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  1. Tobbacco takes it in the pooper....

    Never have done, never will. Luckily I was never forced into it because I had likeminded mates.
  2. Mockup adon thread.

    I would have thought that the add-ons would be there to make certain games easier to play. I mean you could play driving games without a steering wheel, and shooting games without the gun. The point is that they may not be necessary just a nice option to enhance the game. Hence the 'add-on' part. I personally like those ideas that are shown, I want to see a Duck Hunt remake with the gun.
  3. Force Feedback

    Well going by what IGN said in their description of the controller demo it will apparently have force feedback incorporated later in development "This demo showed off just how sensitive the controller gyroscopic-like detection will be in 3-D space. Not just left, right, up and down...but forward and back as well. Essentially, the player is engaged to utilize the controller to "pick up a fishing rod" and "cast" it into the water using simple intuituive movements. When the player feels a "bite" on the end of the line (represented by force feedback which will be present in the final controller), simply pulling back on the controller would reel the unlucky fish in. You can bet the next NEXT Zelda will be building off of this" I've been told this is wrong, so what's going on is this a guess on IGN's part or is it real fact. I would have thought a function like that will only enhance the experience even more. Walking into objects in the game world and having the controller physically stopping you.
  4. Force Feedback

    Well, I don't think Nintendo will stop here. They've always strived to be the innovation of the industry. If visors are the way forward you can bet they'll be the first ones to implement them.
  5. The controller, for me, seems to be a way of giving the gamer complete freedom in the game world. Like you said it's all about how you interact with the game world. Now, the mouse and keyboard set-up for the PC was always more advanced than dual analogue sticks. Nintendo have taken that idea and stuck it in controller form. That's no bad thing and is the only logical way forward.
  6. Burnout 360

    You can bet that you'll have leaves on trees, blades on the grass, realistic debris, sparks.... Oh wait, will I care when i'm pelting down the road at 200Mph
  7. Graphics have and will always be a dividing issue for gamers. Some can play games on a NES and be content while others need to see the blood of their opponents corpse oozing over the detailed, textured gritty floor. It's the former for me, I stopped caring about the graphics after the GC was released. As far as i'm concerned, the purpose of a games' graphics is to make the game world believeable. Well Zelda OOT did that for me. So what if Link had square fists? Do you honestly notice or care when battling a huge dragon? I think we will reach a peak of what graphics can give us, Nintendo know this and I believe this is why they're looking into new gameplay ideas rather than beefing up the polygon count.
  8. Force Feedback

    Damn technical terms. Well Ok, let's change this topic a second. Supposing the Revolution is successful. The new control method will be the way forward and so advancing on it would be the natural thing to do for the generation after. Could we be seeing this technology being implemented into future controllers. I mean all it can do is enhance the experience even more.
  9. Force Feedback

    Well I was only going by all the force feedback crap on C-E. I mean yes, a rumble pack would be the obvious assumption but there was that rumoured technology that was talked about where the controller can physically stop the gamer from turning the controller in a certain direction. Now this maybe unlikely due to power consumption but I don't know all the technical jizz.
  10. Your top 5 songs of the moment

    Thanks for stealing half the songs I was going to put Well now I have to rethink: Machine Head - Imperium System Of A Down - BYOB Chimaira - Pure Hatred Rammstein - Benzin Lamb Of God - Now you've got something to die for
  11. Revolution: The Big Brother?

    I agree with what you're saying. I think the whole connection between handhelds and home consoles started with the GC and GBA. The actual basis for connectivity was a solid idea, unfortunately it was never taken advantage of and so there were little benefits for connecting your GBA to a GC and vice versa. Games such as Wind Waker where the GBA could be used as a radar to find secrets were good enough but we needed more, however developers simply didn't want to take the risk. It seems to me that Nintendo has taken a good long look at their mistakes in the past and learned from them. They've realised that connectivity is a good idea if it's done well, hence the DS and Revolution. As for the innovation of the two consoles, well Reggie said himself that the DS was only the starting point. I think the DS and Revolution were conceived at the same time. Creating two consoles, which will provide gamers with a completely new and fresh experience. I hope Nintendo capitalise on the DSs' success and come up with some decent advantages of owning both a DS and Revolution. Possibly downloading game demos, using the Revolution as a hotspot etc.
  12. Wired Controllers

    Yeh I mean i'm guessing most people will naturally hold the two attachments close together anyway through years of normal controller use.
  13. Your revolution game wishlist and why....?

    F-Zero X/Mario Kart/1080/Excitebike - For obvious reasons Plus a new FPS by Retro would be nice, the control set-up is perfect. Oh and Smash Bros. Using the tilt sensor to decide how much damage you inflict would be decent, twist hard for a smash and slow for a weak attack.
  14. strange Rev Controller images

    Ok that's confusing.
  15. Love the controller, but is that it?

    I'm guessing the reason for holding back the games is because they're waiting for the force feedback to be installed into the controller. Nintendos' policy has always been play instead of see, they may not think the controller does the games justice without force feedback.
  16. I'm glad they didn't decide on that as an official name, it sounded too big-headed. Something a lot more simple but akin with how the console works would be better. Nintendo Reality or something, who knows. I personally thought the Revolution logo sucked ass so here's to them making one more like the NDS and GC.
  17. See The Controller In Action (RECOMENDED)

    I'm pretty sure the point of having the cube controller available means that the Revolution controller (as Spong did say) will be optional. It wouldn't be good for the idea to be 'forced' onto people and like some of you rightly pointed out it wouldn't work with some games (although I must admit I can't think of any it couldn't work with).
  18. Thank god for nintendo

    Woo, this is exactly the type of controller me and Dabookerman were discussing a while back. I can't believe they actually pulled it off. Bring on the games
  19. Who do you think you are?

    The one and only...