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  1. So an hour and a half and I don’t know how many retries I just beat the final boss.


    Damn that final boss fight was both frustrating and awesome. It took me a few tries to get the first phase down but I was soon kicking his butt there and those little cutscene parts I just blasted him with missiles. Phase two constantly kicked my butt though, I just couldn’t get the right timing to getting out the way of some attacks, I was getting the hang of the 360 machine gun thing, but it was when he shot across the stage, later I managed to just start jumping around and that sorted that out, but I think it still took me abbé 5 or 6 attempts until I reach the final phase. Luckily this to me seemed the easiest, might have been cause that giant ball of sun thing gave loads of life back when blown up with a super bomb, I managed to keep out his way mostly and finished him off first time, I still don’t know what the final blow was but it seemed like it may have been a simple shot with the arm cannon. 😆 

    I hoped it was over, but worried that there might have been more to the fight, luckily the cutscene saved me. Then of course that little after boss fight fight, I actually died first time as I didn’t know what I was doing, wasn’t clear to just hold Y and blast his head off. Then of course the good old run away from the exploding section that ends a few games. Fun, thought I got lost but got out. (Can I get that cannon please, holy hell what a blaster).

    So finished with 78% items (207 missiles, 11 super bombs and 10 energy cells) as I had gone back before the fight to get loads and clocked in at 15 hours. I think I’ll be going back to explore the rest and get as close to 100% as I can, I know some of the shinespark puzzles are tricky. 
    Really enjoyed the game, not the biggest of Metroid fans, don’t think I ever completed the NES and SNES games, never beat Prime 2 nor 3. But I have beaten the GBA/DS remakes, (whatever they were on).


    Great game, thoroughly enjoyed it, even when the bosses gave me grief.

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  2. So as many Metroid players know the game is a great one for expert players to sequence break, getting items early and getting to section early. Well it seems this game is no different and people are already doing that. However the best part Is that the developers put something in the game for those that are finding this. Gonna put it in spoiler tags just in case. 


    Ok so one item that can be got early are the morph ball and bombs as such it seems that if you can do this you can use them on Kraid to pretty much insakill him  

    I’m sure many more are going to be found too. I’ve even read that the cutscenes where you go from area to area where actually done each time with each suit for Samus so that if people did get to them early then it would still show up right. They are pre-rendered cutscenes.


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  3. So I’ve made it to Raven Beak and he kicked my butt so I’ve gone back through the areas collecting as much as I can, going to the places I haven’t been and basically “painting” the whole map (as in covering every inch of it). I’ve found some of the boost puzzles to be challenging, but I’ve managed to pull them off. Samus with all her abilities somehow seems over powered compared to the start of the game, the screw attack pretty much makes her invincible but this is great for exploring every inch of the planet. 
    I’ll be covering more of the maps before I head back up to have another go at Raven Beak again. Hopefully he doesn’t put up too much of a challenge. 

  4. 6 hours ago, Ike said:

    I want some of the new DLC design stuff (partitions, etc.) in the main game. They've really added a lot for the DLC.

    The DLC being available as part of NSO+ is pretty nice.

    It will be able to be used on the main game if you’ve bought the DLC. I’m guessing you may have meant standalone. 

    I personally loved the updates. Some nice new features, a few good little updates and two major changes in the visitor island and DLC. Cooking added just means I need to find a place to plant the veg. The first person camera mode looks cool, permanent ladders, new characters, new emotes, some new items. Shame they said it was the last major update but I’m going to assume this was planned over a longer timeframe but didn’t happen cause of the pandemic. So it’s all come now. 

    Oh and also still playing every day here  

    Also a little confused over the DLC and NSO sub bit. Hope they clear that up a bit. 

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  5. Think I’m getting closer to the end, or at least two thirds though. 


    So I’ve just got the scan-y item and double jump item, and ice rockets. 
    Game feels so much more fun when you have all the upgrades back. Still loving the game, finding the double jump a bit awkward to get the time right (or maybe it was just at the start, but had a lot of trouble getting it at first)

    had these amazing moments against an E.M.M.I

    Think I have a little bit to do as I guess I need a Gravity Suit, Super Bombs and maybe something to let me in the cold areas. 


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  6. 2 hours ago, Ike said:

    Think I soft lock’s myself by going to the third area too soon.

