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  1. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does the emote for the “weird l” reaction make anyone else think of Attack on Titan and that theyre about to be eatwn?
  2. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ....thank....you? I’m not sure of the ....the why of that comment. As in....why?
  3. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No marrinist @martinist you’re wrong I don’t think youre drunk i know yojre drunk. You started talking abkjt 90s wrestinking wrestling* thats a clear akfb. Aign. Close enkjgb ive gone full white trash and am drinking whiskey right out of a plastic bottle tonight. Classg yah. So... our small group does a thing where we’ve been writing wrickys name on shit at work. Fucking everywhere. Half our tools have his name even to speak nothing of numerous pipes and iveams. So it’s mildly funny to ise to do that in the image. Now im to be terrible ans ask yous to committ vsome small vandalismn. Help the ricky sedlar tag go international. Pictures mah help. We’ll be appreciated I mean. Its just a stupid thing and is fucnny so i dont want anyone to actually get in trouble over this by righting it writing it on like persobal property of someone unsuspecting or whatever. Though, ill be jonest there may or may not be a frisge in New Wotek yoek Yoek York!! Fucking hell i think the calibration is off. Ummm where was it ? Fridge in NY that’s tagged in a super8 motel. Maybbe matbe not. But seriously, someone go out that on a chalkboard even and I’ll be appreciative. Ricky Sedlar shall be a real world meme
  4. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bitch. Femlae dog, minus female. No wait im retarded, minus dog. Female diringk. Xx like I said derogatory. Basically unmanly drinks. Coolers. But, bish. I dont care they tasty.
  5. (I miss the simplicity of seeing bbcode in posts) I suppose it was this post that was gave me confusion about where to make response to some things I read in here. His long speech somewhat serves the purpose of trying to be clear and understandable in his methods. Hardly a reason to decry him as a mod. Now in this particular post, yes he was a bit too wordy and it makes some of this harder to follow than necessary but typically this is not the case. And using too many words is hardly being heavy handed....if you want heavy handed, if I were mod I’d have likely banned you long ago. And that’s why I would be a poor mod because you do have good posts and do contribute. And I'm not trying to say you should praise the current regime because they haven’t done what I’d wrongfully do(not backseat modding either). I’m just saying that Rummy is not heavyhanded even if longwinded. You (dazzy) asked a question about launching online partway through and charging for it. Then made a statement about not caring if no ones ever done it before. Now maybe I’m missing some context or maybe I’m just straight up retarded but seems to be those two statements do directly contradict each other. In your words ”curious if anyone’s done it before; don’t think it matters if a company have or haven’t done it before”. If it has no importance why even be curious? And why prominently exclaim you don’t care after asking if it has been done? Like I said I feel I’m missing context but if I’m not I feel you’re a bit in the wrong (but not so I’m the wrong moderation should be called into effect or warrant this thread). And for posterity’s sake, and I could be wrong, but weren’t Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube online all “launched” after release. Granted only Xbox had an associated charge and no online prior to the paid online, so the situation is different. Irrespective of all that I want to be slightly introspective (uhh I guess). I’m not going to call anyone out, I’m not even going to say people will know who they are, they might not. Some just need to grow up a bit. Learn to just let things go, let people be wrong. You might disagree with their views. You might find their views outright wrong, but there are times you just aren’t going to be able to educate them. Just let it go and don’t reply. I know 8-10, 12 years ago I was much younger and perfectly willing to argue (well I do still enjoy a good argument) wrong or right. I’ve looked back at some of my ancient posts and feel like an utter git at the way I posted. Honestly I can think of posts when I should have been reprimanded in someway. I know some where I was quite a jerk for no real reason, not even really arguing. I don’t know that I’ve grown up myself truly but lately I’ve seen posts and comments (not here usually) that I want to argue and respond to but I just know I don’t have to time to bother and that they likely won’t understand why they are (or why I find them to be) wrong in their way of thinking. So...I just put it from my mind and move on. Even as short as 3-4 years ago I was enough of an asshole that I would insinuate people were “clinically retarded”.....and that’s not a good thing on my part. Thought in honesty, sometimes I fail. And sometimes I’m wrong and I admit when wrong and usually I’ll even apologize as well.
  6. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Footage of Drahkon tonight? i was a bit unenthusedq about the beers at the store so i got a 12 pack of bitch srinks (which is a derogatory as fuck term for them but im powerunf through it!!). Strawebrry-a-rita. Theyres okay but so surgary. 8% though so they do the job.
  7. I’m having a hard time following which threads get what type of post (also mobile and came across this one on the way out of work), but it seems this is the one to say this. Stay on as moderator Rummy. I enjoy the above the board open talk approach you take things. Thinking back to the “Lets talk about this place” thread. I think there was a certain catharsis to that type of discussion. Whether it did good or bad I don’t really know but I find that style far better than totalitarian as some forums find themselves. I have some thoughts on quotes posts but I think I’m missing extra bits of contact. Plus those thoughts would go in the other thread linked in the OP?
  8. Wireless N64 controllers?

