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  1. 1 hour ago, Mokong said:



    Is it the same Discord as used for Monster Hunter and Mario Kart?

    If not send me the code :)

    I think that's just the voice chat one, https://discord.gg/UvjyBMmc This is the Discord with the main NE channels, we started a Mario Strikers chat there too. If not then the code is 8T82M5G


    Just had around an hour or so playing with @dazzybee and @Dufniall. This game is crazy and manic but also very much fun. All our games were close, we were playing 1v2 each time. One went to the Golden Goal. Such a great game.

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  2. Also won the first two cups pretty easily to be fair but they are the first two. 

    I keep forgetting dodge too, and probably half the stuff bought in the tutorial, b ut still fun and scored some nice team goals.

    @Mokong we have a team set up on the discord chat for playing as a team later. I can get the code if you are not on that. Or, I think it is @dazzybee that set it up and may want to share it in here,

  3. 16 minutes ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    There was even a game that resembled a virtual version of Spin the Bottle 

    The target audiences Nintendo was hoping to hit — families with children

    Well there's your problem! Those two sentences don't go hand in hand.

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  4. 23 hours ago, WackerJr said:

    On a separate note, has anyone seen the new Chip N Dale film?  It’s an Easter Egg-filled love letter to fans of old-school children’s TV, movies and games!  I loved the massive list of references!

    I saw it on a whim. Was bored one evening  and I eded up loving it. Loads of Easter eggs to spot, Im sure I need another viewing to spot many I missed 

  5. 3 hours ago, Ashley said:

    I did see a rumour on Twitter earlier (but the search is being rubbish so can't find it) that a controller will be released alongside the soon-to-be-announced Goldeneye port. Pinch of salt of course. 


    I thought this game had so many loops to jump through cause all of the licenses that we wouldn't see this one NSO. But if we do, then that would be great. I've never been a huge FPS fan but I loved Goldeneye. Now if only that controller Is easier to get.

  6. 8 hours ago, lostmario said:

    Also, with the lack of voice chat to communicate with your teammates, you lose a big part of the online experience so I'll be giving this a miss.


    I know no one seems to use it, but this does support the voice chat function in the NSO mobile app. Plus most the time we just use discord when we play MK and Smash now.

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  7. Had the sudden urge to play through Mario Odyssey again. I didn't want to do 100% (don't even think I did that on my original save, but just felt like playing through the main game again.

    Well two sittings and around 7 hours later and Bowser was defeated. Didn't realise this was such a short main game. I pretty much just followed the story picking up any moons that I saw on the way and didn't really need to back track too much to find any extra needed moons. 

    Still a masterpiece of a game and so much fun to play.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    I can't believe the command menu lined up so perfectly at the end!

    I love Hero fights!

    One day it will be a theme night involving Hero only and the only move is down B, we all stand close together and just go for it. Last Man standing. alternative as @Glen-i just said over Discord, first person to lose all stock or life wins.

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  9. I managed to play a few games with my teammate being from here. @nekunando and @Londragon if I recall, and to be fair the games were smooth and ran perfectly.

    Now, I'm sure that the issue was just cause you had two human people controlling essentially 4 players on screen, but that was not ideal (and this seems to be a similar consensus that I've read elsewhere). It can be rather confusing over who is controlling who, and who will control the player that has the ball passed to them. Now I'm sure this will be a lot easier when you are either playing alone and essentially controlling all by yourself, or you have a team of four friends playing and you all know who you are controlling at once. But that needs some rectifying going forward.

    I've read people saying either reduce it to 3v3 or make the pitch larger. For me I didn't find either needed that. Yes it can be frantic and sometimes you couldn't always make out what was going on or who had the ball, but I think that is part of the game. It's a frantic free for all football game. I'm sure if you have one person controlling one character, then you will be able to tell. 

    Controls weren't too bad for me. There is a lot more going on in this game that past games. Your basic passing and shooting, but then you have tackles, dodges, items, dashing, it does start to feel overwhelming mid match. Most the time I completely had forgot I had items in the two slots, and when I did, I just spammed X to get rid of them. I hardly used the dodge move, again just forgetting it. In the tutorial there is a team-mate take move where you can shove a team mate into an opponent for a harder tackle, yeah just try doing that in a match.

    Generally I liked it though, managed to score some pretty decent goals that weren't hyper shots that were actually pretty good team goals.

    I'm hoping enough here will get it that we can have a full team of four people which should make it easier on who you know you are controlling. Plus that may make strategy on defence come into play too. Most the time whilst I was playing there were big gaps that you could get into and have a free shot. 


  10. 5 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    It kinda dawned on me that I haven't inflicted the complete insanity of Frantic Items on us all since this Get Together started, so here we go.


    I didn't see frantic items at first and thought this was a joke theme night. 😂 

    Also poor excuse for a week delayed theme, you had a whole extra week to come up with something. 😆 

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  11. Anyone tried the Mario Strikers First strike demo thing yet? I know we can't do matches but you can go through the tutorial and get to learn the basics. Seems pretty good stuff, a lot of moves to learn and get down perfectly. Then there are items and straight up kicking other players. I think it\s going to be hilarious. 

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  12. Nice, just seen that the new live action Pinocchio releases the same day on Disney+ too. Though none of the remakes will ever do that scene again, (at least I don't think they will) it's the one where all the children are drinking, playing pool and smoking and turn into ass's. I know it wouldn't be the right thing nowadays but that scenes is ingrained in my memory for how it was.