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  1. Been occupied with Fire Emblem but managed to finish a simple level I put together, guess the film series it's based on 😜 1R7-GM7-3FF
  2. I was just being lazy nothing wrong with the level design 😄
  3. Really cool level can definitely see the effort that has gone in. Very clever design. Didn't find all the red coins though 😄
  4. @Sméagol Here you go https://twitter.com/Dontgeddit/status/1149921765163855872?s=19 Working on my last Mario 3 level now but taking my time with it. Can't rush the creation process! 😊 Update: K81-T3S-BMG. Done! Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to trying some different Mario themes!
  5. @Sméagol Thanks again for testing my level. It's funny a lot of what you mention is exactly my thoughts during the creation phase. Verticality was one of my first thoughts about replicating World 7 which is why I tried to recreate it in the sub world. For me I remember Pipe world for its puzzles. Some of what you said made me chuckle. The top run with the coins, I flirted with the idea of cutting it off after the coins but chose not to. Maybe that was the asshole in me haha. There are hidden blocks against the left pipes in the water so you should always be able to get out but if I've missed some let me know which section so I can amend. Lastly the hint about the exit pipe....you hit the nail on the head, the original designers by that point were hardcore so I took a conscious decision to leave as is. My hope is when people see my levels they'll start at the first one and then see the increase in difficulty though I appreciate when it is in versus and coop they wont have that option. That bit I dont have any regrets I'd love to see the mad scramble in vs trying to find it! Lastly about aesthetics, again we're like minded. I dont like that some of the sub world looks out of centre but I wanted so many different sub world sections I had to divide the screen up resulting in issues like that. I'm a perfectionist and I didn't like it either haha. Last on my list is a homage to Dark World!
  6. Finally did my homage to the Pipe world level, World 9-8 😄 GH3-XW0-3HF. Tried to make pipes the central theme, obviously!
  7. I know I started the level today and thought of all the possibilities of having enemies coming out at different speeds and the chaos it would cause hahah.
  8. @Sméagolglad you enjoyed them. I felt like my creativity was lacking a little for the Ice world level. Going to enjoy creating the homage to Dark World, undecided whether I do a homage to Pipe world but I suppose I should to complete the set 😄
  9. Really liked the level some solid platforming there very much in the style of a typical Mario game 😊
  10. That's cool. If I wasn't so chuffed with the likes they already have I'd do that lol. Question, how do the stats work. You have a figure for likes, figure for times played but I don't get the clear rate. It has a top and bottom figure. Is the bottom figure number of deaths?
  11. Another 2 levels from my Super Mario 3 series 😊 9-5 Water World PW5-3WN-0JF 9-6 Giant World S8H-T7S-64G
  12. So did you recreate the level from scratch? I've tried making amendments and reuploading and it never let's me?
  13. I like the imagination behind this one, particularly replacing phanto for the sun. I'm ashamed to say I couldn't complete it. I got to the boss but the bombs just kept killing me 😪
  14. Just created my next level in my World 9 series homage to the desert world. MNJ-D6B-NLG
  15. Thanks Glen I'd completely forgotten about that! It's only through playing others I realised I wanted to make changes to my stages but I can't now they've uploaded which is frustrating. I found out yesterday I could add a key to an enemy so they drop it when they die, so annoying I wanted that in my fortress level!
  16. Hey, just thought I'd share some of my early creations. I've tried to kind of do them in the spirit of SMB3 which is my favourite of all the games. They're not particularly inventive I just wanted to start off with some solid platforming before moving on. World 9-1 66J-07D-QDG World 9-2 FPG-6XR-40H World 9-Fortress 573-9WW-QG Hope you enjoy 😊 Creator ID VR1-58L-4WG
  17. General Switch Discussion

    It's a real shame the website requests tend to get ignored because it's so much more convenient when you don't have much spare time. Probably best I ring them then as that seems to be what gets some action. The Joycons are still expensive pieces of kit even just for one I can't afford a replacement!
  18. General Switch Discussion

    My 2 year old dropped my Switch and the thumbstick on the left joycon snapped off. It can be snapped back in but it doesn't function correctly in that it won't recognise pushing upwards very well. I think it's probably broken more than I can fix by simply re-attaching it. I completed the book a repair form on Nintendo UK last week and i've heard nothing, not even a recognition Email. You said you've done it twice and still nothing?? Have you heard anything yet at all? It's still in warranty and ideally I want it repaired as they don't need to know it was accidental damage my issue is I can't simply replace it with a standard Grey Joycon because I got a Limited Edition Mario Red Joycon Switch. I can't seem to find them anywhere other than import sites and I don't know if the Jap/US Joycons will work with a UK Switch...
  19. Super Mario Odyssey Purple Coin Glitch

    Very logical thinking 😁
  20. Hi All, I've been slowly working my way through odyssey picking up all the final power moons (some being real hard to get! I never want to play the darker side of the moon finale again!). I noticed that some of the last power moons are around items you buy with Purple Coins so I'm now hunting those down, level by level. Everything was going grand (bar some frustrating situations where I'd missed 1 in a level) until I got to the Luncheon Kingdom. I swear on everything holy I have been round this level about 10 times. I am missing 2 coins but they are nowhere to be found. Here's what's concerning me. I even resorted to watching a YouTube vid of someone collecting all 100. Still didn't help. So I followed the YouTube walkthrough playing odyssey at the same time and collecting all the coins again even though they were greyed out. I shit you not I collected 100 grey coins and no missing Purple ones!? My question to those that have played is, has this ever happened to you or are you aware of it happening to others? I really don't want to give in when in so close to getting every power moon but this is just bizarre! I am now re-installing the game and will probably follow another YouTube walkthrough to see if that makes a difference.
  21. Super Mario Odyssey Purple Coin Glitch

    Well after going back for the sixth time you were absolutely right. It was the bloody coins in the cheese. I only thought there were 2 in there but there were 4. So thank you, had I not tried that myself I would have on your suggestion. Hopefully the other worlds will be simpler!
  22. Super Metroid!

    Metroid Samus Returns is a remake of Samus II. As for Super Metroid I've just rebought it on Wii U after realising I never completed it. Frustrating thing is it's on my Wii but Eshop doesn't recognise I already own it so had to rebuy. Just got the Ice Beam and Speed boots, only killed Kraid so far. Love the music
  23. There's no stopping what can't be stopped, no killing what can't be killed.
  24. Love the simplistic view there Flink!
  25. Super Funtime N-E Image Puzzle Game

    I don't know I leave for 2 years and look what happens! :p