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  1. maybe a spare for my bedroom! just depending on the price when it comes to the uk
  2. Hi Oli, any chance you could close this mate?



  3. still a lotus based on the same shell and bits at the Elise
  4. Will it seems you have been spotted driving about:
  5. had a play with HDR imaging:
  6. Will, yeah those pics are nearly a year old, the body kit is standard to the car. The Almera Gti had 2 different kit options when buying it new either standard or with a body kit. I was meant to be cleaning and polishing the car tomorrow as I got my hands on a Megs G220 DA polisher but now have a busy day planned, will update the pictures. Also love the black wheels on your motor goes well with the white body.
  7. This is my motor, its a 1996 Nissan Almera Gti, bought it two years ago, have changed a few bits on it, have installed a motorised DVD/TV/Radio screen so can hook up my mp3 player and listern to my music and watch videos, changed the rear lights for a phase 2 N15's and colour coded them to the car, have modded the rear wiper motor so the wiper sits along the bottom of the screen and in the process of painting the wheels black.
  8. thanks for the messages guys! beer lotto starts like this: I had to drink this:
  9. Intentionally or not, Conan's new backdrop looks like it was constructed by a team of Mario level designers, circa 1992. Asked about the homage/coincidence, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime sounded pretty pleased: "That's great." It was Kotaku who caught up with Reggie, after Seriouslunch made the initial spotting: We know that he is a fan of what we do, and we're thrilled to have him as a passionate Nintendo fan. Maybe we'll have to go play some Wii Sports Resort as well as Super Mario Bros Wii. Thanks for the free advertising! Now, have some more advertising! The bonus jokey followup: Will Nintendo be issuing a C&D for NBC's blatant infringement?
  10. Me and platty play COD quite a bit online. we was kicking some ass last night!
  11. I can not wait for this game, still playing COD 4 everyday. Would be good if we had a N-E match some time.
  12. I think I will try the usb plug, The hard drive is the slave drive in my pc, its just there is lots of my pics on there that I would like back and few other bits. nothing bad is on there so I havent gotta worry about becoming another gary glitter! Think I will invest in a bigger master hard drive and then get a external drive to back it up on when I want.
  13. yeah I kinda knew the hard drive is dead but really need the stuff off of it, I bought it under a year ago from microdirect and samsung give it a 3yr warrenty.
  14. My computer started making a strange clicking noise the other night and I took my PC apart to find the samsung harddrive I have was making the noise. Turned the computer back on and the bios was taking ages to find the hard drives, when it finally found them it took ages for the computer to boot up but it never got to the Vista log in screen. I have disconnect the drive and computer is running fine. I have loads of bits stored on that drive is there anyway I can get the stuff of the drive? as I cant seem to access the drive on my computer.
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