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  1. Here's a short clip from Saturday plus additional moment from a few weeks ago. The first clip is just an amazing finish to that match so I had to include it. This weeks highlights include possibly one of my greatest moves with Kirby to finish the match off, and easily the funniest self KO ever.


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  2. So glad I've never been into Star Wars cause the amount of Lego sets would destroy my wallet.

    I did pick up Singapore Architecture set recently so now have all of them again (all the skyline ones, not the singular buildings)

  3. Think I may have just got lucky with a pair of tickets. Been checking TicketMaster a bit and noticed resale tickets are popping up now. Some costing more than others but just saw a pair of tickets for a little under £50 each. In the £112 seating area. So I've taken the plunge and gone for them. They are facing what will be the stage and are off to one side. Can't wait. Yeah it's far back and probably high up but I'm sure they will be fine.

  4. Didn't get presale, and am hoping I can maybe get some this weekend. I did notice that they seem higher than I imagined for the cheapest seats. £112 for the cheapest. I won't care that they are like right at the back as I think the atmosphere there is going to be insane no matter what, and I would love to be a part of that.

  5. 2 hours ago, Ashley said:

    I stopped because of the bug preventing/delaying notifications from other apps coming in which I assume has been fixed but never got back to it.

    Me too and as soon as I removed the game my notifications went back to normal. Never went back as it just wasn't enticing me to.

  6. 2 hours ago, Helmsly said:

    Fall Guys is going free to play and is coming to Switch


    Does this still have a good number of players? I was interested in this when it was announced all those years ago :p but I wonder if it still has those numbers playing. It is gonna be free though so may as well download it.

  7. 15 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    Have you ever played Mario Strikers? Normal football would be boring with that setup.

    That is true, and I. have. Just thought it might be interesting to see uf ut played different without all those specials and shots that score two goals. But then Charged had those mega penalty shots where you could get like 6.

  8. 44 minutes ago, Glen-i said:


    Woah, hold up!

    Are you two trying to say that before this show was a thing, there was a time where I actually knew about a Marvel character more then actual Marvel fans!?

    That's just all sorts of wrong! Glad that's not the case anymore!

    Most probably. But then sometimes that helps those that know nothing of the character cause we have no expectations.

  9. 17 hours ago, darksnowman said:

    I knew nothing about Moon Knight going in and have enjoyed the show. 

    This was me. I knew nothing about the character and had seen no trailers. Enjoyed the show. Seemed to be able to stand on it's own and you didn't need to know anything before hand going into it.

  10. 5 hours ago, MindFreak said:

    and they haven't set up an interesting, overlapping story arc this time around, at least not yet.

    This is my issue with the way it's going at the moment. I don't see any long term story being laid out. The original lot, you had introduction of the main heroes, building to the Avengers, which led to Thanos, which then built to the amazing climax with Infinity War and Endgame. I just don't see anything like that happening at the moment.

  11. Going off blue as the main clothing item, and not picking the same as been picked...



    Captain Falcon.

    It looks like a belt/belt buckle. Not sure what the green bit is, unless he carried a weapon.

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  12. What a great night, mushrooms only really can mix it up a bit.

    I don't know if I could have eked the shrooms out a little better to take 2nd or 1st but that was an amazing finish.

    I was so far back, but 6 shrooms really helped there.

    @viceview51 Sorry for taking the win away but the stars aligned so much with this that I had to. From @Dcubed using that horn early to jumping in front of him to rid the shell to the perfect last boxes.


    Great games, I have to admit I am enjoying this a lot more since we aren't keeping the league scores. Not so much pressure and not as horrible when you get Mario Karted.

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