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  1. good stuff thread.

    @TNLUK just replied to one of my tweets
  2. hi

    I read it as Alan Davis' voice doing a Mexican accent.
  3. Makin' Music

    a better mix (and on youtube of my song):
  4. Eggs

    This is kinda how we do it in our house. Except we soak the break in the egg, and (I at least) scrape the excess off. When fried this is amazing and tastes nothing like egg (I personally can't stand that egg taste). Served with either a sprinkling of sugar, or bacond and maple syrup, or bacon and covered in spaghetti rings.
  5. It's that why any company does anything whatsoever?
  6. Practicality vs Fun

    Get the buggy. But what about the rain I hear you say(whine)? Raincoat + oldstyle flying goggles say fuck the rain it makes life interesting. (Actually, I'd say get a cheap daily and use other money to get a motorbike because fuck yeah)
  7. Hallo movie lovers.........

    i have a question about the movie steroids. ios it a realistic representation of how to buy anabolics? it lkooks fairly dangerous buying off the street would you know of somewherew to buy on the line?
  8. Awesome stuff thread

    So a mate of mine had a physics paper he co-wrote featured in the telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/9458558/Bruce-Willis-would-have-needed-a-bigger-bomb-to-stop-asteroid-scientists-say.html#disqus_thread
  9. The Music Thread

    So I found my current second favourite song last night

    Right breakfast finished. Module 2 was just a ~45min road ride (which includes town riding, b-roads and dual carriageways maybe?) most of which you get 'take the next left', 'turn right at the junction' etc in your ear. But for ~10mins of it, you'll be told follow the signs to town centre say, and you have to show you can read road signs while not falling over or something. Just ride like you've been instructed and you should be fine. I failed my first attempt for a silly mistake, but I think in general they're fairly relaxed.

    Well that makes sense haha Right, I may miss something out but this should be most everything. Module 1 - Get on bike, don't hit cones. (or put you're feet down while moving I guess, or drop the bike or etc :p) First things first is walking the bike out of a parking bay and into another/ This can be surprising difficult if you park in the wrong bay and have to compete with the bike trying to fall away from you while turning. Also, if you kick a cone here you're out which catches some people out. Then onto the slow speed manouevers. Which iirc, includes slalom directly into figure of 8. u-turn. slow speed ride. coming to a stop (even though this is possibly the simplest thing I nearly failed here because I over thought [ieverything[/i] and put my foot down slightly too early). Then there is the two highspeed manouevers. Both start off by accelerating through the curve then really gun it just before straightening out. You need to be at 60km/h I think it was, and on a 125cc it can be hard accelerating to the right speed in the distance they give (obv if you do direct access and are doing this on a 500 reaching the required speed shouldn't be a problem). Emergency Stop - guy puts his hand up you emergency stop. If you stall it doesn't matter just remember your mirror checks. for emergency stopping you want to mostly use your front brake for obvious reasons and just a little bit of back brake to squat the bike down. Avoidance - You come out of the curve and then through a set of cones which look like this ......: :...........: e: hmm the formatting for this isn't showing up in the post e:ignore the dots and pretend the semi colons are the cones but not as exaggerated, when first trying this he cones look silly distance apart and you wonder how the hell are you meant to do this omg I'm gonna die. But you have to realise it's like 75cm and with countersteering this is eaaasy. Just don't target fixate on a cone and you'll be fine. After this the guy will let you out of the compund and as long as you don't hit any cones on your way out you'll have passed. (I'll write what I remember of module 2 out after breakfast ) well shit, looks what I found http://www.orangebikers.com/mma%20right%20circuit.jpg This is the right hand circuit for module 1. It seems apart from the order the only thing I forgot to mention was that you get two tries at the high speed manouevers to reach the correct speed.

    Gratz, and what the hell did the guy do to not get his certificate signed off? I did mine with a guy who went missing for half the road portion and still got his cert signed off. Also, rain riding is fucking ace. I did my test about a year ago, (restricted, not direct access) the theory test is exactly the same as the car theory but with like two motorcycle specific questions IIRC. I have no idea if the practicals are the same, but MOD1 should be easy if you're good with the slalom and u-turn, just don't hit a cones (and get over the psychological block of the avoidance exercise (COUNTERSTEERING )). MOD2 should be easy, I personally think it would be easier then the car practical but I haven't done the car one. I failed the first time doing it but for a silly reason (took a left hand turn slightly too quickly, the examiner said I didn't have enough time to make sure there was no cars in the way). The second time I passed easily, I even took a wrong turn and still passed
  13. True Blood

    So this show is awesome, the acting ranges from alright to really fucking bad and I love it.
  14. Raspberry Pi

    It's a lot smaller then I thought, It's definitely a similiar size as the arduino.
  15. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    Was that Stansted Airport you flew into? I live like a 5 minute drive from there!
  16. The Flavour Of Tic Tacs

    Isn't it just that your tastebuds get used to the flavour? If not, do you really want the entire thing tasting the same, then that grreatness would become the standard and if the grreatness is standard it is not grreat anymore.
  17. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    haha holy shit 'are you not into incest then?' 'no' 'really? you look like the type' that was pretty fucking funny actually.
  18. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    God damnit, I kinda wish I had had more then 3 hours sleep and stayed out now, sounds like one hell of a night.
  19. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    my arms are still red as fuck.
  20. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    Yeah cockpit is all under construction Wales round it thinkingit was just a small bit but no. The whole fu king thing. . Heading to around that cafe I think peeps mentioned. E: wearing brown Tshirt with mechanical owl if you're looking for me.
  21. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    Yrah i'll be heading to hyde park, fuck the pub unless it's literally pouring.
  22. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    Uh-oh, people might mistake us for respectable people!
  23. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    I'll probably get whatever train is closest to 10am, see (some of) you guys tomorrow.
  24. 3TB drive won't cause problems will it?

    If you go for an ssd DO NOT go for OCZ. Apparently they're failing left and right or something?