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  1. Logarithmic Functions - argh - help please

    i'm guessing this is the scottish equivalent to A Level work? we do nothing like this at GCSE... though i'm gonna be doing it at A Level ^_^
  2. Movie player that sorts out codecs

    Yes, i haven't encountered anything that the VLC MP cannot handlke (albeit i haven't tried all that much, but i've been through a fair few different codecs.
  3. Trying to reinstall windows

    in case you didn't know, the bios is usualy accessed by pressing Del during startup.
  4. Scrubs Fan's?

    i've only seen th first season, and from that i think it's fucking brilliant... really gotta watch the other 3.
  5. Does anyone here play WoW?

    Yeah i play WoW, was on TheMaelstrom until yesterday, when i joined TheVentureCo the new PvPRP realm. am now Lvl 5 (half a bar ti llvl 6) Rogue Troll
  6. Anime and manga discussion

    Got 3 more eps to watch of FMA, just watched Initial D 1st Stage, about to start on the 2nd Stage. Somewhere in the middle of Mai HiME (really need to get the rest of that). Last night i watched Princess Mononoke. Everything i've watched has been bloody fantastic. Fake Edit: Oh, and i've watched the first ep of Prince of Tennis, and the first few of the Zelda series ^_^
  7. Tobbacco takes it in the pooper....

    I've never smoked, and never intend to... though i have eaten a cigarette once :-/ And i can't say i'll never try a cigar, they intrigue me, as you don't inhale the smoke, you just suck it into your mouth and taste the smoke. Especially when you can tell between the flavours.
  8. Deposit Your Xbox Live Gamer Tags Here.

    mine is Twozzok surprisingly enough