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  1. Formula 1 2012

    That's one of the things that I thought amazing when I saw that on one of those Sky Sports F1 featurettes they keep running. (the one with the Ferrari cars). Can't imagine sitting like that for so long.
  2. Formula 1 2012

    Thought the race only picked up in the last 10 laps when we may have had something happen. Unfortunately the rain came a little too late to have any involvement. I'm beginning to think that some changes need to be made with Qualifying 3 and those that don't set a lap time. I feel that if you are good enough to get into Q3, then you need to be going for pole (or at least as high as you can get up the grid) and not just set sector times and get to pick your tires. Either that or just let everyone start on the tires they want to.
  3. Formula 1 2012

    Love that helmet camera. Wish we would see a little more of it in the main shows. Wonder if it will improve over time to be more central on the helmet, it always seems just slightly off center.

    No sign of mine yet. I'd never sell mine, not even sure I'm going to open it. Leave it nicely wrapped up in the box.
  5. Formula 1 2012

    Great race and an amazing last 10 laps. Really thought Kimi might have joined that fight for the top three, but just missed out. This is going to be a great season if it carries on this way.
  6. Awesome stuff thread

    That's insane. How do people think to try these things. I mean to think to beat the boss, but not go into the teleport thing, but then go out, come back in, activate it but not actually go in it, then go out through the door again (that you normally can't). Then the game jumps all the way to the end pretty much.
  7. The Wrasslin' thread

    Thought it was a very good show. Was completely shocked that Sheamus won so quickly, and thought they really should have had more time. Kane/Orton and Divas match was just meh. Really can't remember much about them. I was kind of thinking that Show might win the IC title, just because of the way it was built up. Good to see too, lets see what they do with the title on him. GM match was what is was, and as soon as Santino hit the cobra and didn't get the win, I knew Team Johnny would win. I wonder if it's not over though. Punk/Jericho was a great match, back and forth. Thought Jericho would win. HHH/Taker was what it was billed as. HHH continuing to tell HBK to end it or he will, HBK torn between ending it and letting them go, and even I think torn between who he wanted to win. There were times when it seemed like he could have gone either way and cost someone the win. Great ending. Loved the aftermatch stuff with all the guys appreciation of each other. Cena/Rock was just a great wrestling match in terms of no run-ins, no ref bumps, no gimmick spots. It just felt great to watch. I thought Cena had done it on that second AA. Seeing the last Rock Bottom and the 1-2-3 was just amazing though. I love how looking back, I was reading about so many former stars supposedly making run-ins or returning. Maybe they are, and it's being left for RAW, but I wonder if sometimes some of those are just WWE trying to confuse us by putting stories out there.

    OMG, I won one too! I rarely ever win anything like this. I was so surprised to see the email this morning. I can't remember which one I went for, I think it was the Toad one, or the Peach one (I may even have entered twice.)
  9. N-E Picture Caption Game

    "Oh look, Borris is trying to look like an igloo again"
  10. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    I've never had a RR streetpass work properly. At first I thought maybe it was because I hadn't opened that particular track, but even with all tracks and cars unlocked I still don't seem to get any ghost data when I turn the game on.
  11. F1 2011

    Yeah sorry bout that, I've been going through career mode. If you are free later on, let me know.
  12. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    I don't know then. Whenever I have gone to buy puzzle pieces it just automatically picks a random piece from a puzzle I have started on.
  13. F1 2011

    That's fine, I'm going to be busy/not around at the end of Jan, but any time after that is fine.
  14. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Nope, buying puzzle pieces is totally random. Been getting a lot more hits recently. When I have it in work, I can get 3 or 4 hits in a 6 hour period. Even today I took it into town with me, (Northampton town centre) and got 3 hits in about 3 hours, and they weren't store 3DS, they seemed real.
  15. F1 2011

    OK, added you (Mii is Simon). Might be easier if we said in advance when to attempt a game. Mario Kart is taking up my online play at the moment, but I am playing F1 at the weekends playing through the career mode.
  16. F1 2011

    Completely agree with the controls. Taking the high speed corner in Turkey (you know, it's the one that is classed as 4 corners but you can do it smoothly in 1) is just no where near as smooth as it should be. I've found that using control method B, (R accelerate, L brake, X KERS, Y DRS) is the better of the two controls.
  17. F1 2011

    Will do, I'll add my code under my avatar soon.
  18. F1 2011

    Received my copy from Amazon this morning. I'm liking it so far. Only few gripes is really just with the steering, even setting the sensitivity all the way to the lowest, it's still awkward at times to keep a smooth turn going. Also I really don't know whether to play this with the 3D on or not, I find the game so much smoother (running) with it off, and do find it a little easier to control, but it does look quite nice with the 3D on. Something I've just noticed, and not sure if it was doing it the whole time, but when I turn the game on, the 3D turns off (as in the 3D green light on the 3DS) and will only come on when I enter the race. For all the menu's and such it's in 2D. Does this happen to anyone else? Is it maybe my game or a setting I accidentally changed? Also if anyone still plays, I'd love to play some online sometime.
  19. N-E Picture Caption Game

    "When train journeys go bad....tonight on Fox."
  20. 3DS Christmas & January Sales Buyer Guide

    It may not be cheaper than ShopTo (though there's shows as weekly special), but Amazon.co.uk are selling F1 2011 at £19.98.
  21. N-E Picture Caption Game

    "With this, I'll be the next YouTube sensation and earn a Million theoretical dollars"
  22. Mario Kart 7

    Got this for Christmas. I've breezed through the 50cc class with 3 stars on all cups, and have started on the 100cc. Set myself a few Time Trial times, and been having fun. I may not be able to join the N-E League due to working Thursday evenings, but I'll be sure to add myself as I would love to play you guys some time.
  23. N-E Picture Caption Game

    "I swear, if the wind changes right now, I'm gonna lick you to death"
  24. 3DS Console Discussion

    Made a better stop motion clip the other day. Added a little sound effect afterwards to finish it off.
  25. 3DS Console Discussion

    Had a little test on the Stop Motion capabilities of the video recording. Made two vids, one of a DSLite opening and closing, and one of a glass of drink going down. Sorry for the darkness, they were literally just taken and it's not very bright in my room. EDIT So I realized I think I have been using the wrong 'mode' for Stop Motion. I was using the one called 'Clip Link' instead of 'Frame Pic' (why is it not called Stop Motion?) Anyway, even with that, they still turned out OK, I'll have another go some other time with the proper one.