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  1. One of the worst Indie Worlds for me personally, few games appealed to me and a lot of games didn't really trigger my interest. It's good to see River City Girls is getting a sequel, although it looks to be more of the same and I have yet to play the first part. Dungeon Munchies slightly caught my eye because the mechanism looks kind of interesting. Endling looked great but the story and concept just feels to depressing, and I have a feeling they are going to milk that despair to the max in this game. Figment 2 makes me wonder if maybe I should pick up Figment in a big sale, although I wasn't that impressed with the trailer. Sea of Stars looks good, but I'm also not in the market for an RPG.

    All in all not a single game that I need to play ASAP, or even have to put on the wishlist, while usually there are at least 2 or 3.

  2. As always curious to see what they show. Sports Story, Silksong, Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, Fall Guys, Windjammers 2, River City Girls Zero are the "bigger" ones I can think of, some of them already confirmed to be delayed to 2022 though. Maybe Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon gets a bit more spotlight although it is out now already.

    But most fun comes from the new surprises.

  3. There was a promotion on the Stadia Premiere Edition for around €20, so I figured let's grab one, mostly for the Chromecast Ultra that comes bundled. But I had to at least give Stadia a try before burning it to the ground, and... it actually works quite well!

    Aside from the discussion about owning games, if it's very sustainable to run stuff in the cloud and if you want to be tied to Google; it's a pretty solid experience. It came with a month of Stadia Pro so I tried to play Control first. It runs smooth both on TV at Full HD (haven't tried 4K as I don't have a 4K TV) and on my phone and my girlfriend's iPad. Only a slight stutter when coming from a pause menu.

    Also tried Avicii Invector, it being a rhythm game is a good way to test any input lag as Control is a relatively slow game. That also ran without an issue. Will try some multiplayer next to see how that holds up.

    It's a strange experience being able to run AAA titles on any device, and hopping from and to different devices. I can see Stadia fit in the line of Spotify, Netflix and other services: for people who see games as consumable media, and don't want to dish out big money for a console. Basically, with this Stadia deal and a sale on Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, it would effectively cost me €35 to play a 2021 AAA title on any screen I have available. Or I could go for the Stadia Pro subscription and I would get a monthly collection of bigger or smaller games for a tenner without having to own a Playstation, XBox, PC or Switch. Again, we are not the crowd for this as gaming is our passion and we want to have it, but for people who don't care about that and just want some cheap entertainment? This could work for them, the tech is in place. I wonder how long Google will keep supporting it though.

    Anyway, I'll just continue blasting through Control this month until the prescription runs out on my own DIY handheld. :grin:


  4. Put some hours into this yesterday, and it's hard to put away!

    On 22-11-2021 at 10:07 PM, Jonnas said:

    Had my first loss yesterday when using the Inventor. It took two enemies getting the precise rolls they needed (who the fuck rolls triple 6?!), and so I needed to do it again. Turns out, a healing command is very useful in this game, so I ended up saving that one and doing great on my second attempt. Can't say I liked using the Inventor much, but I appreciate the variety in playstyles. The Witch then brought a playstyle that I liked a lot more, too.

    I had a couple of losses, one with the Inventor and twice with the Witch. I'm the exact opposite, liked what I saw with the Inventor (although it took a couple of enemies before I understood her mechanism). The Witch I'm having trouble with (and haven't finished a run with her yet) because I'm not doing massive damage and I lack healing as well. Will try again tonight!

    Putting the next bit into spoilers although I think it's pretty safe to read for everyone.


    I had a pretty fun run with the Thief. Came across an enemy that had a move that lets you transform into a bear. With the Thief's ability I used that, and didn't know it was a permanent effect so the rest of the run I was a bear. :grin: It has an extremely high damage moveset so I basically mauled my way through the rest of the dungeon haha. Was a nice surprice! Also with the robot it took me a while to realize that you can do the ZR calculation a couple of times, then use other moves, and then use ZR some more to try to get the Jackpot. First few enemies I kept messing up because I thought I had to first do the calculation thing before doing other moves! Was quite an eye-opener that I could mix that up.


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  5. I played the first dungeon (six floors) over the weekend, and I liked what I saw so far! I like how you can upgrade moves at certain points in the game, and have a fairly limited "deck" you can use. I'm guessing when the game progresses and you know enemies weaknesses you will have to switch your moveset a bit more, but for dungeon 1 it was just a matter of completely annihilating everyone.

    With the abundance of languages I set mine to Dutch, it's kind of weird to play a game in Dutch but for now the translation seems solid.

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  6. Okay, I'll break @drahkon's Ace Combat 7 streak... by talking about Ace Combat! I've played Ace Combat 2 on the original PlayStation dozens of times at a friend back in the days, and always loved it. The other game I played was Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy on the 3DS, and I really enjoyed that one as well. 3D worked proper in that game, and I just love a good dogfight.

    Thinking back flight games are a type of games I enjoy, but rarely play (I have the same with rhythm games). But stuff like Ace Combat, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, the outer space parts in Starlink and Starfox, all great.

    Ace Combat 7 has been on my Steam wishlist for a while, so I'm guessing next time it is on sale I'll go for it. How long did it take for you to get through the campaign @drahkon?

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  7. Haha yeah already saw the leaked cast earlier, but nice to see it confirmed. What a stupid cast, can't decide if I love it or hate it. :grin: Also bizarre to see that they went with the Shaggy the all-powerful meme at 1:56.

    They emphasize the voice cast but to me they all sound off, but maybe that's because most voices are based of the (more recent) cartoon series? The game looks very slow as well, and a bit cheap and clumsy, not as polished as for example the Nickelodeon one.

