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  1. My code is: 5453505603. Will add you all!


    Right now I am quite enjoying this. Although the one thing that I don't enjoy is that your characters can die but are revived after a match. Not really the true FE thrill!


    Btw: how are you spending your orbs? Right now I used one to upgrade my castle (+20xp which sounds like a good deal). And spent 20 on 5 new heroes (got all 5 in one set of stones). But this feels very pricey. It got me an OP Takumi though (unfortunately not Lyn)!

  2. I didn't know you could vote daily. Voted for Lyn yesterday! Although the site is only showing half the content, I had to guess what the buttons say since the text in them was not showing haha.


    Will definitely try this one though. Last FE game I played was Sacred Stones, so maybe this can rekindle my FE spririt.

  3. The Good


    The Wii has brought plenty o' good! Great games like Monster Hunter Tri and Super Mario Galaxy to name just 2. But still I am looking for some gems which I still want to play like Pandora's Tower and Endless Ocean. The backlog on it is great.


    Motion controls are obviously good (when implemented right). Some games tried a little too hard to work with it like first launch title Red Steel, but many games used it great. It even led Sony and Xbox to change their strategy to a motion controlled attempt.


    But for me most the Wii was a people magnet. I bought one while I was still in college living in a student dorm with 5 more people. Three girls, three guys, two hardcore gamers. But everyone would come in and join in the fun from time to time. There were so many types of games to play. The casuals would join in on Wii Sports or Wii Play, while the hardcore gang was playing Super Smash Bros Brawl, and we tried to get high scores in House Of The Dead 2 & 3 Returns with the Wii Zapper. But it brought people together which to me is the best thing about the console. I really hope the Switch can pull it off in the same way.


    The Bad


    All good things lead to bad things, which was also the case with the Wii. Motion controls led to shitty games, terrible quality "party" games, shovelware, and much more horribleness. And the bad thing was these things sold. Online was rather terrible, and much more could have been done with the different Channels.


    But the fact that it was a family console led to goshdarnawful TV commercials with perfect families smiling and waving at their television sets. I always hoped the mother would accidentally hit the husband in his perfectly white teeth with the Wiimote...



    The Uglii


    The graphics on some games. Yes, a game like Mario Galaxy looked great. But for example Xenoblade Chronicles was for me almost unplayable in the first year. I didn't have a big TV, and it wasn't until switching to a bigger screen and from SCART to component cable that I could read the menus and subtitles. It looked grainy, which really lowered the experience of an otherwise amazing game.

  4. Hey all, it has been a while.

    We have recently learned through a source at Nintendo connected to the organisation of an upcoming hands on press event that the Nintendo Switch Dock does increase the performance of the handheld, but not due to any additional processing in the dock.


    When the system is connected to the dock by USB-C, the system’s components will run at a higher clock speed to facilitate 1080p resolutions on the TV. Both video and power will be transfered over USB-C when docked. Plugging the system into the dock will also activate a small additional fan to help with cooling when run at that higher clock speed. This fan is in the rear of the dock, and there is a gap in the back of the dock to allow the system’s inbuilt fans to vent when docked.


    I figured this would be the chosen option at the current suggested SRP. Either they improve the TV output by hardware acceleration like with an additional APU in the dock, but that would be costly. The other option is this. Plugged into the power thus no need to be power conservative since it is not running on battery. So the processor can clock up but needs extra cooling, hence the fan.


    Being able to buy extra docks at a cheap price is a clever move, but it needs to be like Google Chromecast cheap.

  5. I also finally got a chance to play the demo. First impressions are mixed, there are some likes and some dislikes!


    For example, the way those team Skull guys are walking, seriously? A certain Monty Python sketch springs to mind, something about silly walks... Further I dislike the new Pokéball animation, the symbol showing over the ball after the third click. It is a bit dull that they show the effectiveness of moves, and the colours and camera styles are meh. So by the demo I am not that impressed.


    I did like the new HUD on the touch screen during battle, and the Y hotkey for for example switch Pokémon or use Pokéball. Hope this carries over to the main game and will be customisable.


