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  1. Finally we get custom items and not just the silly "mushrooms only", "coins only" stuff.

    Seeing a lot of silly but fun suggestions already. Baby Park, Bullet Bills only. Lighting only races. Blue shells and Bullet Bills. The possibilities are endless.

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  2. Quote

    Matches will consist of two-stock bouts lasting five minutes, with items and Final Smash meters turned off. Stages will be limited to Omega and Battlefield versions only, with stage hazards also turned off.

    How very dull, I think I'll stick to our Saturday Smash games where anything can happen, and usually does.

    But good luck to anyone that does have a go.

  3. 1 hour ago, Sméagol said:

    So is it dead? Or are those reports greatly exaggerated?

    I was actually considering getting rid of my account at some point, but for other reasons. I think Twitter's getting more and more annoying, on the other hand, it still occasionally keeps me in the loop on certain things, so I'm not sure yet.

    What are you guys doing?

    I think the initial reports were greatly exaggerated and many people just wanted it to fail because it was Elon Musk. It seems to me that there has been no difference in usage.

    I'm keeping my as I use it for Switch photos and videos to share with people here. 

  4. 20 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    Yeah, hope you didn't mind some of Dcubed's friends jumping in.



    19 hours ago, Dcubed said:

    Hey, thanks for letting my buds jump in.  Was a last-minute unplanned thing.  Sorry about all the disconnection issues tonight!

    Yeah no worries, was still fairly even matches and everyone won a few, except Dcubed, he kept getting knocked out first 😆 

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  5. Wanted this set for a while and I picked it up when there was a recent double points event on. Just got around to building it this past week. Absolutely love this, Not shown but there is a Flux Capacitor in there that has a light brick behind it that looks awesome. I went with Part 3 design as I love the circuit board and think the Mr Fusion looks better than the lightning rod. Mr Fusion has a banana and a drinks can in there to power it. Best part is the mechanic that moves the wheels to the flying position. It's just simple but an amazing effect. and yes, the gull wing doors do open up.

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  6. I use it pretty much exclusively for uploading my Switch photos and videos. I follow some accounts but I don't sit and scroll through my feed to see what's happening. I'm sure we will get another way to upload our Switch files if it goes under. I don't care either way what happens to it as I don't use it for anything other than this.