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  1. Super Mario Galaxy

    Yet again, Gameplay have not failed me. My copy arrived about 20 minutes ago.
  2. Super Mario Galaxy

    Well Gameplay have taken the money from my account, so I'm guessing it's on its way.
  3. Super Mario Galaxy

    Gameplay has my order as Complete. i haven't received their "Your game has been sent" email, but they don't usually come till later in the day, and I have always got my games from them on the Thursday. I have avoided all media from this game since the seeing the first few, I can't wait.
  4. Endless Ocean

    Just got this game, so far only gone the the tutorial and first "mission". i think it's going to be nice. I'll post my FC when I get it and add people that want to dive with me.
  5. Super Mario Galaxy

    Wrong thread, sorry.
  6. Super Mario Galaxy

    Got my subscription copy of NGamer mag this morning and they gave Mario a 97. Graphics 10, Audio 10, Gameplay 10, and Innovation 9. I only looked at the score and skipped the rest.
  7. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Been playing a bit of this and i am liking the game so far. I love using the grappling beam to pull panels off. I'm only up to Bryyo, and I am scanning like crazy. Seems like every room I enter, I put on the scan visor. Anyone want to exchange Friend Vouchers, please PM me, and I'll give you my Wii code.
  8. Wii Remote Jacket

    As usual, the email conformation came the day after I posted my message about not getting it.
  9. Wii Remote Jacket

    I don't even think I have had an email from them. Been checking junk folder too. I'm not really bothered if some things gone wrong with my order, I doubt I would have used them.
  10. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Yep, just seen my Wii flash. Better late than never. Off to download.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Excitebike Assist Trophies are trophies that come to the aid of the player that called them out. But these may not always be solid objects... Th-they’re pixel art! And there are tons of pixels racing around! I think that in Smash though, appearances are rarely what they seem. Just because they’re flat doesn’t mean you can take them lightly. By the way, there’s also an Assist Trophy for this guy... Lakitu and Spinies! He just tosses ‘em down, one after the other.
  12. Wii Remote Jacket

    My Wii just started flashing, and when I checked, it was a message about this. I may not use them, but since they are free, I ordered 2.
  13. Super Paper Mario

    I just completed the main quest. Quite a nice ending. Time clocked in at 19:28. It that seems long then that's because I usually end up just wondering around for time. I have by no means seen much of the game. I have the Pit of 100 trials to do, I haven't even see the arcade that you have been talking of. then there recipe's and cards to collect.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    The Enemies From Subspace The enemies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Subspace Emissary are called the Subspace Army! Right now, I’d like to introduce some of the more powerful ones. ROADER This enemy looks like a motorised unicycle. These guys ride around in groups, and are both fast and powerful. POPPANT Their bucket trousers are filled with presents and sweets. If you approach these cowards, they’ll flee. BYTAN Leave these enemies be and they’ll multiply in a flash. Destroy them before they become too much trouble! TROWLON This creature will use its trowel-like arms to lift characters up and fly off with them. SHAYDAS This unpleasant, fog-like enemy has a weak spot at the core of its chest! AUROROS This bird dives from above, piercing the ground. You can pull out any Auroros that sticks itself into the ground. GREAP It’s HUGE! It attacks by swinging two sickles down upon you. Its red head is its weak spot. The R.O.B. Squad The escort the Ancient Minister brings with him is an R.O.B squad?! There are some that fire beams and others that fire missiles. There are other enemies that will appear and try to impede your progress. Good luck! Don’t lose! And don’t run away!
  15. Super Paper Mario

    I read about that glitch, but it never happened to me. I've just got my 4th heart piece. I loved that whole chapter.
  16. Super Paper Mario

    i bought this game earlier today (£25 from toys 'r' us) just finished Chapter 2, and loving it. This may not be a real spoiler, but I'll put it in a spoiler either way.
  17. MS PAINT ON!- Draw a game scene of your choice!

    Here's one of the most well known shots from Super Mario Bros. I tried to do a Mario and Bowser, but they never came out right. So i just used the sprites.
  18. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Pitfall This item appeared in the game Animal Crossing. Bury it in the ground and it becomes a trap. If you love playing tricks on others, this item can’t be beat. When you throw a Pitfall at the ground... It vanishes! When someone touches it, PLUNK! Now’s your chance. You can’t help but grin. Incidentally, it also has an effect if you simply hit someone with it instead of setting it in the ground. If you get hit by a Pitfall, you’ll drop through pass-through floors! Getting thoroughly fooled by a trap like this... It’s pretty humiliating. I actually was talking about this on an animal Crossing site with some members there. Cool update.
  19. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    Anyone have any tips on beating Diddy "Freaking" Kong in the Crystal Cup Final. I can get there, winning both the Golden Boot and the Brick wall no trouble, but as soon as I face up against Diddy he just keeps knocking the goals in. The best I have done is 2-1 losses winning the second game. I use Bowser as Captain, along with Koopa, Dry Bones and Hammer Bros.
  20. Pangya! Golf with Style

    I would say yes, this is a lot better than WiiGolf. this has a lot more depth. More courses, more club choice, and after a while, I am finding that swinging is much better in Pangya. Basically this is a full golf game, were as WiiGolf was a 'demo' so to speak.
  21. WWE Superstar Chris Benoit and family found dead

    Since Raw was going to be starting at 1am here in the UK due o the "Vince Memorial" I decided to stay up and watch a little. I was shocked and saddened when the graphic came up of Beniot. When the show started and all you saw was Vince in the empty arena, I knew that it was something terrible. Benoit was one of the few truly great wrestlers left, I always enjoyed watching his matches. I got to see him wrestle at live events over here, and seeing him jump off that top rope is something that is amazing to see. One of my favourites was between Chris and William Regal at the last Cyber Sunday (I think). I have the rest of RAW to watch later, but I just know that it is going to be a hard thing to watch. RIP Chris. :cry:
  22. Pangya! Golf with Style

    I'm really getting the hang of this now. I can use the swing option to much better effect than when I first started playing. I just completed a round of the second course, shining sand, in stroke play finishing a respectable +5 this game really gives me a workout, I admit to not being in shape, but this game gets me going.
  23. Pangya! Golf with Style

    I picked this up yesterday. So far I have found the swinging to be a little awkward, maybe I'm just used to WiiGolfs style. I am getting better, and can now hit straight with a Pangya. i really don't like putting via swing though. It's not natural to swing like you swing the rest of the clubs.
  24. Pangya! Golf with Style

    I will be getting this. I love WiiSports Golf, and have been waiting for a good golf game to appear. This looks like the kind of thing that we can expect from Mario golf, and I love them games.
  25. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Thanks for that, although I just checked the manual, there are two ways to use WiiConnect24. You can have it always on, (orange light) or just active when your console is on (red light). I want mine set up to be active only when my Wii is on, but for WiiConnect to work, I need to set both WiiConnect24 and Standby mode to be on. I just want WiiConnect to be on, but if I turn Standy Mode off, then I can't get any WiiConnect to work. OK, after checking the Nintendo site, it seems you need both set to on, for the Weather/News channel to work. thanks anyway. Nintendo customer service page.