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  1. StayAway Evolution

    Yeh you are right about that Dyson, however it is not advisable to be hanging about around the edges of the screen. It is a manoeuvre coined 'fishing' by players of the game and often leads to an unexpected death. I did think about having a border, but never actually implemented it in the end. You are the first person to mention that though so it is something I will keep in mind. Congratulations on getting the high score as well, in a months time there maybe competitions and prizes for the player who gets the highest score so practice now will help you out.
  2. StayAway Evolution

    The definitive version of StayAway has arrived. Featuring many new gameplay features such as advanced enemies, powerups and a combo scoring system, it's now even more addictive. Can you reach the top of the online highscore table? Complemented by visual effects and energetic music, StayAway Evolution is one of the most fun pick up and play games of the year. Information: Title: StayAway Evolution Genre: Arcade / Casual / Mini Game Download Size: 3.9MB Resolution: 800x600 (Windowed) Compatible with: Windows 98 and above Current Version: 1.00 Thanks To: Music by DJ-Hopeku Online Highscore Scripts by Bjibol Play / Download: Direct Link (Optum.co.uk) How To Play: Use the mouse to collect different coloured balls whilst avoiding the red ones. Score extra points by collecting the same colour of ball in quick succession and build combos. As time passes, the enemies will deploy different types of attack so watch out as you level up. Grab the flashing special ball which will either help or hinder your progress towards a high score. Screenshots: More Screens Post Game Stats Enemy Wall Attacks Videos Coming Soon. Online Leaderboard Link
  3. Mr Soap

    I normally animate at 25 FPS, as that is the standard PAL amount. 30 is also a good choice though, it all depends how fluid you want it. 25/30 is plenty enough but some people animate at 60. Maybe they just like showing off.
  4. Mr Soap

    First of all, I like the style of your drawings. Bold and simple, I think they work really well. The backgrounds look like they have some effect/ filter on them, may want to spend some more time on them. Episode One was very choppy, I was slightly worried it was your animation until episode two which was much nicer, good job on the animation there. The episodes being so short works well, the humour is alright and I can see potential in the idea. Just try not to aim for the easy joke all the time. Like I said, Episode Two was much better all round, the hobo getting annoyed at the one day sentence was the best bit. Are you using flash to make these? If you ever need help with anything don't hesitate to ask. For your first cartoon, I really am impressed with your style. Keep it up.
  5. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    Castle Crashers is looking very good, the first XBLA game I am really excited about. Is it this friday it comes out?
  6. Hello, its me whoring another one of my flash cartoons. This time it is not based on video games (for better or worse) and is an original idea we came up with called Muscle Bird. Hopefully it will provide entertainment to some of you. Watch Muscle Bird at Newgrounds - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/451698
  7. Why do people dislike Red Steel?

    I think most of the dislike comes from the fact so much was promised that it failed to deliver on. Considering it was frequently shown at game conventions and hyped up, many (myself included) thought it was going to be a high quality title but instead turned out to be very average. It also didn't help that at the time, the Wii Remote's capabilities were unknown and many thought the sword fighting would be realtime, not scripted actions.
  8. Make a Xbox 360 Game!

    Yeh I am more inclined towards certain game types as I have more confidence that I can pull them off. That's not to say that I am looking only for existing genres, if someone has a unique idea then that could also be manageable. A 2D platformer is ideal though, considering I have already been working on an engine for a platforming game.
  9. Make a Xbox 360 Game!

    I have been accepted into Teesside university. The reason I chose it, was because it had been recommended by a few people but mainly because it has a wide range of topics that can be covered. There are both Computer Programming and Science courses structured specifically towards games dev, and you can decide what subjects you would rather cover after your first year, so you don't have to decide on your modules straight away.
  10. Make a Xbox 360 Game!

    Hello! I don't know how many people heard Microsofts recent community games announcement, but it basically allows small developers to publish games for the Xbox 360 and recieve some £££/ $$$! I am studying games programming in September and having been experimenting with XNA for the past few months. I basically feel I have the ability to program a title to be released through the community games service BUT! I would like to mainly focus on the programming side and not have to worry about the design, game mechanics etc. So basically, is there anyone who wants to work with me to create a game for the service. You would be required to develop the games concept, level design and how the game plays. No programming is required, nor artistic talent (although it may help), I am just looking for someone to work with to create a decent quality game. Either let me know your ideas in this thread or PM me. I am looking for ideas that are not too grandiose, a 2D game is ideal as I would also like to enter it into the Dream-Build-Play competition being held at the end of September.
  11. The Conduit

    Just saw the IGN gameplay videos and it is looking pretty good, just gotta hope they can deliver a smooth online experience.
  12. Halo 3 Kid. In 10 years time..

    I thought the Warthog replica he had at the back was really good. Strange choice of colours though.
  13. Rock Band

    I wanted it badly at the start of the year but the hype has died down for me now. Will probably wait until it is under £100 for the lot before considering it.
  14. Motivational Posters

    Sure its mostly cheap, easy humour but I can't stop clicking the next button when viewing these. Its perhaps the best Motivational Picture library I have ever seen. Motivational Poster Gallery The site maybe a bit slow at the minute, the Digg lot are eating all the bandwith.
  15. Why gaming was better in the 90's

    Articles like this always make good points, playing the old nostalgia card. I gotta agree with most of it, especially durability and multiplayer although online can be cool when its not a hassle. In fact, I've just stopped playing Super Mario Bros 3, I can't get over how difficult it is. I swear I completed it when I was a young'un but now I can barely get past the fourth world.