I need to be happy in what I'm doing (I'll be 30 by then and intend to retire early with any luck!). The second question is bit harder, to answer it in a slightly round about way, I love recognition. So what ever I have to do to be noticed by the people I work with and for is what I'll do.
  24. Career advice

    I would image there are very many people out there like this. Instead of whining about it (like I normally do) I have decided to actually do something about it. Apparently I'm going through what is known as a 'quarter life crisis' on this site, haha.