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  1. Victory! The annoying Hunting Trials bug has been resolved! As I ended up expecting, I had to go to the main lodge, get the main quest there, activate that quest as I did the trials, and now I finally have all the Blazing Suns for the hunting grounds I was having the issue with. Cheers again for the tip @Map it was great help! :)


    36 hours in now, and I've only just climbed all the Tallnecks and have done all the Cauldrons. Only got a few collectibles left before I have the lot too. Progression seems to be going quite quickly now! Still, I can't believe how massive this game is, I reckon I could easily take at least another 10 hours on it.

  2. I know there was a problem with the tutorials not registering unless the quest was active, maybe it's similar to that and may be worth having the Valleymeet quest active whilst doing it.

    It might be worth checking each trial whilst speaking to the keeper, if all the marks are lit up then you have the blazing sun, also check the world map to see if it says completed when you hover over Valleymeet.


    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I've not had much time to play this recently, things have been pretty busy! Thanks for the ideas, but sadly none of them worked. :( I've got to Meridian now, and I've talked to the woman at the shop to activate the main quest, so maybe that will fix it? I'll keep you posted. Thanks again anyway though! :)


    Speaking on Meridian, it's such an amazing location, I love how diverse the game is in terms of environments. I'm just over 30 hours in now, and I still feel like I have tons to do! This game really just keeps on giving!

  3. I've reached the 24 hour mark in this game now, and I'm loving every minute of it! The world and the lore surrounding it are brilliant, and the gameplay is fantastic! :D


    However, I may have come across a bug... I definitely managed to get all the Blazing Suns from the Valleymeet Hunting Trails, but my quest info was showing that I had yet to complete 2/3 them, with only one marked as completed. So I decided to go back, to make sure. Upon definitely being within the time limit for a Blazing Sun, the game still doesn't appear to give it to me. Anyone else come across this? I'm stumped. :confused:

  4. Got this on release, played it, completed it... and I love it! It's definitely a return to form, and easily one of my favourite instalments in the RE series. All the little homages and references to the previous games are great, and it really don't feel forced, it's certainly worthy of the "Resident Evil" title. For me personally, it feels like the perfect mix of 1 and 4, with some elements that are fresh for the series being blended in.


    Oh, and I've recorded it all for a let's play. Here's part 1 if anyones interested...




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  5. So, I completed this a few days ago, but I haven't had time to post my thoughts until today...


    I really enjoyed the game a lot, and despite it's flaws, I actually think this could be my game of the year. However, I still can't shake the feeling that the game ended too soon, and that they've been forced to cut stuff out, to repackage it as DLC. In all honesty, the story was a bit weak, but I did have a feeling it would be a middle of a trilogy type game, which is what this probably is. Mind you, the loose ends do make a nice set-up for the inevitable sequel/DLC.


    As for the ending itself, I didn't actually find it too bad, I'm just glad that the decisions I made actually had an outcome, and that this was a proper ending (unlike Human Revolution.) In my ending, Miller died, which made me a bit sad, as I kinda thought he was a decent character, but I went and saved the bomb maker, so missed out on the chance to save him, it seems. The boss fight was a tad easy, once I figured out I could EMP Viktor, and perform a takedown on him, but I guess that's the danger of trying to balance the game for every possible outcome.


    At first, I was a bit gutted that Prague was the only hub-world in the game, but after some thought, I think this works better. After all, it's more ideal to have one big detailed world, that actually fits into the story, than to have a global tour, just for the sake of it. The different gameplay choices that the world offered, and the transition to and from missions were done pretty well too. Although the third and final visit to Prague was just brutal!


    The main thing I absolutely love about this, is all the ties it has to the original game. The return of Bob Page, Joseph Manderley actually turning up, and a vague mention of Morgan Everett, plus Silhouette! Not to mention this new virus, 'Orchid' (which is obviously an early version of the Grey Death. Slowly but surely, the world is transitioning to the one we see in the original Deus Ex, and as a massive fan, this really excites me. To be honest, I think Mankind Divided was really a game made for the fans, and it shows.


    Now, I'm tempted to get the DLC, but I'll see what 'Desperate Measures' is like first...



  6. I'm definitely surprised that it's £350, I think a lot more people will buy it than pundits had expected. I'd be surprised if Scorpio comes close in terms of price and Sony can always drop the price to £300 - £325 next November and undercut them.


