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  1. 4 hours ago, Julius Caesar said:

    Worst kept secret. Gameplay reveal tomorrow.

    I guess it’s confirmed that Forza are missing Horizon 4 and going straight to 5, then? :p 

    I honestly think Rage 2 reveal was pushed forward after the Walmart reveal. It still wasn’t a well kept secret perhaps but I think had the games list not been spoiled they may have waited for closer to E3 (because really I don’t see it being a huge issue to change the dates a bit). 

    As for the Walmart reveal, I think they handled it very well. They drew attention back to themselves and poked fun at Walmart. Then slowly teased a handful more of images. 

  2. Haven’t watched the trailer but I’m betting they pushed this reveal up after Walmart’s goof. Hence the tweet followed by the Instagram posts with the same type of editing and pink writing. 

  3. I’m anti micro transactions anything. So loot boxes fall into that even if they’re purely cosmetic items and skins. I’m not against having unlockable or random drops of these items, just that they’re often sold, and with random chance i.e. gambling. 

    Remove the whole thing of buying the boxes and I don’t see how it’s different from grinding for drops in Destiny or Borderlands or any other RPG. 

    In short Overwatch does it better than most by staying cosmetic, I just disagree with them allowing for people to pay additional money beyond their original purchase price, for a chance at a skin being perceived as rare due to artificial drop rates. 


    Also, in years past, skins and shit like that were often just made for free by modding communities. 

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  4. Ha! Rage/Bethesda’s responses are pretty great. I think Rage 2 was already heavily rumored anyway. Plus there is the fact that their response of marking up the page could easily just be a joke response that means nothing. 

  5. Reading the bullet points makes me think of Horizon. Didn’t that skip a few shows too? It had more hype due to the initial concept being more obvious and unique. Plus it was coming from a more proven developer. 

  6. If I wanted to play a non turn based Dragon Quest I’d go play DQHeroes


    Actually I should do that. I never did finish the first one. Point is though, numbered DQ games need to be classic turn based. None of that real time shit or ATB systems.

    Only concession I might make could be a FFX style character switching gimmick, but there’s no real need for that, and doing so would remove something from what makes Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest. 

    Disclaimer: I’m sleep deprived. 

  7. 51 minutes ago, Kaepora_Gaebora said:

    Cancelled my game pass subscription with MGSV coming out this month on Gold; that'll keep me entertained and hopefully drag me away from The Division once the GE has finished, so I'll have to wait until I'm back on the get to play this, or if Lucky is in a sale I'll be tempted to pick it up out right :)

    My suggestion is just play the intro of MGSV (because that intro is damn fantastic!) and then play MGS3 instead. V is fun to play in ways and is technically quite impressive, but it just doesn’t grab you in the same way. A failing of the open world I think. 

  8. Credit roll. 

    Is it perfect, no. 

    Is it a masterpiece, maybe. 

    Is it a damn fine excellent piece of media, definitely. 


    Lit all the Braziers and received an enchantment that outright reduces Valkyrie damage, so that’s a grand thing to find out and should help greatly.

    Have to do that and track down the various Ravens and grind out Mist Echoes in Niflheim.


    On to niggling story issues (major spoilers time).


    I get that part of the theme is gods are dicks, and the mythology isn’t exactly wrong there but as I recall the Giants were also kind of huge dicks as well. We really only get half the story here. They’re also playing pretty fast and loose with Loki, who’s typically Thor’s half brother and raised by the giants. Also tricksy like a hobbitses.

    So their further story plans should be interesting.

    Mistletoe arrows! Freya flips shit asking who supplied them and then calling them evil and burning them. Why did absolutely NO ONE think to relay this to Sindri and try to investigate why he may have given them evil arrows??! Followed with Dues Ex Oblivious on Freya not noticing that one was part of the quiver strap.

    Ah well. I’m gonna go pass out now cause it’s 4 am. Back to nightshift for me. 

  9. Hard pass. I am awful at shmups and even worse at Bullet Hell. It’s nice to see the game getting more love though I suppose. Maybe It’ll Garner a sequel one day as opposed to just continued rereleases. Also maybe Radiant Silvergun might get a release for this gen as well. Both games hit the 360 so why not. 

  10. Ugghhgggg


    What the fuck is even the point of them dropping Health pickups?! Trying to grab them is a goddamn death trap with the speed and ferocity those fucking valkyries attack.

    Which by the way, fighting them even one on one is some bullshit. I’ve killed two and got my shit wrecked by two more so far. I can hardly imagine the pain of doing it on a harder difficulty. 

    This is not a high speed precision action game ala Bayonetta or DMC, throwing battles like those into this is just poor design.


  11. Going more in depth with the Norse mythology I think is more a side effect of how much they changed the style of this game. They could easily have gone into such depth with Greek Mythos had the game been in such a style as to present it. 

    Sure they could have had little bits of exposition tucked away into random totems spread about the levels but given how much more focused and hack and slashy GoW 1-3 were it wouldn’t have fit as well. The narrative of those games was told in the manner befitting the gameplay. 

  12. You love all us guys, gaaaaaaaaaay. (No offense indtedn to anyone of that persuasuin)

    im sippin kn whiskey and playing god of war and Gould ramble ahout spoiler type stuff buuuut know better. But ahow about when kratos eats a entire buffalo eh?!

    but no really whiskey is good. I recommend it. Wine is,....iunno juicy?

    i think once i beat god of war, I should acually play acension. Cause I own it....just never played it. I also bever beeat god of war 2.....hmmmm

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  13. 23 hours ago, Nolan said:

    The daily patches are a little tiring. At least they’re small and I’m sure they’re needed but come on, all this can’t be packaged into one for the end of the week? Unless it was something game breaking of course. 


    Annnnd yet another patch this morning. It’s kind of comical. 

    On the plus side hopefully though 1.17 undoes the HDR fucker that 1.16 caused. My reds were causing purple ghosting. 

  14. The daily patches are a little tiring. At least they’re small and I’m sure they’re needed but come on, all this can’t be packaged into one for the end of the week? Unless it was something game breaking of course. 


    Climbing the mountain