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  1. Splatoon 3 Direct : 10.08.22 (2pm UK time)

    I'm curious what they're gonna show, as 30 minutes sounds pretty substantial. are they going to introduce this for potential new players and go over the basics? Or hardcore show a lot of new stuff that justifies a Splatoon 3? Either way excited, after the Splatfests stopped I traded in Splatoon 2 so I'm happy to get back into the Splatgame with #3!
  2. Ubisoft free from Vivendi takeover bid

    They're already starting to experiment with a console, although not with a platform of their own but definitely testing the waters here. In collaboration with Logitech they are working on a streaming device for stuff like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming: https://www.pcgamer.com/logitech-g-tencent-cloud-gaming-device/
  3. Yeah I also got a Fall Guys vibe from it! Anyway great night, and I love the new tracks. A better pack than wave 1. Some highlights:
  4. I know! But I'll keep my mouth shut. See you tonight! Edit: or just check the MK8 thread
  5. It was a bit silly for them to voice the teacher in the trailer, with a notice that the game won't be voiced. Still one of my biggest disappointments in Arceus was the lack of voice acting.
  6. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Get the other version, that one drives on its wheels.
  7. Not much new here. First bit is about the Championship in London. Then 3 mobile games, GO, Unite and Café update. After that a Scarlet/Violet update. Unfortunately nothing new was announced.
  8. Nintendo Switch Sports

    Yeah there must be at least some kind of pay-off as they have been doing it since Mario Tennis Aces. But still you wonder what that pay-off is. They already sold their game so why go for this route? Unless it also means a boost in sales again whenever some free content drops. They always get attention on YouTube or Twitter so I guess it's a good hook for the marketing team.
  9. Nintendo Switch Sports

    It's a bit annoying how they are marketing this as a free update, as if they're throwing us a bone. While basically they are adding features that should have been in the game in the first place.
  10. This is accurate. They started the site Nintendo-Review with a podcast, and that's when the Discord came about as well. Later on that site died and the podcast changed to be the N-Europe podcast, but the Nintendo-Review Discord is still there and has a bunch of (ex)N-E forum members. But officially it has nothing to do with N-E. There is also an N-Europe Discord but as said, that is mostly used as voice channel for Mario Kart/Smash nights and setting up Monster Hunter parties. Doesn't take conversation away from this place. I also think that Discord is not a replacement for a forum, for the obvious reasons such as structure and it's not friendly for long posts. However, for me at the moment it's a great place to hang out. Where the forum is more like this: Discord is kind of: And I have more need for a chatty bar then a forum. First of all because, like said, the forum activity is low. Add to that that there was a time when people were pretty condescending, and not everyone's opinion was respected (it's better again luckily). Second, the few times I made a long post (in for example the Gaming Diary thread), you get one or two thumbs up and that's it. Third, one reason I was active on the forum was because I was also active on the main site, but unfortunately that is low on activity as well, as we don't get any reviews and none of the staff bar Sam is posting news. I've started writing for a Dutch Nintendo outlet and I feel my time is better spent posting news articles and reviews there then being active here on the forums. Because final point, since I had a baby in the beginning of this year my time has been severely limited as well, and the time I have I spend gaming or writing on another website. The Discord is a great place to low-key have gaming banter without the need of having to make long posts or read long posts. Yes, it is unstructured and mostly just Nekunando and Markderoos screaming for Wave Race But it is cosy, it is low-key and there are some fun things going on like a Strikers club and League.
  11. Apparently Persona 5 R is getting a physical release according to the Atlus site. Don't know about the other ones.
  12. Thanks to festivals doing proper livestreams there is a ton of live material out there, including this proshot show from their gig at Tempelhof Sounds: Behold, the Power Glove lives @53:00 I've been enjoying a lot of the Hellfest Content on that channel, plus saw some streams from Graspop and Pinkpop over the weekend.
  13. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

    Hyper Strikes and items can be turned off I believe, so it should be possible!
  14. Hollow Knight: Silksong

    Yes! Still no release date though.
  15. Switch eShop Thread

    I don't know how much storage you have, but it's somewhere between 8-9GB. Of course you can always archive it after playing it.
  16. Excited about this one! I loved the cartoon and NES game. It being a Kickstarter probably means it will be a long time before we see it released though.
  17. In other news, Nintendo has stated they won't be present at Gamescom. Instead they'll focus on smaller events throughout Germany. Big loss for Gamescom, plus I'm not sure if it is a right decision from Nintendo to miss out on the same exposure usually brings, being the biggest physica gaming event in Europe.
  18. Flipnote Archive

    Sudomemo has uploaded a 12TB archive consisting of Flipnote creations. If I'm correct it is a collection of Flipnotes created in Flipnote Studio, and were uploaded on the Flipnote Hatena site. Ah well, I don't know how exactly all these websites relate to each other, but it's fun browsing all these Flipnotes! https://archive.sudomemo.net/
  19. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Speculations are going all over the place already. First of all looks like Koraidon is a chopper-style motorcycle (like Glen said) and Miraidon some kind of jet/spaceship. I wonder if you can ride them? Professor Sada, based on Pasada = past Professor Turo, based on Futuro = future Koraidon, korai is Japanese for past Miraidon, mirai is Japanese for future The scarlet logo is old and the violet logo futuristic. So time/time travel seems to be a theme here.
  20. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Looks like it's "truly open world" as well:
  21. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    And chonky it is! Anyway, official website has been updated: https://scarletviolet.pokemon.com/en-us/pokemon/ Revealing the names for the cover Pokémon, chubby Pikachu, Lechonk and the wannabe-Budew.
  22. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    So some kind of 4-player mode, trading happens "over the air", the route 1 Rattata appears to be a pig, and the cover Pokémon look great. Digital Rocket Dragon for the win!
  23. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    I love how "fellow" is part of his official title.
  24. It's interesting to see that Nintendo is not on that list. On the other hand, they'll just do their own Direct and gain more traction that way instead of being one of the many in SGF.