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  1. Better than the originals

    Ok any cover by Pomplamoose I immediately think is better so I won't post all of them :P Anyone who does not like these is plain wrong
  2. The App Store Thread

    maybe set up an account just for his phone maybe?
  3. The App Store Thread

    MSN? Also a new box of cut the rope levels
  4. Wastings of Moneyings

    Have you guys heard of this new thing called Kinect? It's supposedly quite good EDIT: I'm probably the worst person with money I know ( though not £700 on fifa bad :v) I play the lottery (though I debate if that's bad) and generally just like spending money.
  5. Doesn't make it right. If I were alive during then I'd probably condemn him for it aswell?
  6. A lot of their top generals etc, are overwieght. While lots of their people reduced to eating clay. From wikipedia: That shit's expensive. Costing them ~$6b a year. Their GDP is only $28b. Not crazy? They sunk a SK ship for apparently no reason. They kidknapped japanese citizens from Japanese territory in an effort to turn them into spies[edit: this one I'm gonna say might not be true as as far I can't find a source. I'm sure I read it somewhere ]. They kidknapped a South Korean film director to produce a godzilla remake. He is also a god of sports if you belive his propoganda. And a Internet Expert. EDIT: (Another post on another forum I thought was appropriate. Not entirely due to slight differences in context, but you get the gist) "How dare a country who imprisons 3.2% of their population and lets some of their citizens go hungry pretend to be superior to a country who forces their political prisoners to stand in coffin-sized rooms for weeks at a time while sleeping in a pool of shit and maggots, eating live sewer rats to ward off starvation, and often coming out dead or permanently crippled from the ordeal if they so much as look a prison guard in the eye. Fucking hypocrites :blank:"
  7. NATO regularly offers to supply food etc, NK (not as) regularly turn them down. I think the last time Kim Jong Il started threatening everyone it was because he needed some food as they can't even feed their army properly. I'm not seperating Guantanomo from (pretty much) every prison in NK. I'm just saying when that kind of prison is the norm, something is seriously wrong. And NK is a threat because the leadership is absolute nuts. They know they can near enough do anything bar full out attack and have basically no repurcussions.
  8. Yes because in America you're imprisoned and tortured for speaking against the leadership. You wanna escape? Better not like your family because they're the ones that will be imprisoned and tortured. You're analogy is effective.
  9. Essential Watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w08zwl5VwbM - Dispatches - Undercover in the secret state of North Korea http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1875007335054132657 - Children of the Secret State - North Korea Essential Reading: http://judiciary.senate.gov/hearings/testimony.cfm?id=292&wit_id=665 Seriously, read this now. It's a woman recounting her time in North Korean prison camps. This isn't just an exception, this is the rule.
  10. National Demo 2010

    I'm probably a minority here, but assuming the loans company will be covering the rise in tuitions fees, and the planned 9% of everything over 21k is implemented. Then who gives a shit? If anything graduates will be paying less money when they get a job. The average graduate who gets a job straight out of uni (at least in engineering, fuck you social science lot ) earns £24k. At the current 9% of everything over £16k'ish. That's 9% of £8k that'll be paid back per year, which is £720 a year (£60 a paycheck). For 9% of everything over £21k, the 9% is only applied to £4k of your salary, which is equal to £360 a year (£30 a paycheck). My solution to the problem? Get rid of funding for stupid-ass degrees like basket weaving. Shit like that should be done through apprenticeships and accredited diplomas and the like.
  11. N-E Winter Meet!

    Wut, I can get to Liverpool and back for £50 the night before from Canterbury, which is like far southeast London. And why do people always complain about the trip to London when you can just do your own meet. Nothing stopping you northerners just not coming to london and meeting each other close by >_<
  12. Homage to the old C-E members

    Offerman! Oh the memories. Also, what ever happened to Zeik, he just disappeared one day from IRC, unless he changed nick and is in ther e RIGHT NOW<.
  13. Apparently (according to ReZ) I'm an idiot for not knowing DK was a sequel !_!
  14. Miaows and other fun linguistic things

    but surely grammar evolves, and with this current generation getting olde rit's gonna become 'da standard'
  15. I think you're being a big RACIST. jks <3 I dunno when I didn't believe, in fact I don't know if ever believed. I just don't remember those years
  16. Homage to the old C-E members

    shit me, you have all my old names in that post... I remember the brief period I was Khun-T but I don't remember using those sigs O_o
  17. Homage to the old C-E members

  18. Questions

    Haha fair enough.
  19. Questions

    2. Qs I got a permission error thanking j7 but I can thank you shorty? Also on the mobile theme why can't I just click the name of the thread? This damn blue squares are tiny.
  20. good stuff thread.

    Finding out I won £5.50 on the euromillion. Also realising the song Billionaire pretty much sums up my life plan >_<
  21. Tuition Fees

    That you won't have to pay off until you get a decent job anyways.
  22. Tuition Fees

    You fail to mention if it's over £6k the university gets its funding reduced so I imagine most will stick to that figure [edit: and the fact they'd increase the amount you have to be earning before you tstart to pay it back]. It's still double the current amount, but loans will cover that and who really considers student loans as reaaal debts anyways :/
  23. CV Woes, Cheats and Wins

    under work experience i listed the fact i can arrange games alphabetically. Apparently thats enough to get me a placement as a 'Student Engineer'
  24. Smoking

    I know right.
  25. Smoking

    You don't seem to accept sometimes people are genuinely making a mistake and not being assholes. Lighten up FFS.