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  1. Name That Game

    No 3 Zelda: Phantom Hourglass No 4 Maybe Picross on the Gameboy?
  2. Name That Game

    No 2. Crazy Taxi? No 4. Ignition For some reason no 3 isn't appearing for me. Working for me now.... No 3. Midtown Madness
  3. Name That Game

    Maybe Mario Kart: Double Dash? :p
  4. Name That Game

    Actual title is "The Need For Speed" but I'll give you that God and to think, I couldn't play the demo for it as my PC wasn't powerful enough at the time.
  5. Name That Game

    Okay here's a quick one, I'd be surprised if everyone on this board hasn't heard of this game. [ATTACH]2740[/ATTACH]
  6. Name That Game

    Yes correct Maybe the next time I shouldn't go quite so obscure M.C. Kids? (or McDonald Land) as it was known here
  7. Name That Game

    Yeah, was trying to think of something that wouldn't give the game away too easily. The game was released in 1995, and had an expansion pack released in 1996. Both games carried a subtitle "No ____" and each blank is a synonym for guilt. Oh and to make it a little easier, here's the box art [ATTACH]2739[/ATTACH] Just saw darksnowmans guess of X-Com, which is...wrong. Another quick clue, it featured FMV with mission briefings and cut scenes. One of the characters has also done voice work for Sonic, Metriod Prime, and stared in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  8. Name That Game

    nando 4. I had to google it, and managed to find it.
  9. Name That Game

    Yup correct
  10. Name That Game

    These are still left to guess from my three. Some hints, 1. PC action shooter, renowned at the time for its destructible scenery. It's rumoured that it took place within the Wing Commander universe. Also came out on the PSX & Saturn. 3. Yup tapedeck, this was well known for it's graphics engine back in the day. Used Voxel's rather than polygons, for most of the scenery and characters. Needed a mamouth PC at the time, but had some seriously nice water effects.
  11. Name That Game

    All wrong I'm afriad :p
  12. Name That Game

    Correct, my first PC game that cost me £42 when I was 13.
  13. Name That Game

    How about these one's 1. [ATTACH]2707[/ATTACH] 2. [ATTACH]2708[/ATTACH] 3. [ATTACH]2709[/ATTACH] Hopefully these won't be got straight away, well no 2 probably will be
  14. Name That Game

    Railmania? Random guess
  15. Name That Game

    Chuckie Egg 2 No Googling required, just had to skim through the answers to make sure no one had got it EDIT:- Fund memories of skipping assembly to play Chuckie Egg on the BBC micro in our class room.