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  1. Raspberry Pi

    Is it that the Rasperry Pi is to programmers as the Arduino is to electronic engineers?
  2. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    So word on the street is there will be a DA meet happening at the same time. If it's not them fooling around then I think they've got like 600 people saying they'll be going. Hyde Park gonna be busy.
  3. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    You guys do know Sam Smiths have apparently completely hiked their prices now, apparently it's near £4 a pint
  4. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    I should be there.
  5. good stuff thread.

    I've all but finished the first song I've made in over half a year. http://soundcloud.com/farjill/listen-up-rev1
  6. Makin' Music

    http://soundcloud.com/farjill/listen-up-rev1 I made a thing.
  7. Learning a Language

    I started on C, I personally didn't find it hard at all. My main use for it is programming microcontrollers. Also, if you decide on C++ I reccomend the SAM's Learn C++ in 21 days, it's really basic and explains the concepts behind the programming really well, and as said previously, once you learn the concepts it's just a case of reading up on the syntax of a new language to learn it.
  8. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    gokarting is ace, i'd be up for it, even if it meant coming down two days in a row.
  9. What Have You Bought?

    This stuff tastes well weird, I can't put my finger on the tastes.
  10. good stuff thread.

    FUCK YES IT LIVES This is why my day has been good, I got it the fuck working (never mind I broke it after this video was made)
  11. good stuff thread.

    Expensive but so worth it. Though I'd reccomend getting a CBT + bike license while you're at it
  12. Please help stop a 5% increase in beer duty

    A tenner for five fosters? I'm in. This tax would take that away from us. And the burgers, without the pints who would eat the burgers!
  13. What Have You Bought?

    I bought me some space ice cream, candy corn and twizzlers
  14. Please help stop a 5% increase in beer duty

    Please stop :/ This is pretty much the point, if it carries on as is it will become a purely 'special night' event type of night, not a lets be sociable with mates thing. you forget Sam Smiths. EDIT: Also if the beer tax keeps going up 'spoons wouldn't be able to do Monday club. That would make me sad, who doesn't like £2 a pint on Fosters
  15. Please help stop a 5% increase in beer duty

    until a few years down the road of not saying anything and pints that are usually £3.20 round here are now £5 and pubs are closing left and right because no one can really afford it anymore and then the breweries shut down and millions are out of employ. (an extreme example I admit)
  16. Please help stop a 5% increase in beer duty

    It's not just about that, it's about the fact in the last 4 years it's gone up nearly 40%. On your average pint you're paying over a pound in tax nowadays. It's increased well over inflation If i'm doing my maths correctly.
  17. Please help stop a 5% increase in beer duty

    I'm sure someone who knows how to write in legalese could word it properly to only include alcopops and those stupid 3 litre bottles of paint stripper they call cider.
  18. Please help stop a 5% increase in beer duty

    I'd hate that, I regularly sit down and sip on a 10%+ bottle of ale over an afternoon with mates. The good stuff is already bloody expensive as it is
  19. Please help stop a 5% increase in beer duty

    If the pubs start shutting down it'll only be bars left, which are notorious for the binging.
  20. Please help stop a 5% increase in beer duty

    Raising tax on a pint is stupid. What they should be doign to curb binge drinking is raise tax on the cheap cider/alco-pops/etc. As an aside does the tax increase also affect wine? As IMO a fine ale is much on par with a fine wine. Also, this is really only bad for pubs, supermarkets will still be offering shit for cheap as chips.
  21. If you won the Texas lottery, what would you do?

    I wouldn't tell anyone I know until I had it all sorted and stuff. Then I'd surprise my parens by paying off their mortgage, buying them a new car, and dramatically increasing their retirement fund. Then I'd set aside £500k for a massive vegas blowout for me and some select friends. Someone else on the internet had a brilliant idea. You send all your friends a cheque with the provision that cashing it precludes them from ever asking you for money again.
  22. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    oh haha, fair play. As always I'm down as more-than-maybe.
  23. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    dunno if it saved but i added my name to the list
  24. Megaupload shuts down

    UMG got this taken down a few times with copyright claims. They had literally no rights to any of it. Megaupload was about to launch a service for musicians where the musician got 90% of the profits. This is why I think it is now it's been taken down. The funniest thing of it all, Megauploads CEO was Swizz Beats.