    However, what makes me want to play the main game are the things that are not in the demo! Alolan forms, the island trials (I don't count that one in the demo since it feels a bit too lame), and the Ultra Beasts. So probably will wind up playing Moon. :D

  6. 70bd1b2854378c914eca2796ae937a0b.jpg


    Grabbed this hot and cool guy at Firstlook festival (biggest Dutch game event) yesterday!


    But interesting to see that the Nintendo stand was tiny as heck, with no playable games besides a Smash tournament, an area to get Volcanion and an area to get a photo taken with a Sun/Moon background. They really seem to be saving it all for NX. Their Gamescom stand was also super small but at least had some games playable.

  7. Just make this game free, cram it full with NX ads --> Profit!


    That aside, it could be good if they would make it as in-depth as the aforementioned Rayman iOS games. These are auto-runners which look great, play great and sound great. This however looks to be a bit more shallow.

  8. So 'Type: Null' is not the name of the Pokémon and not a new Pokémon type of null value?

    I thought it was the name? Now that I take a good second look at it, you can see a lot of different types in it. Grass, water, dragon, dark, steel. I think there will be a gimmick to it, just not sure what.

  9. Okay no super long post since it would take me a week to come up with 2 top 10s! But in general I think the DS had much more creative titles due being innovative with and 2 screens and touch. Games like The World Ends With You pushed originality of gameplay, and a lot of experimenting was also going on with stuff like the aforementioned Soul Bubbles and Electroplankton. Further, it made 3D possible like Metroid Prime: Hunters. Further it boosted some of the prettiest platformers at that time such as the Castlevania games.


    All in all I played many games on the DS, but I didn't play them all very long (with some exceptions).


    Onwards to the 3DS, I think it is less focused on innovative play and more on creating a home console experience for on the go, with titles like Resident Evil: Revelation, Monster Hunter 3U/4U/Generations, Super Smash Bros. etcetera. And I sank a lot more time per game on the 3DS.


    So in conclusion I would say that the 3DS has better games, but still I love the DS more because of all the innovation and great IPs it brought us.

  10. Looks promising! Although I also thought that when they revealed the Chibi Robo platformer and that did not work out very good. I wonder how long the game will be as well.


    Another fantastic surprise from today's superb Nintendo Direct. :)

    Really love how it uses both screens too. :awesome: Doesn't seem to have been as much of that on 3DS as there was on DS, but it looks great across 2 screens, and gives a nice sense of scale to everything.


    THIS! So bad they don't do double screen areas often anymore.

  11. I just got off, sometimes you have these nights were you just can't get into it, and all quests go bad. After doing mediocre on Nibelsnarf and Khezu I decided this is not my night, so now I'm out playing Pokémon Go haha. Maybe a rematch tomorrow!

  12. Didyouknowgaming has a nice vid about the SNES, and why they changed to a more aggressive way of marketing due to SEGA being a bully:



    Starts from around 3:20.


    And I always liked the Golden Sun commercial! And just found out that there is an extended version:



    And it's great that they put the Chandelier Dragon in Dark Dawn. :bowdown:

  13. If the handheld is Tegra 2 then surely it wouldn't need to be boosted by a dock st all. That would be fantastic power wouldn't it?


    Could the Tegra 2 be in the dock as a boost to the Tegra 1 in the handheld?


    I literally have no idea how any of this works. I know PCs can scale up and down, doesn't make any sense to me how that could work on a handheld to home console, it can either work or not. Better resolution/frame rate only does so much doesn't it?


    I am not sure how it would work with mobile chips, but for example in laptops this is already being done:






    Basically a graphics card dock which you can hook onto a laptop to use the extra power for better graphic rendering. Your laptop does work without, but runs a game on say HFD with medium graphics. Slap a dock onto it with a GTX1070 and you are running on ultra settings.


    This would mean though that the games also need to be able to scale, and I'm not sure how that would work for 3rd party support. A console game plays or doesn't, while a PC game can run at different settings.


    Although, we do see this with for example MH4U, which runs better on a New 3DS than on a 3DS. And with the 4.5 Playstation and the improved XBox, it will work similar I guess.