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  1. WWE Superstar Chris Benoit and family found dead

    Since Raw was going to be starting at 1am here in the UK due o the "Vince Memorial" I decided to stay up and watch a little. I was shocked and saddened when the graphic came up of Beniot. When the show started and all you saw was Vince in the empty arena, I knew that it was something terrible. Benoit was one of the few truly great wrestlers left, I always enjoyed watching his matches. I got to see him wrestle at live events over here, and seeing him jump off that top rope is something that is amazing to see. One of my favourites was between Chris and William Regal at the last Cyber Sunday (I think). I have the rest of RAW to watch later, but I just know that it is going to be a hard thing to watch. RIP Chris. :cry:
  2. Pangya! Golf with Style

    I'm really getting the hang of this now. I can use the swing option to much better effect than when I first started playing. I just completed a round of the second course, shining sand, in stroke play finishing a respectable +5 this game really gives me a workout, I admit to not being in shape, but this game gets me going.
  3. Pangya! Golf with Style

    I picked this up yesterday. So far I have found the swinging to be a little awkward, maybe I'm just used to WiiGolfs style. I am getting better, and can now hit straight with a Pangya. i really don't like putting via swing though. It's not natural to swing like you swing the rest of the clubs.
  4. Pangya! Golf with Style

    I will be getting this. I love WiiSports Golf, and have been waiting for a good golf game to appear. This looks like the kind of thing that we can expect from Mario golf, and I love them games.
  5. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Thanks for that, although I just checked the manual, there are two ways to use WiiConnect24. You can have it always on, (orange light) or just active when your console is on (red light). I want mine set up to be active only when my Wii is on, but for WiiConnect to work, I need to set both WiiConnect24 and Standby mode to be on. I just want WiiConnect to be on, but if I turn Standy Mode off, then I can't get any WiiConnect to work. OK, after checking the Nintendo site, it seems you need both set to on, for the Weather/News channel to work. thanks anyway. Nintendo customer service page.
  6. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I have a strange problem, it's not major, but it will bug me later on. My WiiConnect24 won't work when I turn off the Standby setting in the Wii menu. the only way it will work is to have WiiConnect24 on and standby mode on. This means having it on the orange light on instead of having it just go into standby (red) It's not major, but it means either leaving standby mode on, or changing it every time I want to use a WiiConnect24 feature. Any suggestions? i have tried turning it off, unplugging the console, but it only works if standby is on.
  7. Eledees!

    Picked this up yesterday, so far I have only done the tutorials and first level, but so far I like it. I have to delve deeper before I can really get an opinion, but I think this is going to be a good game.
  8. Eledees!

    I'm going to be buying this. I liked the look of the game when I first saw it, and it seems like the kind of game that I can just pick up and play in short bursts.
  9. ExciteTruck

    I finally pulled off a 2880 spin yesterday. I just needed to change trucks. Oh and here is a collection of the 360 - 2520 spins.
  10. ExciteTruck

    WooHoo, I just S-Ranked all the Mirror mode. I still have the challenges to do, so this games has certainly lasted me longer than those few hours that some reviewers said. To those people that have managed to pull of spins above 2520. Where are you doing this and with what car? I just can't pull off more than a 2520.
  11. ExciteTruck

    I unlocked Mirror Mode yesterday. I have to say, I didn't find S-Ranking the Super Excite tracks that hard. I had a few that took me more than 10 attempts, but then I just focused on doing enough stunts to earn the points, and I managed them all that way. Now onto Mirror mode. One of the thing I wish this game had was a true Time Trial mode.
  12. ExciteTruck

    I realised I've posted a few vids, but not given any thoughts on the game, well here are a few. I love it. I never read any reviews for this, and I wanted it from the time I got my Wii. This is easily my favourite pick up and play game on the Wii so far, but it also stands up to longer play time, (up to a few hours at a time). So far I have completed Excite mode with all S-ranks, and S-ranks in bronze on Super Excite. I have completed Super Excite mode (non S-rank). I have obtained all the paint jobs on all the trucks, and as such got a nice surprise. I pulled off a lovely 2520 spin earlier, (I know it has been done before me though) (video coming soon.) I am not disappointed one bit in this purchase. Here it is, my own . This contains the surprise I mentioned earlier.
  13. ExciteTruck

    I have also uploaded this video of a rather funny/cool trick/stunt. 36 seconds in, watch what happens when I land, or rather watch what I land on.
  14. ExciteTruck

    I've uploaded my video of the 2160 spin onto youtube. It's just processing but I'll post the link here now. I know it's poor quality, but all I have to record is a digital camera that has a video option.
  15. ExciteTruck

    I too have just managed this outstanding feat. Though I did it on a different level. When playing Super Excite mode, on platinum cup, Mexico, I found a spot to get you a 1800 and I even managed to put an extra half spin in, but try as I might I just couldn't get that 6th spin. So today, I picked a truck that had a full Air bar and had another go. WooHoo, a few tries and I pulled it off. I have a video of it that I will upload tomorrow, I was hoping to be the first, but congrats to nando for getting it too. I love this game, it's great for 15 minutes plays as well as having that one more race factor that can keep you going for hours if you want to.
  16. Pangya! Golf with Style

    Yes, I love what I have seen of this game, and want it. Please let it happen.
  17. New Wii Firmware version available: V2.1E

    Nope, I have updated and my Wii still runs fine.
  18. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    OK, I was just going by the little icons that appear on the game boxes. Since they are there on Monkey Ball and not on Zelda, I just assumed.
  19. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Cool vid, but shouldn't people be doing this with a game that actually supports 480p. A game like TP has not been designed for 480p, so I don't think it's going to show that much difference. Now, if you showed the difference when running a game that does support 480p (Monkey Ball for example) then you may see a vast difference. Just my opinion.
  20. Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Thread

    I have one more "tip". If you are running your Wii in 60Hz (480i) then put your Wii in 50 Hz (576i) whilst playing. This makes the game run slower, thus giving you more time, so to speak. I have been running my Wii in 50Hz due to a offset picture when changing to 60Hz, I sorted that out (by simply changing settings, then unplugging my Scart cable and plugging it back in) and played Monkey Ball again. Holy Cow. It's like it's been plugged into a super charger. It's so much faster, it actually makes the game a little harder just with it in 60Hz. so if you are still having trouble just alter you Wii settings while you play the game.
  21. Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Thread

    I was stuck on this level for ages too. I tried many different methods, but the one that I did it with was the slow and steady approach. Stick to the left of the platforms and scoot across them as soon as it becomes horizontal. As the next one is slightly off than the last, you should be able to just run across them. Stop on a static ground and repeat on the next lot. Small jumps may also help if you get in a pickle. Stick to it and you should manage to do it.
  22. Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Thread

    My sentiments exactly. I've been going through clearing each world without continuing, I got to him with about 5 lives, yet he still managed to annihilate me. The worst was one were I delivered the final blow, but got knocked off at the same time. It of coarse counted as a fall out. Boy was I angry.
  23. A Mario Christmas (Starts on page 8)

    I have just cought up reading the comics, and I just had to post just to say bravo! I have had such fun reading these. Keep up the great work.
  24. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Gameplay have sent out my RGB cable. Woohoo. Their site says that any orderes placed now could take up to 14 days, but component cables may be shipped within a week if anyone still needs them.
  25. Routers - what you got and did it work?

    Another Linksys WRT54G user here. No trouble setting it up. My Wii is not connected 24/7.