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  1. Was there a reason why I was sent two emails about threads being deleted I hadn't even made? Tangerine and Didgerydoo threads...wtf?

  2. Your hearing must be awful.

  3. Have you been abused by Christian Bale? Your hate for him is strong.

  4. She's always calling me


  5. At least he was well compensated, what about the rest of us! Your face is a traversty.

  6. One of his greatest disappointments, he went as far as denying the use of his likeness for a proposed mannequin shot of Hicks, post-Chestburster. "Once I found out I was like, 'Well, fuck them!'"


    Biehn claims Fox discovered a plastic cast of his face left over from The Terminator, and built the mannequin, before a tip-off from Raffaella De Laurentiis (producing daughter of Dino, who was working with Biehn at the time), who had caught a glimpse. Biehn's agent was straight on the phone...


    "I demanded there were no shots of Hick's dead body laying there with his chest burst open. After all the time and effort I put into it... I just thought that was not the way for Hicks to go out. I've never even seen it. But I don't think there's any doubt that the first two Alien movies are the great ones. They haven't dated. Hell, Aliens looks better than the Alien films that came after it."


    You say I can't let it go. From the Biehn himself. Plus he is 100% right! It was a fucking traversty!