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  1. Petition against regioncode

    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] nintendo.com/contact Nintendo doesn't know what the fans want, so send them a mail delete the "-"sign in front of the mailadress and mail topic: codefree VC, new nintendoeurope-design, more blockbuster-games
  2. Petition against regioncode

    hey, Gamecube was a big flop, so I'm frustrated Nintendo, pph, "everbody" loves them even if they r not up to date somebody has to criticize them
  3. Petition against regioncode

    i' ve read that Namco accepted the Tales of Symphonia Petition, but I don't know, perhaps it was just a rumour.
  4. Petition against regioncode

    Wii has a regioncode, you cannot play import cubegames or jap and us virtual console games! A Nintendoclub of geezers, i'm really pissed and I'm not gonna buy Wii with regioncode. Do they hate us the fans so much??? What r u thinking? I think the other producer do their job better. Many games, thats all I want. (i hate living in Europe, thats a gamers hell/desert) Sign here if you know how great importgames are petitiononline.com/50735wii/petition.html