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  1. Hello from Canada! ok I finally got a gc. I really didn't like wind waker's graphic style but finally I put it aside and the style is actually growing on me I can't wait for the Zelda TP, that looks amazing. I surfed couple of nintendo forums and I think this place is the best place to talk to other nintendo gc/gba/future wii owners. That's why I signed up here. Anyway, what games do you guys recommend for gc? I like mgs games (finished playing 2 and 3) and I never played the first one (well I played it at someone else's house but that was like for 10 anyway) so I'm thinking of getting MGS: TT. good decision? I like action/adventure games so any good ones for gc? I'm not a huge fan of rpgs but looks like you guys really enjoyed Tales of Symphonia ... Like arcade sport games so should I get sega soccer slam or mario strikers? Not into metroid prime games so don't bother telling me how good they are. :p that's all for now
  2. I got GameCube with Zelda wind waker today!

    Ok I'm thinking of getting Eternal Darkness ... alittle more info on this game would be nice.
  3. I got GameCube with Zelda wind waker today!

    the reason I bought gamecube is for zelda games. marvel vs capcom 2 > super smash brothers
  4. Football Season 2006/2007

    man city 1 arsenal 0
  5. I got GameCube with Zelda wind waker today!

    already played in it ps2, great game indeed.
  6. Favourite video game music

    quake 2 and starcraft
  7. I got GameCube with Zelda wind waker today!

    going to university ... don't have money to burn. I got gc mainly for zelda: tp. Maybe I'll get Wii when the next zelda comes out (after tp). By then I'll be done playing wind waker and TP and wii should be cheaper. zelda is my #1 fav game series. Not into SSB or Mario games at all but I love Zelda series. Not your typical nintendo fan, eh?