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  1. Wii no power issue

    Right guys/gals. Not sure if anyone can help me at all but basically I plugged in my Wii this evening and nothing. No light. Completely dead. It's a launch Wii. Is there any way to tell if it's the power supply or the console itself? I hadn't used it in months until Zelda came out. It's been in Standby most evenings. I don't really want to replace the console if it's the power supply...any advice would be grand.
  2. Wii no power issue

    Thanks for that people it's been a great help! I'm hopefully going to borrow someone from works power pack. I wonder if my Wii simply couldn't handle Zelda . Not sure i'd buy a new Wii for it though...
  3. Pretty much sums up my impressions and i'm at exactly the same point. I'm a little disappointed in the music. I was thinking "Yes! Fire world, hopefully some dark and brooding music like in OOT". It starts and it's just....too happy. Like all the music so far. Also i'm really not getting to grip with the controls. It never really seems to do what I want in a battle and (now this is ultra picky) I don't like the way Link holds the sword as he's running around. He essentially holds it the way you are, which for me is straight forward, and he just looks a bit like an idiot. I'm hoping it'll change my view deeper into the game.
  4. Played this for a good few hours. I'm liking it so far, it's definitely different. The highlights so far for me have been the story and the cinematics. Controls have been a little fiddly and took a while to get used to. Music has been pretty good but not stand out so far. Some of it has really worked and some still hasn't moved on from the 'plinkety plonk' style of TP (like as if it's all done on xylophone).
  5. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Got mine today. Will play it after work. Just listening to the CD, it's pretty epic!
  6. Batman: Arkham City

    Good to hear. I do think they've overdone it on the challenge maps though. I mean, there's shitloads there just for 1 character. Let alone playing them with an extra 2!
  7. Super Mario 3D Land

    Got this today and absolutely loving it so far. Plenty of nods to old Mario but Mario 3 in general. Just little things bring a smile to my face. I'm a bit shit so I keep dying on stupid things, and i'm only on world 2! My only concern is that the world map is pretty shit and the worlds aren't themed. Then again neither were the ones in Mario 1. I guess they found it too difficult to not redo the same themes.
  8. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    That must be a bitch. I really wasn't expecting it to come via seperate post. Let alone a day early. I can't complain as I have Super Mario 3D Land to contend with.
  9. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    That's the thing i've never had an issue with just collecting it at the end of the day. Usually it says wait 8 hours. Not frigging 24! I'm going to try my luck after work anyways.
  10. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Question guys and gals. I was at work when mine came, got home to a collection slip. Why the shit does it say 24 hours before collection!?! Surely I can just go down at 4ish and pick it up. Where the hell else is it going to be?
  11. Batman: Arkham City

    Anyone heard about save files disappearing on the 360 after you reach 80%? I'm at 71% though i'm not sure if I want to keep going to just to have my stuff get erased.
  12. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Hoping to get this tomorrow, mine was dispatched from GAME on Monday . Going to need many AA batteries.
  13. Simpsons Arcade Finally Heading To XBLA/PSN?

    The old arcade market is something they should take more advantage of. There are plenty of games like this that would work well. Sunset Riders!
  14. Simpsons Arcade Finally Heading To XBLA/PSN?

    I seriously hope this is true. I never bloody completed that game!
  15. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    I'd have to agree with the above. It's weird how so many of us read up on nearly everything TP related. I remember there was a video of the intro and first 10 minutes of the game. Watched all of it. Also about the villain and whether Zelda was in it or not. Also most of the early cut scenes. I had all that revealed to me before I even put the disc in. I did think this ruined parts of it for me. The parts I enjoyed the most were the ones I knew the least about. I still don't rate TP too high as it seemed to follow the OOT set-up way too closely. You had the standard beginning 3 dungeons, you get conned by the villain who ruins everything, then it's onto another 5-6 dungeons. Some of which even in familiar locations. As I remember MM only had 4? Though it was fine because they had so much more personality and challenge to them. I'm just hoping the dungeons aren't just there to advance the plot line and have a little more effort thrown in.
  16. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Yes that's true, perhaps it was an unfair comparison. It is a different experience like you say. I am hoping that it's going to be a return to form. Quite hyped about it now as I have no idea what to expect
  17. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    I did and am doing the same. I had no self control with TP, was watching any video going. When I came to playing it there was no sense of awe because i'd already seen it. It was different with OOT as it was all just images from magazines. I hope this one has a load more secrets and side quests. The problem I had with TP is that it was so vast but there was no real incentive for me to explore. I think i've been spoilt by recent games. For example Fallout 3. Yeh there's no real reason for me to go and explore that building in the distance, but hey I might get some more ammo/food/xp out of it and maybe a side quest. It's a great formula, which OOT did have and to a lesser extent WW. MM was built around bloody side stories and quests haha. I guess i'll see when I play it.
  18. Battlefield 3

    I still think there are way too many snipers for my liking. It's a perfectly legitimate class and plays a useful role however people don't seem to take into account how many are on their team. The amount of rush games of defence i've won simply because the attacking team won't move. They only ever realise when the counter starts reading about 5-10, by which time it's too late. Is K/D really THAT important to these people, this is the wrong game for that and hopefully in time they'll realise that. That being said I had some fantastic games yesterday. So glad mines stay on the ground after you die. Got so many vehicle kills There are some bloody good heli and plane pilots now too, shame they fly too close to my rocket launcher ho ho ho!
  19. Battlefield 3

    I see. It would've been nice to have that made clear in the description somewhere .
  20. Battlefield 3

    Ah righto. Maybe it says that in the description somewhere then. Though the Stinger doesn't seem to work on ground vehicles?
  21. Battlefield 3

    Is it me or is it not totally obvious if a rocket launcher is for anti-ground or anti-air. I unlocked a Javelin so I thought "Yes! Something to take out those bastard Helicopters". I go to fire it and it doesn't do shit. I try it on a tank and low and behold it works. Am I just meant to have like basic military knowledge of what takes out what?
  22. Batman: Arkham City

    The pad ones are frustrating me too. There are a few I really can't figure out. Also I was browsing the radio frequencies and...
  23. Battlefield 3

    It amazes me how thick some people can be playing this game. Had a few last night where the enemy team were meant to attack yet they felt it was more entertaining to sit at the back of the map, snipe, and eventually lose the round. I don't get it.
  24. Battlefield 3

    I think where this game excels is the sounds and effects in general. Yeh it's not the prettiest game ever but when you're being shot at with RPG's and tank shells exploding all around you, it's just immense!
  25. Battlefield 3

    Been playing online for the past few hours (Xbox 360). All I can say is it's fantastic! Retains everything good about the series but just makes it so much more, real. The sounds and sights of it all. The guns, explosions, tanks, choppers etc. Just gives you that feeling of being in an actual battle. What i've noticed so far is that it seems much more balanced. Very impressed.