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  1. Yep it did. There's three Japanese, two American and two European versions. All have different song lists. Well not totally different. About half the list is the same between each US and European version, but that still leaves 12-15 songs on each that are unique.
  2. Yep that's pretty much what they did. But seeing as it's pretty much end-of-life on the Cube anyhow, it won't affect many users.
  3. Seems to be songs in all of them I like (and I own all 7 versions of the game released!). Definitely got my money's worth out of the bongos!
  4. Gonna be showing my age here... Combat on the Atari 2600
  5. Indeed, Superman 64 or Aerogauge... bleeegh!
  6. Your GameCube collections

    First post here... so hi people. If anyone reads NTSC-UK, then you might know me from there. Or not. You might read some of my reviews. Right, on with the collection... this is my current US collection. I have some Japanese titles (about 50) and a couple of PAL games (Donkey Konga 1 and 2 for example). (I note the can't link to other places until you've made 15 posts thing!) So in the meantime, click on the URL linky thing in my profile to take you to my US list