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  1. erm no! One-play DVDs

    i liked the old, buy and the thing will oxidise after like 3 days or something thus giving unlimited viewing pleasure within those 3 days would be useful if you're going on holiday and want something for the plane journey.
  2. Post your set up (56k no no)

    ZBoards FTW ^_^ had a pic, but now lost it :/ will get one up soon
  3. Eclipz0r!

    i did actually :P i thought it meant tonight and was wondering wtf.
  4. Eclipz0r!

    so when should this thing be starting?
  5. User Image Gallery

    Errm, another one... just ignore the pink highlight, i photoshopped that in. EDIT: Holy fuck that pic must be well old, my hair is like not even over my eyes :shock:
  6. Linux Help!

    But, do you actually need to be able to access everything from one command line? i mean, what average user wants to have to learn lots of commands to do everyday stuff?
  7. Student Investors.

    Anyone else doing this with their school (open to Year 9 - 13)? For those who don't know... It's a Stocks and Shares thing. You get 'given' £100,000 to spend on the Footsie100 (FTS100?), and 50 smaller companies. It starts on November 1st, and ends january sometime, and the winner goes through to some regional semi-final, and wins a trip to new york for the final (me thinks, there's definately a trip to new york in there somewhere) me and 3 others have started a team called 'Sausage Flavoured Cheese'... we hope to beat the teachers (¬_¬)
  8. Student Investors.

    Calls of Cthulu ^_^
  9. best album for non sex/drugs

    Jeff Buckley and Tom McRae. Oh, and Some Modest Mouse
  10. MP3 Player Guide

    I'm hopefully getting this player for Christmas, is the sound quality good, and does it come with headphones, if so, are they good quality?
  11. Jimi Hendrix on Weed...

    Firstly your sig is too big... and secondly, i don't smoke weed, but i'm guessing a lot of Sigur Ros' and the Mars volta's stuff would sound pretty amazing while on it (from what i;ve heard of the effects) I'm also gonna guess a lot of the faster Satriani, Hendrix type stuff would seem pretty cool aswell. EDIT: yes, can't believe i forgot Explosions in the Sky... Also, you should try some Blues while on it, could beinteresting.
  12. Rate the above users user name

    CVD, which if i remember stands for Colin Van Dam... Which could be your name, or maybe a a re-nessing of Claude van Damme, either way, melikes 7.5/10 EDIT: damn you BlackFox... 8/10 since it's like your sig etc.. and Darksnowman, my name, i can't remember where i got it from, i think it was back when i first got Xbox Live, i needed a tag and just thought Twozzok. *shrugs* EDIT2: am male in case you were wondering :P
  13. Rate the above users user name

    Dr. Fluffles, Awesome. 9/10
  14. Marmite anyone?

    hmm this thread has got me in the mood for a marmite and butter sandwich EDIT: mmmmm, marmite-y goodness
  15. Rate the above users user name

    doesn't it make you feel special when people break the laws of conventional mathematical physics'ical something (...) for you ^_^
  16. Rate the above users user name

    (blah for the fact they might have single smiley ban on)
  17. Rate the above users user name

    8/10 since you are actually Tendo's Girlfriend (no shit) and Tendo is a cool enough name.
  18. Anime and manga discussion

    screw it, i'm going for Prince of Tennis, already got the first few eps, and am thouroughly enjoying it
  19. User Image Gallery

    'course i'm growing it. I only get it cut about once every 6 months, and even then it's only about a couple of centimetres off to keep my hair healthy. (well, thats what i've been told to do by females, who i guess have more experience with longer hair)
  20. 1 = 0.9999999...

    what are the 4 more active forums?
  21. 1 = 0.9999999...

    oh dear god, not this, please... SA gets this so much they've made it a bannable offence to start up this discussion ¬_¬
  22. User Image Gallery

    Ermm, my turn! Me in a hole in the wall, quite a squeeze that was: err, bleh: i'm not even gonna try and explain :/
  23. Burnout Revenge!

    been playing the demo that came with OXM seems like a bloddy brilliant game. if only i could get £25 paypal'D :P ¬_¬
  24. Anime and manga discussion

    Ok, i wanna start watching a new Anime series, Reccomend me one!
  25. Marmite anyone?

    I love the stuff. The best way i like it is on a non-toasted piece of non-crusty white bread with butter.