    I’d be willing to help you but you used a gif of Jean Ralphio.... so nope. Just wire a couple of cords together until it’s like 10m long.
  9. Black Panther (2018)

    I don’t find the two comparable. It’s overly political for what amounts to a superhero movie. Sure the movie did fucking great and it had the mainly black cast and proves black leads can blah blah blah. It’s a fucking Marvel superhero comic movie. They’re formulaic, it was going to do well if they cast the lead as a sponge. It isn’t half the accomplishment people think it is, same as Wonder Woman. So really, what does it “do” for the film industry?
  10. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    I’m confused. How does this confirm Nolan North, that’s Troy Baker.
  11. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    HL3 confirmed, PS4 exclusive?
  12. PC Gaming Discussion

    Any budget minded persons interested in getting into PC gaming take note of AMDs newest APUs. 2200G and 2400G ($100 and $160 respectively). A pretty capable PC can be had for console prices. https://www.techspot.com/article/1579-overclocking-guide-ryzen-3-2200g/ Most games 1080p between medium and very high settings with good performance. Sadly RAM prices are just absurd and Ryzen likes its RAM, faster is better (but the gains are small). A couple sticks of memory will probably be the most costly item.
  13. Netflix

    Yeah. The FMA wasn’t great. No pacing, and too much crammed into the time they had, and it still only tells part of the story. The acting was hammy but I think that’s from trying to imitate anime acting which just doesn’t translate well. I mostly had it on as background noise but even then didn’t bother watching the very end.
  14. Yeah I’m down with this. Never got to play it while the servers were up.
  15. Radiant Historia Remake Announced (3DS)

    This is about to get Clockwork Orange real quick. Strap you down hold your eyes open and force you to play. Alternatively I know of a good screenshot LP of the original that does a great job of showing off everything.
  16. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @martinist When you go to bed, take a water bottle with you with ice water in it. You’ll thank me later if you do. Because ummm. Vomiting water is, well not good. Not good at all.
  17. The ever changing mechanics of Pokemon

    I’ll be honest I kinda skimmed the Gen 6 write up. I actually found 6 and 5 to be a bit of a trudge. I never even came close to finishing Black. In gen 6 (don’t recall which version I had) I did finish the story but I just couldn’t hardly care about any of it. Gen 7 I actually found to be extremely refreshing to the series. I don’t think I’d call it unambitious even though I agree Z moves are about just nuking Pokémon, I don’t know that it takes away from strategy though (well I suppose it unarguably does actually). Sometimes you get into random encounters that you just can’t be arsed with I appreciate it for that in a way. The island trials and lack of gyms though I think is nice. The formula isn’t really changed from the gym trials, but it feels different enough to put a fun new spin on it. I find Aloan forms fun as well, I just wish there were more of them. It’s a bit silly that only 18 (2% of all known Pokémon) evolved slightly differently due to location. I like Gen 7. The locations, the change from gyms to trials, the quality of life improvement in ride Pokémon. It’s good stuff. Now to the nitty gritty, back in the sprite based days it was an accomplishment to have every Pokémon possible as following you on the overworld, and done away with due to memory and whatever. Well, in the new world of 3D everything where all of the Pokémon have 3D models that can just as easily be overworld or battle.....where the fuck are my follow buddies?! sidenote; I’ve never played Gen 3 or the remakes. Back then I was “too cool” for Pokémon (god school is fucking bizarre). Luckily by Gen 4 I was basically an adult and had my own money to just buy what I wanted.
  18. Secret of Mana Remake (PS4/Vita)

    Bought it regrettably. My advice, don’t use the remastered soundtrack (they tried way too hard to jazz it up and added more instruments and notes) and the voice acting is...not great. Only a little bit in but Randi is very flat. I’m probably one of the few that won’t slate the graphics though. They’re simple and safe and different from the original 2D, but perfectly serviceable I didn’t realize it from the screenshots but the minimap is actually the original graphics. I figured it was just a comparison photo stuck in for press photos originally. On the other hand the shopkeepers dance has been fantastically preserved through the remastering. Enjoy this low quality gif. https://i.imgur.com/CqMWYJE.gifv edit, fuck me why can’t I figure out how to embed a fucking gif anymore?! Will BBcodes work?! I’m old and crotchety and miss vbulletin. https://i.imgur.com/CqMWYJE.gifv[/img] nope...don’t care. Off to play and drink.
  19. Black Panther (2018)

    About a week ago I googled it to check the release date and a CNN headline put a sour taste in my mouth. “Black Panther is for film what Barack Obama was for the presidency” I’ll see the movie eventually but that sort of writing/headline/comparison is just vile. Edit, also oddly the movie isn’t out until tomorrow in the US.
  20. Man, know what would be cool. A disclaimer towards the level of canon of a particular piece of media.
  21. E3 2018

    I’m inclined to agree, just keeping my optimism in line.
  22. E3 2018

    Bloodborne 2 is a maybe I’d say. There is some speculation that Shadows Die Twice could be a Tenchu reboot of sorts.
  23. Disney had copyright law changed on account of a mouse. They’ll do what they want same as they always have. And as already mentioned in the thread it’s highly unlikely that this exclusive contract is ironclad in EAs favor to where Disney couldn’t break it under certain parameters. Hell they could probably successfully break it just because of loot boxes and claim defamation of their intellectual property (gambling towards kids).
  24. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    I’ll definitely jump on that shit. Those games were actually quite fun. I played a good portion of the original some years ago. 8-9 years I think? Still very playable of a platformer.