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  1. The Anti-LOL Campaign

    None of these people are flaming/being harsh their just saying what they think.
  2. The Anti-LOL Campaign

    LOLLERSKATES ^_^ joke joke, not really bothered about lol. lol. EDIT: but he wasn't...
  3. Msn buggered?

    I haven't any problems with MSN for ages, only when their servers are down can i not log in. the only bad thing i can comment about it is that the've overloaded it with silly features, the only decent one is the handwriting mode thing. If that was there, i'd be back to 6.2 in a flash!
  4. Where to go on dates?

    Big Red - don't be put off by the selct few that are totally anal about spelling and punctuation, i can see you are trying' (ish), and so should most people. but there is a select few who don't. Stranger - don't think that was aimed directly at you, it was just the first post i saw about punctuation and spelling and stuff
  5. Where to go on dates?

    Firstly, do we even know this person is english O_O. He even mentioned something about Malta and Germany. Secondly, why the hell has everyone got so bloody anal about puncuation and spelling all of a sudden. I mean, bstmte didn't nearly get as much heat from you guys then BigRed, and i still don't have a clue what he was talking about, but this guy, i can read it ok, it makes sense (well, 'ish) and bejeebus, if you guys are getting so worked up about this, on the INTERNET no less, then i don't want to know what you're going to be like if you have to work with someone that has trouble writing in english because maybe English isn't their 1st language. </rant>
  6. The School Thread!

    In year 11 atm. Fave subjects are easily Maths, and Art. Maths because it's easy. (well what we were doing. doing statistics now which is kinda like maths, but myeh, more to do with formulas) Art because you don't need to be a good artist as it's so open, like at the moment, i'm creating 3d hexagonal'ish things.
  7. Official RE Battle Cards!

    i guess i'd like one. i'm a couple of inches below 5'10" (i think) and about 7.8 stone, (i don;t have a clue about kilos) I like computers, and the internets. i spend most my free life on IRC and SA. I have Matte Black ninja swords at my disposal aswell, and various shuriken stars, a hunting slingshot, and some overly crappy replica crossbow POS.
  8. Favourite FPS Weapon

    Hmm, gonna have to be the Bio-Rifle in UT2K4. You can get some awesome kills with it, and it rocks ^_^
  9. Who has GCSE/A levels?

    we didn't get a choice, but we do physics anyways, and i'm gonna take that aswell, as it might help with programming a game engine, which is basically something i've always wanted to do.
  10. French

    French. >_< probably the worst lesson at school, i mean, whats the point?
  11. Who has GCSE/A levels?

    my dad got his PhD about a month ago. :P something about robotic science.
  12. Who has GCSE/A levels?

    heh, i'm going on to do maths A Level, *shrug* purely because it's one of things i'm actually good at.
  13. Who has GCSE/A levels?

    Well, i've got 1 GCSE ^_^ A in Maths I'm in year 11 and did it early, now studyinbg statistics in the maths time. hopefully i'll get quite a few gcse's, so i can go onto do some national diplomas and a levels.
  14. Coolest Effing Anime Shirts

    Go on then. :P (>_< char limit)
  15. Opinions on spec for a new pc

    i have the p4 3.4ghz, and i'd reccomend getting a better heatsink/fan :P though that might just be me obsessed with keepiung my cpu sub-40 C
  16. Recommend me some music, breres.

    Hard-Fi. Edit: e ;fb in that case... Hard-Fi Le Tigre Eels The National Modest Mouse Goo Goo Dolls
  17. Coolest Effing Anime Shirts

    just ordered the navy graffitti style writing thingy one... ^_^ i'm not paying so not bothered ^_^ EDIT: http://www.terratag.com/images/T-SHIRTS/AKAEI-2.jpg
  18. there's nothing to watch on tv anymore

    good call! i do that, even then i sometimes can't be assed to go watch the TV.
  19. Legal music download sites

    yeah there are some, like http://www.mp3.com, which have free tracks of of some of the bands that are looking for recognition, also if you look on band sites, they usually offer one or two songs off their album for free...
  20. S.O.A.D. fan, rejoice!

    if you don't like them, and are just gonna slate 'em with no reason, why bother posting, unless you're just trying to start a flame war.
  21. bitpop by jonas tunander

    28.9Meg, i think, unless firefox displays things incorrectly (silly character limit)
  22. S.O.A.D. fan, rejoice!

    ^_^_^_^_^_^_^^^_^^_^__^_^_^ any dates for when it'll be released?
  23. Manga head?

    i've got some, it's not all that good for my long'ish hair. smells good though... EDIT: looking at their site, it seems the people have longer hair then me, i guess they've added pva to the ones the models are using i guess :P
  24. What did you get in the post today?

    Got a crappy No-Brand 256meg mp3 player through the post today ^_^
  25. Your fav poem!

    i think the Raven for me (not that i've actually read a lot of poems) ¬_¬