    Edit: maybe not

    I thought that at one point too, but it seems the game does have a somewhat linear route through the game. 

  7. Right some more play in and more impressions. 


    Right, so just defeated Kraid who I’m assuming was the second boss. Took me about two dozen tries after figuring out each stage of the fight. First goes was getting frustrated till I figured out the best way. So pleasing when you get it all right.

    So I now have the Varia Suit, Morph Ball and bombs for the ball. Really feels like the game opens up when you finally get that part. Whilst the game does seem open in it doesn’t appear where you should go, there does seem to be a route that the game eases you towards in the way it moves you around the map and new upgrades tend to lead you to the next door or area. 

    Getting the right buttons pressed in a tight spot can sometimes be tough, especially in boss fights and you need to jump to certain ledges then get your misfiles out and fire,  but getting used to it. I know some of the hidden items are going to evade me (those places on the map that flash white) but I don’t mind. 
    Love the visuals of the game and the seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay. I’ve seen a bit of jittering when using the teleporters but nothing major. 
    Still a great game  


  8. 3 hours ago, Ike said:

    The postcards in mine were a little warped/bent, anyone elses like that? Not that bothered but it was a bit weird.

    Mine are slightly bent too but nothing to complain about. 

    Been playing a few hours and I’m getting both frustrated and loving the game. 


    So I’ve got the charge beam and spider magnet and defeated the second E.M.M.I but now seem to be stuck on which way to get back  as nothing else in the lower part seems doable  I can go in the cold section but can’t do much in there  I’m sure I must have acquired the morph ball function  by now as there’s lots of small openings I can’t get into  

    this is what frustrates me about these Metroid games  backtracking and just getting stuck  

    I am; enjoying what I have played so far as it’s satisfying which you defeat an E.M.M.I

  9. 4 hours ago, Shorty said:

    Just got the special edition of this delivered, thought it was going to be normal Switch game size in a slightly thicker steel case or something...

    Instead its the size of a fat A4 folder!! :laughing:

    Size comparison...


    I love that the game is in a bigger box than the Switch OLED Model. 
    It really is a nice special edition. Just had a flick through the art book. 191 pages and lots to look at. It looks very impressive. 

  10. I’ve had a pretty much 100% black out of this game and can’t wait to play it. I’m not a huge Metroid fan, never got into the older games, but the Prime games on GC really pulled me in and were great to play. 
    I even ordered the deluxe set thing from the Nintendo store. I expect them to be shipping them real soon as I’ve still not seen confirmation that mine has been sent but it was like this for the last game I ordered there. It was sent Thursday evening and arrived the next day. 

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  11. The first thing that really comes to mind is the whole aspect of the Switch being both a home console and handheld and that switching from one to the other is simultaneous. I mean I’m playing on the TV, I take it out the dock and I’m instantly playing again. No delay or anything. This also makes it great when there’s a power cut as it just switches to handheld mode and no loss to the game I’m playing. 

    As for games, Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are up there for me. I was never into open world games and liked my games to have some kind of linear progression. But BotW really did change that. You can do the game in any kind of order and however you want, and even now, people are finding new things, new ways to kill enemies, and funny exploits. It’s amazing how many different ways I’ve seen people complete a shrine or certain parts of the game. 
    Mario Odyssey was just the perfect Mario game for me at least. Visually stunning, controls were tight and perfect, and cappy was a nice new addition. Plus you get to go to the moon. (Yes Galaxy was in space too) I guess that’s why I love it so much, as Galaxy was my favourite Mario game before this. Oh amd you get to turn into a freaking T-Rex. 

    I’ve also found that I’ve bought more indie games on the Switch than on any other console. Favourites include Oxenfree, Limbo, A Short Flight to name a few. 

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  12. They were a pain for me. We should have less tree bugs this month so they may spawn a bit better. I’d usually go round my island from 5:30 till 7pm amd usually only see 3 or 4 if I was lucky. Definitely walk by trees slowly, they scare easily and you’ll miss them. Best time was the first hour as the sunset makes it a bit easier to see them. Closer to 7 and it seemed a bit darker to see them. Otherwise just walk round and round

    1 hour ago, killthenet said:

    Any tips on getting Walking Sticks to spawn? I need two more to get the model made but I haven't even spotted one for ages


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