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  1. Halo-OMG what a game!

    Gave up Halo after two hours, but played through Halo 2 entirely, loved it.
  2. Mario, Metroid, Zelda DS Delayed..?

    EU PS3 launch with some impressive titles, 360 on a roll and Nintendo has no important franchises (honestly, all the other Mario games don't count) to counter all this until the end of next year (!), this is very bad news imho.
  3. Wii Release List

    Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy won't be released until Christmas 2007 Edit: never mind, apparently there's already a thread about it
  4. 2007 Third Party Wii Titles

    Does anyone have a list with 2007 Wii titles? I have the feeling there aren't much big third-party exclusives to look forward to.