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  1. Farewell

    Hey Stocka, sorry that you're leaving. Hope you are able to return soon, and that everything works out for you
  2. Shadow of the Colossus

    Ah, I didn't realise that (I've been playing the American version). I don't know how long it will take to build up enough grip to climb the temple without the jump glitch. Collecting tails, and I think defeating the colossi gives you more strength as well. Anyway, hope you get there!
  3. Shadow of the Colossus

    No problem - like I say, work on the diagonal jumping technique and follow the video closely and you should get there! McMad is right, it is possible to build up a huge grip meter, but if you can nail the diagonal jump trick then your grip strength won't matter too much.
  4. Shadow of the Colossus

    Librarian, check out this video - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3611726774577404750&q=%22shadow+of+the+colossus%22 I got it through the Shadow of the Colossus entry on Wikipedia. I followed the video and got to the top of the temple after a few attempts. It is quite tricky to do admittedly. The glitch is that while climbing, if you hold jump to charge your jump, then push diagonally on the stick (so up and left, or up and right - not straight up), and release the jump button you should vault up a little bit but without losing any grip strength. Hope this helps!
  5. The truth about Sensible Soccer 2006

    Indeed, this whole thing is very disappointing, to say the least. If anyone visits other forums or websites regularly, please take a moment and link to the Stuart Campbell article which I noted above. Hopefully then Sensi fans won't be suckered into buying this update. In my article on games journalism I made reference to the Driv3r debacle - I didn't think another fiasco would come along quite so soon.
  6. If, like me, you are a Sensi Soccer fan then no doubt you are aware of the most recent effort to update the game, in the just-released-in-time-for-the-World-Cup Sensible Soccer 2006. You might also know about Eurogamer's glowing 9/10 review of the game. Yet the comments section of Eurogamer reveal much discontent - and hint at deletions of comments that were critical of the game. And then I was forwarded this link: an article by Stuart Campbell on the Great Sensible Soccer Swindle. It appears that Sensible Soccer 2006 was rushed out, unfinished, for the World Cup - and, in contrast to Eurogamer's review, is actually a total calamity riddled with bugs and glitches that they never once mentioned. Stuart Campbell also notes that the game engine is based on Codemasters' failed Club Football series - despite assurances that the games was "all-new". As Mr. Campbell also notes, "Your reporter draws no conclusions or parallels between this and the fact that Eurogamer was the first publication to review Sensible Soccer 2006. And first by quite some distance, at that - in fact, the review was published early enough that, should it happen to produce a favourable score and/or some good quotes, there'd be just enough time to get them included on box stickers, promotional materials and adverts. That this very thing then went on to happen is, your reporter feels sure, merely a coincidence and in no way suspicious." Anyway, just thought any Sensi, or even non-Sensi, fans would want the full story.
  7. Great news, I've got the first Lego Star Wars on PS2 and it is an absolute joy to play. Lego Star Wars is an example of great gameplay design for kids (and kids of all ages); not just some old guff with technical flaws being passed off onto children. Looking forward to the next one!
  8. Hey all, I had a question about Mario Smash Football. Does anyone know if you can choose to take power shots or items and power-ups off in the game? (like in Mario Power Tennis, where you can de-select power shots) I have played this here in the States (it's called Super Mario Strikers here!), but it was an in-store demo version and I couldn't get to the options screen! Any comments would be appreciated!
  9. PS2 must-haves

    Hey, I recently was given a PS2 as a present, and since we're getting towards the end of this generation now is a good time to pick up some cheap games! So, I would appreciate any recommendations as to the best PS2 titles out there, and why you rate them. (So far I've only got Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper) Cheers!
  10. 007 Daniel Craig

    Still a bit disappointed that Brosnan won't be back to right the wrongs of Die Another Day (CGI surfing sequence... oh dear), but this chap looks like he could come up with the goods. Anyway, what's with this about the first blonde Bond - you know he could always dye it!
  11. Analysts don't often get it right, which seems to be why nobody really pays them much attention. When they are accurate, it's in a kind of catch-all "yes, Sony will be top next-generation, with Microsoft and Nintendo following."
  12. J Allard invented revolution.....

    Indeed. This is something that Microsoft have specialized in. Also, I in fact thought up the internet a few years back. Ahem.
  13. Oyster Harbour, was that the one you had to use the cranes with TNT and then push huge blocks around into holes in the ground? I think it's that one, that was indeed nasty!
  14. Best game intro ever?

    Yeah, GoldenEye's intro was pretty special to Bond fans! I got out the N64 the other day, I still love this game. Silenced Walther, setting off remote mines with your watch, gunning down crack Soviet troops with an AK-47 - superb :yes:
  15. I've got fond memories of Blast Corps, but not of the difficulty level in places! Have you played the mission "Diamond Sands" yet?