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  1. 13 hours ago, Nicktendo said:

    Decent night for me, two bronzes! It's good to be back. Tonight's theme was mega, even if I HATE 200cc ;)

    Here was me at the end of Rainbow Road, hunting down @Vileplume2000 for first place. He blocked a blue shell with the horn, then I red-shelled him. Victory! I thought, before remembering that this is 200cc, and in 200cc, no-one is safe.

    Haha I clearly remember this moment! I honked away that Blue Shell and thought "I need to capture this! But I'm racing at 200CC through a Rainbow Road and I can't find the button!" Seriously at those speeds that capture button is too far away to long-press.

    Had some good moments placing in the front ranks, and some shitty moments where I got blasted losing all my coins/finishing last. So yeah your typical night of MK :grin: And great theme!

  2. Ha, finally a Splatfest I can actually join since I have no plans (yet) next weekend. I love warm breakfast but it takes too much time to prepare. Therefore I usually eat cold breakfast. I will refrain from choosing a side yet since I guess we should get as many people on the same team?

  3. 10 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    I never got around to playing Fates ( still sat on my shelf )  but does Camilla act the same in those games as she does here? It seems like she was drawn and created to act in a way to just please horny teenagers. 

    You mean something like this?



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  4. 1 minute ago, BowserBasher said:

    Had a scare just now. Switch would come on but not show anything on screen apart from the menu when you press the home button. Even pressing and holding power wouldn’t let me restart the console. Luckily force shutting down by holding the power button for a longer time worked. 

    I had this same issue a couple of times in the past 2 weeks! Was going to ask if more people had it but I forgot. I hope it is fixed with the update now. To me it happened after I installed Robonauts. I removed it now just in case and did not have the problem anymore. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Ashley said:

    It's nice to see some improvements coming.  Am I correct in believing that this is the first to add something 'substantial' since the console launch or have I forgotten something?

    The one feature I really want is to be able to log in as a user rather than have to confirm I'm still me every time I try and open new software.  But its minor.

    Isn't that option already there? System settings > User > Skip Selection Screen?

  6. On 10/13/2017 at 10:48 AM, Glen-i said:


    @Vileplume2000 has been temporarily removed due to Gray's Anatomy binge. No, hang on. That can't be right... Oh right, 3 week absence.


    Hey, who says one is not related with the other? I mean how many seasons are there of Grey's Anatomy? Can take 3 weeks to watch it all. :D

    Yeah was not able to join due to various reasons. I love this week's team however so I will try to join! I will create any of the ladies for balance.

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  7. So I visited the Firstlook Festival in NL last weekend (well, had to work there) and popped onto the Nintendo stand for a while. Didn't get a chance to play Super Mario Odyssey (long cues!) but did nick me some goodies, including a poster, a Cappy and 2 codes or Marshadow for Sun/Moon. Since I don't have the game, who can I make happy with one?