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  1. Makin' Music

    Just started uploading to youtube again. The one coming next is the final version of the kick drum only challenge I did. e; here is the kick drum challenge
  2. good stuff thread.

    I've started uploading my back catalogue onto the youtubes. It feels weird having nearly a years jump between videos.
  3. N-Europe London Meet 2013 - 27th July!

    We're gonna be in Hyde Park same time as the DeviantArt lot again haha E; or was it flickr last year? e2; or tumblr?
  4. bad stuff thread.

    welp, it's not as bad as seemingly any of you guys' problems, but my bank account just went 2p over my overdraft limit so that's gonna be another £8 charge.Bloody iTunes waiting nearly a week to charge me
  5. Things you don't understand.

    Firstly, I agree with the red wine comment. I just don't 'get' it I guess. But, beer. Beer is too general a term for this thread, see I don't particularly like the CAMRA-pleasing ales most pubs have, they're too bland. Same with a lot of IPA's just not my thing, but I love a good lambic, fruit sour, porter or etc. It's all classed as 'beer'. Some people like some styles and hate others.blah blah I don't really have a point. I just don't 'get' the word beer being used in this context.
  6. good stuff thread.

    Found out my results yesterday, I got a 2.1. 5 fucking years and I didn't waste it :D:D Now I am the Master of Engineering. e; I also finished a song in celebration (I was kinda drunk) http://snd.sc/12N33k3
  7. N-Europe London Meet 2013 - 27th July!

    I'll be there if I remember.
  8. He also somehow managed to severely injure my goalkeeper.
  9. Oh hey, Even with forgetting my tactics I drew (though with a ultra-hard ref I got a red ). After tomorrow I'm done with uni so I'll be a hell of a lot more active. How long to red's last for?
  10. Holy shit I drew, does that mean my team should be middle league not bottom?
  11. I completely agree, hence my previous post, but I didn't realise the draw had been only the night before. Hadn't actually checked the forum for days. Also, by last season I meant season season, not cup.
  12. Challenge sent. (sorry about this, middle of exams atm) EDIT: also, is there a way to see the previous season results?
  13. I don't mind forfeiting, jesus. It's my bloody fault for forgetting about the cup. Keep your panties on!!! (Though I'd have won )
  14. good stuff thread.

    I made a song using nothing but a repeating kick sample. It was hard and I'm not too sure why I tried to do it, but it turned out pretty aight.
  15. Anyone want a friendly on tuesdays game? would be a waste of potential (minute) DV to not.
  16. Makin' Music

    So I'm trying the Tom Cosm Nothing but Kick challenge (). It's quite challenging getting the variation from only a kick drum, but I'm getting there, this is what I have so far. http://soundcloud.com/farjill/kickdrumonly5/s-tv6sP
  17. I joined a freshly reset league a couple of weeks before this one. I'm actually having more fun in the league where everyone started on equal footing.
  18. Ugh, post CR form drop, I already had shocking form across the board, 40% of players at 3 or 3 form :/
  19. Oh the cup, If it's still possible sign me up. (I assume this is done through friendlies?)
  20. So this might be a silly question, where do I get the big change report? Where all players are listed on the same page. EDIT: found it. Team log only really?! Anyways It was better then i was expecting despite my horrible form. accross the board.
  21. Completely forgot about tactics and still won boom.
  22. Most boring game, 0-0, chances 2-3 (0-0). Though I guess DRLC got a red card so some good came of it I guess. (Though someone in my other league had a game with 1 chance in it.
  23. So somehow I'm doing vaguely alright in this bottom league. Is it just the fact I'm (vaguely) active?