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  1. Xpert Eleven: Season 11

    So I'm somehow down to 30k econ, can't even buy tactic reports >_<
  2. N-Europe Winter Meet 2009?

    aaaaah, shoulda made it this weekend, I'm in sheffield anyways this weekend
  3. Xpert Eleven: Season 11

    Yeah, I remembered you leaving, just not when :v
  4. Xpert Eleven: Season 11

    My phone run out of battery so no internets yesterday evening. But yeah we had started, and it was good. The club was alright aswell. funtimes. What time did you keave on yesterday? I remember you were at the cafe but after that my memory blurs </offtopic> In other news, I had a failed Dirty Tricks come my way.
  5. Xpert Eleven: Season 11

    Woopwoop. 4-0, it seems when I actually remember to set tactics my team is actually alright. My new goalie doesn't hurt either :v
  6. Xpert Eleven: Season 11

    Woops, forgot to set my tactics yet again I was trying to buy a forward, but somehow forgot to set it to search them, so got a goalkeeper by accident. But yes, amazing deal
  7. How was your day?

    but.. but you've met me irl before you know I'm not someones double account
  8. How was your day?

    I just realised a week from now I'll be drunk in Leeds, and two weeks from now I'll be drunk in Sheffield :D:D EDIT: And tonight I'm drunk in Canterbury
  9. Google Wave

    What he said.
  10. The official help me get a degree thread

    help. this is my text file @band [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@ @copy [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@ @bandd [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@ this is my output: and this is my code: http://www.twozzok.com/code.txt My problem, it's not displaying the last entry in the text, but just gives me an error. Whyy ? !_! EDIT: If I add another entry, it still only displays the first two. EDIT^2: And now it suddenly works without changing anything O_o it seems the last record of the one i pasted in here fucks it all up. If I delete it I can add whatever, but re-adding that one makes it bugger up. EDIT^3: It seems for band name and cd name, if the last three chars are the same it errors.
  11. Post Your Purchases

    Just spent £101 on Train tickets, Leeds on the 4th, then sheffield on the 12th !_! Also just bought two t-shirts online, but they haven't arrived yet so no pictures :p
  12. Xpert Eleven: Season 11

    Woops, forgot my tactics again, but still won against recall
  13. Xpert Eleven: Season 11

    Woops, forgot to set tactics, not too bad of a loss though I guess.
  14. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    Holy shit a 2-2 draw against Dyson. Though I won't be going through if it's done by possession*chances :[
  15. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    Oh, haha. Didn't know that XD
  16. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    Argh, apparently my phones browser doesn't support the radio buttons x11 uses. I'm stuck on 'careful' aggression !_!
  17. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    What a pisstake, got an 18/2 with no specials !_!
  18. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    Stylish Play No. 2 please.
  19. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    Wholly disapointing change report. +4 total, though Farji gained two bars and Itay gained a bar which is good. I reckon aslong as Itay stays after next season, my team is gonna be my best so far.
  20. Future Mafia: Man Vs. Machine

    Is this still happening?
  21. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    When will the report change be?
  22. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    Woop my last game was good, bought my form right up for the end of season I reckon if I had internet when I moved to uni, I'd have had a shot at promotion Oh well, looking forward to my change report and the next season.
  23. How was your day?

    It could just be the fuse has gone in the plug itself. Also there's a fair chance your hard drive is still fine. Unless you have a macbook air think they still use 2.5" hd's?
  24. How was your day?

  25. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    I finally have internet, though not in time to save my team