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  1. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    I love them.
  2. NieR: Automata (2017)

    Oh yeah good point! @Goafer if you could edit your post perhaps? This is a game where being blind really helps the experience on certain things.
  3. NieR: Automata (2017)

    Slightly spoilery but eh it’s a year old now.
  4. NieR: Automata (2017)

    There is an auto item pickup mod you can equip, which would remove a lot of the item tedium. I don't recall ever really having issues with invisible walls, I know they’re around but, they’re also typically in spots you’d expect. You’re also definitely the only person I’ve seen call the combat rigid and dull. But if you’re not feeling. I mean hey, I think Furi was an absolute chore and I only did I think a single boss.
  5. Twin Mirror (PS4/XBO/PC)

    People are fucking dumb though. I’ve seen plenty of “looks like a Xbox/ps2 game” complaints leveled at games that are vastly beyond, but they don’t reach the AAA first party level of fidelity. People lose sight of the previous generations limitations sometimes.
  6. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Rumors already of Crackdown 3 being pushed to 2019 now. https://www.dsogaming.com/news/report-crackdown-3-may-get-delayed-until-2019/
  7. Nine parchments

    This kind of looks like Magicka but without the humor
  8. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did....did the german language just break @drahkon? Or at least the Umlaut j mean. I think it did. Anywhooo. Yeah i dont fucking know. Rum and IPAs and Final Fantasy 3/5. Ahen. 3/6. Blasted fatdingers. I havent watched 7 psychopaths since it came out. I really enjoyed it i should watch that shit again. I also should watch Pans Labyrinth, I bought it for the 10 year anniversary and then...just neber warched it. Which is sad because j really like the movie. Just not the right mood for aomething that cant be background noise is the problem. Alsways the problem.
  9. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection (PS4) 31st March

    There’s a trophy for not changing equipment? That sounds tedious as all fuck. I like equipment in games.
  10. Destiny 2

    Bleh. Oh well at least shotguns and sniper rifles will be useful again. Their move to the heavy slot and the lack of ammo synths basically made them into non starters for me.
  11. E3 2018