    They could probably easily undercut them even more by then! Still not 100% sure on the design though...




    Although the design of the console begs one question... how the hell do we upgrade the hard drive?

  7. I got this on release day, and I've played it for a few hours.


    I admit, it took a little while to get going; the tutorial mission was linear and a bit dull, plus the first hub world felt a bit odd at first. Also, let's just say I wasn't overly keen on what augmentations you start with. It did have me slightly worried that it had been dumbed-down a bit. However, when you get access to the new augs (which is really cool and well done, by the way) it balances nicely. I think initially, I wasn't in the right mindset for a DX game, but once I got into the right frame of mind, things got better.


    The controls feel a tad clunky at times too (I went with the default Mankind Divided layout), so they may take a bit of getting used to, but I don't feel they really detract from the experience once you get to grips with them.


    I'm really itching to play more, but I'm off to a festival for the weekend tomorrow, and I'm not back until Monday, so my playthrough will resume then. I'd say after a rough start, things picked up nicely I'm very impressed! I you liked Human Revolution, you'll like Mankind Divided!


    I thought the Dubai mission was a tad pointless, and should've been an optional mission. I get that it was exposition for the story, but it could have easily been told in a cutscene. I wasn't keen on the fact that Jensen pretty much starts with all his augmentations either. Mind you, in hindsight, it does make a lot of sense that he would. I mean it's not like he'd dump them all for no reason, so really this was just more of a nitpick!


    As for Prague, the fact that Jensen's augs were playing up became a bit too distracting for me. That said, I do LOVE how the side-missions seamlessly blend in with the world and the main story, it all blends together so well! The urban, run-down style of the environment really feels like a huge throwback to the original Deus Ex too. Breaking into apartments is fun. I was a bit of a douche at one point; after looting someone's place, I turned on their stove, left a cardboard box on top of it, before making a swift exit.


    The way in which Jensen "discovers" his new augmentations is great too, I really loved how the whole scenario played out. The fact that they're hidden experimental augs has me massively intrigued on how the plot will develop, although I do have my theories. Managing the power levels is gonna be a massive bitch though, I see some huge decisions being made further down the road.


    Oh, and I'm glad there's some recurring characters! I did expect Page to make an apperance, but I'm glad Sarif is still around. Was nice to hear Pritchard and Meg metioned too. I wonder if they'll turn up at some point...




    EDIT: Oh, and one more thing to add! I highly recommend playing Human Revolution before going into this. Whilst there is an option to view a recap of the events prior to Mankind Divided, it's still a lot to take in. My flat mate (who hasn't played HR) was pretty overwhelmed by it all, and is having massive issues trying to get into the game. Just a quick heads-up!

  8. Now I've actually got more time to post stuff, here's some of my impressions of the trailer:


    One of the main things I like is how this seems to have a dark tone to it, but still keeps the Sonic vibe. With this "Join the Resistance" angle they're going for, I'm hoping that Robotnik has the upper-hand, and Sonic and his pals are freedom fighters trying to restore order to the world. I know Sonic Underground used this angle, but it'd be freshing to see the games use this concept. I also noticed it's City Escape/Radical Highway that's on fire in the trailer. With the inclusion of Classic Sonic, I'm sure there has to be a time travel aspect to the story somewhere.


    Of course, I'm going to be cautiously optimistic, as we don't know much about this, plus the fact that Sega/Sonic Team have failed us so many times before. Still, early signs are promising, and I kinda can't help but get a bit excited!

  9. Well, after some slight panic and faffing about, my PS4 is now upgraded with a 2TB hard drive! : peace: Couldn't believe how easy it was, the hardest part was actually getting the screws out, as it was screwed in insanely tight *awaits innuendos...* Cheers for the advice and help though, folks!


    Anyways, I went for these, in case anyone's interested:

    HDD: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00I8O6OQ4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    External HDD: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00KWHJT7Q/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  10. It should work... I think?


    I was going to possibly buy a USB caddy for my old PS4 hard drive so that I could move a couple of things back onto the machine at a later date, I don't see why this is any different from using a non-powered hard drive as a backup. : peace:


    Cheers for the help! :) I don't see why I wouln't either, just I'm a bit paranoid, haha. I'll get round to sorting it all on Saturday, when I have more time free.


    The caddy sounds like a good idea, actually! I may have to follow suit once my PS4 upgrade is done!