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  1. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    Or 'Valve time' where it'd mean April 2030.
  2. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    Now the wait until April...
  3. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    Even if it was just the two of them they're not stupid. Surely they realised how much was wrong with it?
  4. GAME Group what next?

    Bought a 3DS game with my remaining points. They've sent me a pre-owned copy. I'm not stupid and I know what I ordered. I know they're in the shit but that's no excuse, fobbing me off with 2nd hand goods isn't on.
  5. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    I guess we'll find out in April....probably the 1st.
  6. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    It's pretty crazy how well that Indoctrination theory fits. If it's not the case, I'm still making it my ending.
  7. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    Almost as if they intentionally wanted to piss people off.
  8. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    If they can't understand why the endings are bad in the first place then there's something wrong.
  9. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    Actually made it into BBC news...http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17444719.
  10. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    True enough. Bad example. Paul Grayson didn't and he was way further gone than Illusive Man. He's from the books though I don't think many people know him. In terms of DLC though I have no idea what to expect. If it involves extra missions during the single player I probably won't bother as it doesn't effect the ending. Anyone else feeling like that? The sole reason I got the ME1 and 2 DLC was because of how it'd shape the story/ending. I saved it in London near the end but once you complete it your Autosave is before you attack Cerberus. Not checked if I can load my London save yet but I don't see why I can't.
  11. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    I've never known a game ending to cause so much debate. It's actually more interesting than if we had a real, good ending . I find it hard to believe what we've been given is the end. Something also bugging me is the voices during the Illusive man/Shepard/Anderson scene. Just can't quite work out what they're saying. The whole scene is bloody strange anyway as Shepard is the only one really who should be there. The other two seem to be like the Angel and Devil on your shoulder. No way Anderson and Illusive man made it into that beam.
  12. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    Oh no I didn't mean the ending on the planet. The dreams where you see the kid then he goes up in flames. The last dream your sitting with the kid smiling. Whilst real you is watching from afar. I can't help feel there's a deeper meaning to these dreams... The more I think about the Indoctrination theory the more it makes sense. From a direction/audio point of view everything after you get blasted is just 'off'. Like the weird background noise constantly, the voices...In the ending how does the Illusive man have the power to make Shepard shoot Anderson? Saren didn't have that power, not instantaneously like that. It's just all too surreal like you say. The synthesis option is a weird one, especially as it only appears once you get complete military strength. If we're continuing with the Indoctrination theory, full military strength would mean the biggest threat to Harbinger. So it's way to counter is to give an even more pursuasive option to Shepard, in order to stop him. It worked in my case as I saw this being the final end to the cycles. Though in reality it probably just turned everyone into reapers. I think if nothing comes out of this I'll probably keep this theory as the real ending. It's better
  13. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    I didn't quite understand the last dream you have. Where your looking at yourself with the kid.
  14. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    I regret choosing synthesis, I just didn't want to kill the Geth.
  15. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    This guy certainly has a lot of good points. Also if he is in any way right. I'd feel like an idiot...I should have chosen to destroy the fuckers.
  16. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    I thought it might have been. He burned off my Terminus Armor....the bastard. Still don't get how that happened...
  17. Mass Effects future (Spoiler alert)

    I have so many questions about the game and the ending it's beyond count! A lot of people seem to think that we just want a 'happy' ending. I couldn't give a shit if they all died and the reapers won at least it'd be closure. It just feels like a kick in the nuts that everything I went through for the whole 3 games was basically for nothing. The destruction of the reapers storyline (which I'd treat as a renegade option) seems to be the best! That in itself is a shit ending because the entire universe is screwed anyway as they're all trapped in the Sol system. I don't appreciate the game culminating in 3 really crap choices from space kid. However do you guys/gals not feel the whole ending as a little 'off' pretty much after Shepard gets blown up before the beam? A few questions I have; Why is space boy the same kid Shepard has been dreaming about in the whole game? How the hell did Anderson end up in the Citadel? More to the point how did the Illusive man end up there!? When Shepard ascends to space boys hideout, where is he? It looks as if he's standing next to the beam which would mean he's in a vacuum? How is it people in London are in the Normandy at the end? No fight with Harbinger? Was that him on the planet in front of the beam? I would expect a fight/conflict of some sort! I chose the synthesis ending. So why does the green energy cause the Normandy to crash? Does this mean it caused all the other fleets to crash/blow up? The Crucible was planned as a weapon the entire game. I even picked up several war assets indicating it would 'target reapers'. So why is it suddenly a control device? I can take a bittersweet ending. If Shepard/Anderson have to sacrifice themselves then fair enough. The way it actually panned out was just shit. No explanation whatsoever what happened to everyone. Apart from the randoms who appeared on the Normandy. Was anyone else pissed that the final scene was Joker?? I mean what the shit! How did they think any of that ending was good. Poor, poor execution to such a great franchise.
  18. Mass Effect 3

    In reference to the ending
  19. Mass Effect 3

    I don't know if this has been mentioned but I don't want to look through all the spoilers. Basically my romance with Liara didn't continue from the Shadow Broker DLC. She's still acting as if we only 'romanced' in ME1. Anyone else have any issues?
  20. Mass Effect 3

    R.I.P GAME. Just switched to Shopto. Cheaper too...
  21. Mass Effect 3

    I don't think I'll be able to stop myself downloading it in all honesty...
  22. Mass Effect 3

    What does the demo involve exactly? I'm not on a media blackout or anything but I don't really want to see anything massive storywise...
  23. [RUMOR] Command & Conquer Alliances

    I always thought they were loosely connected anyway. The Red Alert timeline has gone pretty crazy now though. I'm a bit of a veteran of the series. I was gutted that the only way I could play the recent installments was on Xbox but to their credit the controls were done pretty damn well in Red Alert 3 and Kane's Wrath. Really enjoyed the C&C 3 series however Red Alert 3 was intentionally cheesy and cartoonish and I don't think it should've been. The previous 2 were wild in terms of story but at least they were semi-serious about it. Being able to build on sea was a nice touch but all the units just looked daft. Moving around these ridiculous looking tanks with huge oversized canons...kept thinking they'd just shoot and a flag with 'BANG' on would come out. Very disappointed. Really lament the loss of Westwood studios. Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 were my favourites so i'm interested to see what a new studio can do with it. I think a merging of the story lines would be really cool. Not too much of a push for the imagination considering both Allies and Soviets have time travel.
  24. I call for a new system. The "Don't take me seriously" tag.
  25. If their updates are as frequent as their release dates for games we could expect one...well a year at least.