    All in all can't see myself putting any time in this but who knows.

    Edit: I do like how they put more focus on teamwork, something that is for example completely missing in the Smash Bros. movesets.

  8. Got quite an interesting survey from Nintendo about Metroid Dread in the mail. It asks about other Metroid games you played, whether you prefer the 3D games or the 2D ones, and asks about other Metroidvanias you played like Shantae/Hollow Knight/Axiom Verge/Castlevania. Also asks about if you are going to replay the game and for what reason, about your favourite aspects and power-ups (one which spoils the very final upgrade, wonder if you als get that question if you say you haven't finished the game yet).

    Also this made me chuckle a bit. One option for reasons for buying Dread you could choose was "to fill up my time until Prime 4 arrives". They know. :grin:

    All in all seems like they perfectly know what the game is about, how people play it and what the "competition" in the genre is. Was surprised by the depth of the survey!

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  9. Since it is quite an old MacBook Pro you can probably open it up easily and install more RAM and/or an SSD to give it a little bit of a kick in speed. Processor is still old though, 10 years is quite old for a notebook.

    Windows on Mac, you can do it free (only need a Windows licence) with Boot Camp which is part of Mac OS. Windows 10 however has some age requirements: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201468

    If you can install Windows on it with Boot Camp, you can choose when booting up whether you want to boot Windows or Mac OS.

    Don't have any experience with Linux on Mac.

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  10. Talking about Netflix movies with a big budget, I watched Red Notice last weekend. It stars Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. I guess it's a mix between a heist movie like Ocean's 11 and an adventure film like National Treasure. Enjoyable for what it is, plenty of humour although it does get a bit cringe at times. It's okay as a Saturday night no nonsense action comedy, but don't expect anything too high quality, especially knowing they had a $200 million budget.


  11. It looks like there's plenty to do after the upgrade! Had my first stretching session yesterday with @Glen-i and @BowserBasher, and did a couple of things already on my island. Ordered a bunch of new items plus all the things from the Nook Miles, went on a boat trip with Kapp'n and spent 100,000 bells to get Leif on Harv's island, hoping he brings the veg. Redd will be next!

    Got some ideas for restructuring my island, with the vegetables on the way, but also a bunch of cool new items to get from Nook Shopping. Still on the fence about the DLC, curious to hear your impressions if it is solid and fun and justifies the 25 euros.

  12. Well, that was fun! Finished my first randomizer ever. Axiom Verge now has one included in the game, with a variety of options to set. I chose Normal and Default seeing as it's my first randomizer experience, plus I only played through Axiom Verge once before. The biggest difference between Default and Advanced is that the latter relies on certain glitches.

    Putting the rest in spoilers for those who never played Axiom Verge before:



    The randomizer works exactly as you expect it to work, in that it puts all items on a random spot. Although, I don't think there is 100% randomization as for example, the first item I got was a weapon which is pretty crucial, so I think there are some variables that make sure you can always finish your run. I don't know the game by heart, there were quite some areas I really couldn't remember, and for most items I didn't remember where you would find them normally. I can imagine if you know a game inside out it is even more of a fun experience.

    That said I really enjoyed playing this. Getting some obscure weapon (in my case the scissor beam) as your first pickup is great, and getting crazy weapons such as the fat beam (an area-spanning beam that goes through walls as well) means you can access areas early, as you can hit switches through walls. On the other hand, battling a boss and being rewarded with something minor as a health node is hilarious. :grin:

    Once or twice I got completely stuck and locked in, luckily the game has the option to let you respawn at the starting point. It's also cool to finish the game while bypassing some of the game's crucial upgrades such as the Address Bomb.


    Now I know the game's layout again, I'm tempted to start another run and see how fast I can do it now, and how different it is to my first random playthrough. One thing's for sure, I'm digging this and would love to play some more randomized games. Too bad that most require ROMs to do so, so it's great to see Axiom Verge have it included.

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  13. Installed it myself and plucked my first Pikmin. Not sure if this is going to be interesting for the long run as I think it has less of the collectability appeal that Pokémon has, but at least the Pikmin are charming.

    Also: my friend code is 0864 0948 6112

  14. Boss Keys has a pretty interesting video up about the linearity of Dread, and what mechanisms it uses to accomplish this:

    Spoiler warning for those who have not played the game, but if you have this is a nice one to watch. I also felt that Dread was far more linear than other Metroidvanias, but it's cool to see how the devs did so. Although so many one-way routes does feel a bit cheap.

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  15. So, the plug got pulled and it's a flatline for Dr. Mario World, which is quite ironic considering he is a doctor. Not even Dr. Goomba Tower could save this!

    I can see why as it didn't generate the revenue Nintendo may have expected, but I wonder if it is really that expensive to keep a server in the air for it? I can imagine them stopping putting in new content, but for players who are playing this still and may not have finished it it is quite sour. I really wonder what the upkeep of a game like this is.

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  16. Played this game again after not playing for several weeks. Did some online hunts with @Mokong, @Glen-i and @Londragon and son, and a couple of online quests with randoms.

    It has rekindled my love for the game, and further confirmed that this is definitely going to be my GOTY, seeing as not much more will be releasing for me. At the moment I have an awesome hunting horn support set, despite it not having the greatest defense. I have a good lance set as well, and I'm currently upgrading a bow set.

    What I'm looking for now is to build an overall capable set for the other weapons, one I can use with Switchaxe, Hammer, Long Sword, Dual Blades. Preferably one with high affinity/critical hit. Thinking of just building the set of one of the stronger beasts like Valstrax, Narwa or Teostra/Chameleos. Any advice here?