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  1. Planning a holiday in Japan/Tokyo

    Oh crap, ok, didn't know that..have been away for a while myself!
  2. Planning a holiday in Japan/Tokyo

    And where the hell is Dabookerman? I thought he would be all over this thread
  3. Vista Thread

    Windows XP was built on NT technology (as used in Windows Server 2000 I believe), completely different from Windows 98. As far as I know Vista is new again, but I could be wrong, I'm sure someone here will know.
  4. Coursework motivation

    When you put it like that it doesn't seem so bad! That sounds like a challenge!! I bet I can
  5. Coursework motivation

    What does 10,000 words translate to in pages? I have to do 30-50 pages, I'm on about page 13/14 I think. If I was going for the 30 page end of the scale I'm half way there!
  6. Sun Is Shining. Weather Is Sweet!

    Awesome day here in Surrey...infact this is what I can see from my window: (I had the camera handy)
  7. Post Your Purchases

    £20 from Comet...Bosh.
  8. Coursework motivation

    Haha, as true as that maybe and as well as I know it's true, it's not enough amagawd!
  9. The Music Thread.

    At my local rock club they play redneck every week, I'm kinda bored of it when you think there are so many other great LOG songs they could play!
  10. Vista Thread

    I ve been using Vista Ultimate since RC2 and god do I wish I could go back to XP, but because going back would take so long with backing up data and getting my machine back to how I like it I cba, I just put up with the stuff I hate
  11. Best Final Fantasy Game?

    I have also noticed that people who liked 8 didn't like 7 and 9 and vice versa. My favourite so far has been 9, didn't get on with 8, loved 7 and 10, never played 10-2 and haven't got 12 yet. FF11 was total shit and a waste of the number 11 if you ask me, and I love MMO's! I used to have 7, 8 and 9 all mint not platinum but I sold my 9 whyyyyyyyyy its the best one and it was mint, I'll never replace it
  12. Kicking Arse And Giving Back Names

    I think we should try it >.<
  13. Planning a holiday in Japan/Tokyo

    Thanks for the bump WOOP, and thanks everyone for the information you have provided. I have kinda had to put the whole planning thing on hold for a couple of weeks whilst I get my dissertation finished, but I'll get stuck into reading all your posts soon! : peace:
  14. Rate the band above you!

    Fucking quality, nintendocore at its best, CUT CUT CUT! 8/10 All That Remains
  15. The recommend me some music thread.

    Caris - Check out 65 Days Of Static, I got into them cos I like Aphex Twin.
  16. 3 websites you couldn't live without?

    In no particular order: wow-europe.com piratebay.org myspace.com A few others as well but they are the ones I think I go to everyday without fail.
  17. I once had a cheat printed in NGC magazine, issue 11 I think, but they printed it wrong so it didn't work Forgot about that actually, and have recently thrown out all my magazines, damn, oh well
  18. Ram Upgrading Causing Nothingness

    I work with dell computers, and when you change the memory the first boot always takes ages, like 5-7 mins, then it says, amount of memory has changed, press F1 to continue. Also, the bios upgrades you can download from dell come in two flavours, the one that you run off a floppy and the easier one, which is just an .exe that you run from the desktop and it does the rest. Hope this helps.
  19. Planning a holiday in Japan/Tokyo

    Let me just summarise what I have found out so far...I know that spring (April timeish) and Autumn (October timeish) are supposed to be the best times to visit as it can snow in Winter and its typhoon season in summer (Aug-Sept). So I think going in October is a good time. I have read that the Shinjuku region is a good place to be in or staying near to as this is where a lot of the entertainment etc is based, also read about the different regions to go to and to aviod in terms of costs. I cant remember the names of the ares but some areas are very over-priced, usually the areas where the business men go with their expense accounts, but then there are areas where the younger people go to and these areas are cheaper. I also read that cash is the common used payment method and that cards from outside the country are ususally only used to get cash from cash points in post offices. We want to go visit the Nintendo building, even if its just to see it from the outside, also a certain developers house . Outside of Tokyo we want to visit some temples to get a feel for the landscape and culture, and we also want to see Mt Fuji, and possibly, go to Hiroshima (but thats bottom of the list as its totally the opposite direction!). I'm going to buy a phrase book and a couple of tour guides when I next get paid so hopefully that will give me some more information to go on.
  20. Nasty ho 1-0 Faith In Humanity

    Lies, its about £80 Link Not that I have ever bought wow gold
  21. Help - About to be kicked in !!

    That is fair enough, if that is what you think, I was just giving my opinion same as everyone else, seems it isn't wanted around here then.
  22. Help - About to be kicked in !!

    I gave good advice, I justified why he should get this sorted now and not let it haunt him. Don't take a fraction of my post and turn it around on me, be constructive or dont bother.