    Spaaaace Assshooole. Glorious, they know their audience I think.
  12. E3 2018

    Unlikely. By naming and by the how polarizing DmC was for most people. It was a very good game, but a lot of people just can’t get past it being a rebooted DMC title. Honestly as a Devil May Cry title, it isn’t as great as previous entries. The combat wasn’t as technical and refined, and the story was goofy while trying to be overly serious. It was an excellent title but not an excellent Devil May Cry.
  13. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t judge. Just go woth the flow. Hey guys and galls. Fun...no the opposite of that. Horrible fact, salad does not absorb boose at all. Cause i speialed pretty quick last night to the close my eyes and try not to die stage. Im blaming the non absorency status of lettuce fkr that. Booze is best when drank quickly amd time delayed via pizza crust. My run may also have had an effect. Walking today has been....sore typically. But certainly possible. Did i mention yet im unemployed? Laid off. Possible strike imminent. So. I can do thinks like get drunk on weekdays and sleep in. Ill go back to work soon. Or strike iunno or care.
  14. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No I specifically said I don’t love.
  15. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sssshhhoooooooytsss. I havent done shots at homee in forever. Or captain morgan 100proof in like 7 years. Lasttime I remebr drinking it I chugged a quayer (1/4. Or .25 cause metric?) bottle on a buscan. BusVan. My buddies bachelor party. I apparently pissed and got aick (separately) all over the stripclub bathroom. I however remeber having perfect aim. Plus the friend recounting this was also drinking and I know has a havit of exxagerating things. But yeah I probably made a mess :/. I slept at his moms house (cause me no drive) and me him and his girlfriend (now wife!) all got Taco Bell. And regardless of how black out drunk I was. I know I had a plain bean burriot with and bis girlfriend liked that I liked those too and suggested I get one without onions. She was adamant and I’ll never forget that conversation. But I also never got that onionlwas burrito. Those days were better times. Just. In gerneral. Im plsying supermariorpg seven stars legend right now. Never have before really. Cept crappy emulator for like the bowerse battle and no further. SNES Classic mini is a good purchase even if I go full nostalgia and sit on the damn floor like and invlid. Wow I was typing real well intil the end there. Shit beer and shit rum and for a shit night that’s fun woo! yalls like therapy for me. I lwan mean. Like venting therapy. I can get all fucked up. Then I can get drunk. And just ramble bullshit and no it’ll be accepted (yes that should be know) and. It helps. Not to be all melodramatic and I try to not cent the real shot and be a downer just feeling like I got aomebody. Bobody! Whats the B stand for?! (Was watching The Office earlier) (US) @dragkonnopethatsnotit.... @drahkon @martinist @S.C.G (Thank god yours comes up with a capital S. ) @Glen-i @Ashely fuck. & @ aashely >_> damn admins.... @Ashley and whomever else reads this thread. This thread started by @flameboy he outta get jn here. Thanks all. Shit. Not I z now im sorry this is an eddit. It was meant tk be short. I don’t love you all. Or likely any of you. But dammit tdo I really like all of thos community. Especially dissenting views. @Ronnie even if I don’t agree I very much like being able to argue/discuss a point. I now feel a bit an ass calling you out since I do agree with you I think semi often. More rum!!!
  16. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boxed wine. You’re so classy @martinist ive started ym weak beer. I did not check the box before purchase. Its 4 months old....oh well. Spiced rum soon enough! i ran for 50ish minutes and did about 5k. I suspect tomorrow i wont be able to walk much.
  17. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yes, the gravity rush remaster is pretty well done. You’ll be able to tell it wasn’t originally console centric, but with the relative power of the Vita it holds up pretty well. Ahhh apprenticeship (pipe insulator)days. I don’t miss them, it’ll get better when you’re turned out. Do you mind if I ask what you’re apprenticing for?
  18. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    A bit of creativity and freedom eh? Gravity Rush sounds like it might be up your alley then. Also Valkyria Chronicles was also an interesting bit of 3rd Person action. I never played past the first game and while the story was a bit bland the gameplay was certainly solid.
  19. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The fuck @drahkon whym I a noob. ? It’s only 2pm ish hear anyway. I’m not supposed to be drunk as you yet. I ain’t even gone for a run yet today. I did spend an hour making a playlist though.
  20. Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!

    All I can say about Eevee is at least it isn’t fucking Bidoof....I have such a hate for Bidoof.
  21. Nintendo E3 Spoiler/Leak Thread

    I honestly have no idea. I haven’t followed the news obviously, so that stuff all jumped out at me.
  22. Destiny 2

    Hmm cool. Just last night after only a couple weeks my little group was already tired of doing any more in destiny and are switching to EDF. Hopefully Year 2 brings something big like The Taken King. Hopefully Bungie pulls their heads out of their collective asses and learns how to balance heroic modifiers too.
  23. Nintendo E3 Spoiler/Leak Thread

    It shows Smash and Metroid as being developed by Bandai Namco Fzero as developed by Platinum (who I think have no racer experience). Star Fox developed by Retro. Those would all be some VERY odd changes I think. I’d go with the list being 50/50 on legitimate info and bullshit thrown at the wall just because.
  24. E3 2018

    I’ve seen pictures/people claiming to have played that top listing months ago on Imgur. I was downvotes for commenting that I hadn’t realized it released. R/mildlyinteresting. Middle one has my intrigue though. Edit: y’all motherfuxkers need to switch your avatars back to normal. Less of this Nivea legion shit. I thought I was replying to HoT edit edit @Sméagol @Ashley @everyoneever holy fuck we can have gifs as avatars now?!! I might have to retire mine....I mean it is only like a decade old now...
  25. E3 2018

    Well thats interesting if it’s not just a good photoshop job.