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  1. Help me pick an HDTV... Please.

    Quick question, does Sony have an LCD matching the contrast ratio(dynamic) of an extremely highquality Plasma. Samsungs new series have a DCR of 1,000,000:1 like Panasonic Plasma's I must've just misread the 1080p thing, my bad. Somehow I had trouble following info in the layout of that site. Unfortuantly I'm American, and don't really know many of the sites to look at to fin decent deals for you.
  2. Help me pick an HDTV... Please.

    afaik, LG makes really good highquality stuff. Sumsung is generally the LCD king right now, and that original one you linked too has 1080p for a good price which I'm betting the LG doesn't.
  3. Rate the last film you saw

    Brick Go watch it now. It's an independant film from 2005, with a wonderful cast headed by Joseph Gordon-Levit. The story is a classic Hard-Boiled detective story with the added twist that the everything revolves around some highschoolers. Everyone in the cast plays their parts perfectly, effortlessly delivering lines that are out of place in todays society, but right at home in a noir crime thiller. 10/10
  4. Broadband Speed Test Results

    I have a 3Mb connection......but I only get 768K down. It's something wrong with the ISPs line though and nothing on my end.
  5. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    JAFFA CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!! avy: 6/10 idk whats up with it Siggy: 7/10 same as avy, but it gets people out of sunday sermon. Cake: Look up ^^^ I like German chocolate cake.
  6. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    I joygasmed.........twice.
  7. Arc Rise Fantasia (Marvelous/Image Epoch)

    Looks hawt! Marvelous is bringing 5 or 6 games to the Wii right now and they all look Fantastic.
  8. I joygasmed at the teaser trailer, so much that I played through the original.
  9. Best Final Fantasy Game?

    I notice that many of these opinions are from FFVII and up this says to me that many of you have not played the first six which is where the series truly shines FFVI is the best VII is actually the beginning of the series decline. V, IV, are excellent games V has a very well developed job system III lacks in the story but is still decent. II is a series departure. think Zelda II completly different hated by all (almost I liked it) and the original is a fair game
  10. Best Final Fantasy Game?

    VI IMO is the best the five before it were excellent VII was good but it marked the series decline VIII was crap I played it untill 4th disc IX wasn't bad but nothing compared to its predeccessors X was much to linear like an interactive movie XI,X-2, and XII i haven't played and have heard mixed things
  11. Rate the last film you saw

    Silent Hill as a movie it was great and it recreates many sences straight from the game the story is different so if your expecting a straight game to movie adaptation with little to no difference you'll be dissappointed but if you just try to enjoy the movie for what it is it's quite enjoyable
  12. Final Fantasy XII

    my personal fav from the FF series is FFVI(III in the states) VII was great also VIII blew balls XI was pretty good then they went downhill
  13. Wii demo pods?

    this is whats on the top screen of the Wii Kiosk [ATTACH]538[/ATTACH]
  14. The Official Ninja's vs. Pirates threat

    Pirate FTW feel free to swipe my pirate userbar fellow mateys
  15. A concern with saving

    My guess is that the VC will auto download to system memory then you probably could transfer those onto your SD card