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  2. Lol, i bought the component cables on purpose to take advantage of my HD TV but it seems it doesn't make too much difference, is that it? I'm asking because i still don't have the game. And how about the gameplay? i'm seeing too much controversial comments about it.
  3. Lucky bastards...and i still don't have the game. Hate UPS carrier ='<. Hate my Country. Loled, i know... i'm cry out loud, don't worry.
  4. Moro nos Azores... não tenho outro remédio senão esperar ='<. Tou lixado....
  5. I don't have the game yet ='<!!!! AM CRY! Amazon still didn't confirm the dispatch. Only saying that it will be dispatched soon.
  6. Frustrated for not having the game yet. I know the game has been in development in 5 years, but i wasn't expecting playing a zelda game right after i finished TP. 2 E3s have passed and was starting then that i desired a new zelda. 3 years is too much waiting a game. And now seems i can't wait even one more hour, lol. The waiting is killing me. Special because i know that the next week will be terrible difficult to have time to play the game. Is there any change Amazon will send the game sooner that the dispatch date estimate (17th november)?
  7. ^, Dude... words can't describe how i feel...
  8. Jesus... 3 years waiting this game... and still... waiting. C'mon Amazon... ='<
  9. How come mine from amazon wasn't yet dispatch??? rage power!!!! ='<
  10. Lol, i get it =). But i really think this game can surpass Twilight Princess. I don't think the game was bad or anything like it... i just think it was too much linear. It didn't surprised me at no way at all. I know almost nothing about this game, expecting that it will make the surprise factor even better. I know that the franchise need to evolve in some way. Perphaps Skyward Sword isn't the right answer yet, but if it returns the feeling that i had playing OoT and WW... all good for me =). That's all i need right know =). AND FAST! XD
  11. Do you really thing (by seeing the review) that this game can be one of the best zeldas yet? What is your feedback? Without spoiling xD
  12. Do you think that are any chance that Amazon UK dispatches the game sooner than supposed?
  13. Jeff @GiantBomb gave it a 80. http://www.giantbomb.com/the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword/61-26934/reviews/
  14. Well, i'm buying the special edition because i don't have an wiimote +. That's the main reason. Also, it's good to have the music cd. i'm not sure you can get that on the normal edition
  15. Well, if you're a super zelda fan, and you still don't have a wiimote +, then.... the answer is logical. Nonetheless, if you still a super zelda fan, and have already a wiimote... it's still logical dude x'D
  16. That video gave me chills... chills! I need to play this game fast. My hype level exceeded long ago 9000.... can't wait this anymore! Am cry ;_;
  17. How about gameplay? Will it be gimmick? Or a nice add-on?
  18. The last full trailer that i saw was from E3. Nevermore i saw anything but i have to say that this waiting is killing me. It will be my last game for Wii and will also be my first game for Wii since i bought Super Mario Galaxy 2. Just like all of you guys, now and then i go to gametrailers... and i did get a huge spoiler for that picture, but i believe that i will not think to much about it. The only thing is getting to my nerves is why nintendo putting so many videos out being the release still only a month from now (practically). Can't wait anymore ='< EDIT: What do you guys think we can expect from this game? Will it have the magic that some people, including myself, didn't feel in Twilight Princess?
  19. Don't say that dude, lol. I've play it and i love it. The gameplay mechanic is really great, and the puzzles between babys and the adults (mario and luigi) do really work good. I don't see why you say is crap. Is probably one of the best rpg on the DS. Unless you don't like rpg at all.
  20. Yeah, you're right, and i do understand what you're saying, but do you think that making a 2D Games for the actual consoles would have the same sparkle? I what the old aura from that games, but i need something new and fresh.. That old aura has to be implemented in 3D games, for god sake. They have to jump to 3D for g00d. For life! xD
  21. Well, to be honest myself i was expecting a little more of this nintendo summit. They could've use this chance to reveal something big, since it's an event exclusively from Nintendo. I really hope they bring something good at E3, although i rather doubt it. By the way, when is schedule E3? Is it for May?
  22. Well, if it is.. it's really just a tad. I mean, the game is just brilliant. Each "world" has a great artwork design. Not to mention that is the best looking wii game to date, and it really pushes the gameplay to a next level. Oh well, not to the next level (yes, it's a bit overreacted)... still, it's a great deal to play it. At least, that's what i feel.
  23. Is this game going to see the light out of japan? Graphically it seems to suck big time :S I mean, why the hell doesn't Square-Enix bets big money on the wii?
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