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  1. Batman: Arkham City

    Sooo Nightwing is Robin?
  2. Hitman: Absolution

    I will NOT be using that detective mode if I can help it. It gets rid of any tension when you know a guard is going to go to a certain location and stop. I hope it's a little less scripted and you get to choose your own routes or even make up as you go along. The way I was watching that video it was almost as if you had one way out and had to do things in a certain order to progress. For example pushing that guy into the hole then grabbing the guard up top. Why not have the option to scale up somewhere else and takedown the top guard. Maybe there is. Hmm can't judge on one video alone though.
  3. Mass Effect 3

    Yeh i'll be honest it doesn't sound bad at all. Though any multi-player playthroughs I do will be on a seperate file to my 'ultimate' one. I hope there isn't any 4 player only achievements :p
  4. Mass Effect 3

    http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2011/10/11/mass-effect-3-gets-4-player-co-op-missions-galaxy-at-war-system/ “Success in multi-player will have a direct impact on the outcome of the single player campaign, giving players an alternative method of achieving ultimate victory against the greatest threat mankind – and the entire galaxy – has ever faced.” There better not be story related content which is only viewable through doing this multi-player crap. Maybe it's like say you needed Wrex on your side, instead of doing his mission in single player you do it in multi-player? I could be clutching at straws....thanks Bioware. EDIT: Maybe it's not as bad as I thought. http://www.oxm.co.uk/34661/mass-effect-3-multiplayer-update-no-shepard-no-versus-and-not-compulsory/?cid=OTC-RSS&attr=OXM-General-RSS
  5. Mass Effect 3

    The strange thing is I swear I read somewhere, not long ago, that they were planning to have seperate co-op style missions. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/307597/mass-effect-3-multiplayer-is-real-based-on-original-online-missions/ I didn't even realise that it wasn't confirmed until a few days ago. This is definitely the way to go with it.
  6. Mass Effect 3

    So, does anyone want this addition? I'd love to see a poll because I don't know anyone who wants it.
  7. Mass Effect 3

    BUMP: So it looks like multi-player is confirmed. I hope they didn't take too much time away from the single player for it...
  8. Battlefield 3

    Ahh I see Sir Luke. I agree it's definitely welcome. Is this really a reaction to the Beta? It didn't look great admittedly but I just figured that was because it was old code.
  9. Battlefield 3

    I like the way it says 'optional'. What are the benefits of not installing it?
  10. Was there a reason why I was sent two emails about threads being deleted I hadn't even made? Tangerine and Didgerydoo threads...wtf?

  11. Battlefield 3

    As long as the core gameplay remains intact it could look like a N64 game for all I care. More destruction and larger environments and i'm sold.
  12. Mass Effect 3

    That'll look nice on my collectors edition I will still be making Jessica 'Alba' Shepard though.
  13. Fallout: New Vegas

    I'm doing them in order so i've only done Dead Money so far. I'd probably give it a 6/10. It relies HEAVILY on melee and unarmed combat. I hadn't added anything to my melee stats but managed to scrape through on easy. It does have a neat story and some interesting characters. A strong reference to Veronicas back story too. My only complaint would be the environment does get a tad stale as it is essentially the same red palette everywhere. I'd recommend this one for when it's half price (which will happen eventually).
  14. Mass Effect 3

    Said that he was called James Sanders but changed his name to Vega. For anyone who's read the novels. Possible relationship to Kahlee Sanders? Or just a coincidence.
  15. Mass Effect 3

    Way, way overpriced unfortunately.
  16. LulzSec

    Check the news. A suspected Lulzwhatever has been arrested. Was quite funny watching the newsreader pronouncing it wrong. Joint FBI and Scotland Yard operation...
  17. LulzSec

    I guess their records won't be among the ones released....
  18. LulzSec

    Really wish these people would just piss off now. Apparently they went after Xbox Live now too.
  19. Duke Nukem Forever!

    Hahaha. I'm happy to take it for what it is really. Yes it's shit in a lot of ways. It's also entertaining enough to keep me coming back.
  20. LulzSec

    Until they go after Microsoft (lolz) and get access to my hotmail....i'm not bothered. *kills fate before before any tempting can happen*
  21. Hitman: Absolution

    You don't HAVE to use this instinct mode though do you?
  22. Duke Nukem Forever!

    I've found it more enjoyable than Brink...
  23. Whatever Happened To...

    Fixed for my own lolz.
  24. Project Cafe - Hopes and Dreads

    I'd have to echo what people have said here. Decent online service. Much more standard control. More mature orientated games. I REALLY wanted to play Smash Bros Online but whenever I did it was lag central. Mario Kart held up quite well but it the whole friend code system annoyed me. I'm curious to see what they come up with.
  25. Mass Effect 3

    Yeh, I mean it's not a bad thing. The guns do sound a LOT meatier. Set pieces seem awesome too.