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  1. Mustached Ladies

    I dont care either way, I'd prefer a shaved woman but i wouldnt mind a non-shaved one.
  2. Garth Marenghi's Dark Place

    I've never heard of it, what's it about?
  3. Happy Birthday Hellfire + Dan Dare

    Happy bday dudes. I dont know you but happy bady anyway
  4. The official n-europe zoo

    you've got it all wrong, basically you make up an animal based on yourself and you talk about it. look at mine for an example. Plus im not sure im into waffles, Demonmike
  5. The official n-europe zoo

    soz, i meant rokhed, typo
  6. Anime and manga discussion

    oh right, i got confused, have you seen the others?
  7. Kids, Marriage & Adulthood

    My friends cousin had a baby at 14 and the kid is 3, the girl is 17 and wishing she could have a proper life but is hampered by the baby and looking after it. The person she had the baby with has left her alone to look after the baby and she's pretty stuck, lived half of her life on the street and has next to no money. She's kinda stuck.
  8. Mustached Ladies

    lol, what was it like?
  9. Anime and manga discussion

    Have you seen Laputa: castle in the sky or howles moving castle? they're all by the same director
  10. Mustached Ladies

    i thought we were talking about 'staches not down below.
  11. love and life i suppose?

    Hope you make up your mind soon though, otherwise (if you dont break up with her) she might get tired of waiting. Spend some time with her, see how it feels and if you enjoy it, stick with her. If you find it dead boring then split up and explore new possibilities.
  12. Hey

    okey doke, i like football btw.
  13. The official n-europe zoo

    uh what was that about rockhed?
  14. Hey

    kl, I'll have to chack them out
  15. The official n-europe zoo

    Huh? what did he say?