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  1. Fallout 4

    This game looks incredible. It's doing everything! Day one purchase for me, definitely!
  2. Doom (May 13th)

    So I watched all the stuff from the Bethesda conference, and it looks awesome! I'm not sure on the weapon designs and general aesthetics, but the gameplay is damn solid. Doom is back!
  3. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    Ok, finished listening to it. Absolutely love it, there's not a single track I hate. I do admit, the second half is a bit weird, but I still really like it. Definitely their most coherent album since Absolution, in my opinion. Not exactly the return to form I was expecting, but Muse are definitely back on track! So, my ratings: Dead Inside 9/10 Drill Sergeant + Psycho 9.5/10 Mercy 8/10 Reapers 10/10 The Handler 10/10 JFK + Defector 8/10 Revolt 7/10 Aftermath 9/10 The Globalist + Drones 8.5/10 And my album rankings: OoS > Abosultion > BH&R = Drones > TR > Showbiz > T2L
  4. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    It arrived!!! My Deluxe Edition arrived!!! And it's beautiful!! I'll edit my post with opinions when I'm done listening to it. On Mercy at the moment!
  5. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    Good to hear the ending isn't as bad as people were making it out to be, then! Still waiting until my copy arrives, before giving it a full listen. I've still had no confirmation off the official store about my order though, so I may not be getting it early like I'd hoped. Also, according to Matt Bellamy in a recent interview, they're going to play a "one-off set of rarities, b-sides and heavy tracks" at Download. Cannot. Fucking. Wait!!! Oh, and I listened to Showbiz (the song), followed by The Handler. It's perfect!
  6. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    Oh god, you should see the official .mu forums... they're tearing the last few tracks apart. Apparently, JFK and Defector are good, then it all goes downhill from there. I'm a bit scared now. Although it is the official forums, they're harsh over there... EDIT: Just seen your hidden text, haha! XD Let me know what the last half is like.
  7. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    Apparently, it has leaked (but not sure where.) I'm going to hold off until I get it though, it'll be more of a special occasion then!
  8. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    I'll definitely be doing that when I get home, cheers for the tip! I remember Matt Bellamy saying in interviews that The Handler harks back to Showbiz, and I can really see it. I couldn't agree more either, this is definitely Muse at their best, this album is turning out to be incredible! I have to say, The Handler alone is definitely one of the best tracks they've released in the past 6 years!
  9. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    Couldn't resist The Handler either. Holy shit, it's incredible!!! The songs keep getting better.
  10. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    That's a pretty awesome setlist tbh, looked like ana awesome gig! I'd love to see AP live. Also, it appears Drones will be up for streaming on Spotify on Friday. It says that's the release date on all regions on the site, so I assume it'll start from then. Mind you, the album is out in some countries by then anyway. If we do get The Handler today, I'm not sure if I want to listen to it yet, I've heard too much of Drones already, I want there to be some surprises on the album. You should see the official forums at the moment, they're going mental! Awesome, I went to the Manchester one, it was incredible! Which dates did you go to? I'm going to be at Download next week, I'm going for the five night camping. Should the a good one.
  11. Dark Souls II

    Just announced at the Spike TV VGAs, here's a pre-rendered trailer thingy: EDIT: Got a working link for the trailer... for now.
  12. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    I saw that video yesterday, and the song is fucking incredible! I've loved all the tracks released so far, it's definitely the best material that Muse have released for years. I've got to admit, the studio version of that track is actually better than the live version, although everything comes across clearer in the studio version. It's all coming together. Can it be 8th June now, please?
  13. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    Dem tech issues, dat shit crowd tho. The other gigs will definitely be better, they were on form in Manchester, and I'm sure the other festivals won't be so shitty with their tech. Plus they're sure to play longer, as most normal headline slots at a festival are around 90 minutes, so it should be a decent length. But yeah, not long till Drones now. By the way, I highly recommend reading their interview with Q Magazine, it's a brilliant article!
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I already used my reward card points, and traded in CoD towards it, cheers though anyway. It only cost me about £20ish after that, so not bad.
  15. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Hate to hijack the thread here folks, but I was just wondering, where's the best place to buy PS Plus for cheap? Preferably a year subscription. My PS Plus ran out the other day, and I forgot that my account is linked to my old card, so it failed to auto-renew. Kind of a good job, really, as £40 is a lot for me at the moment. EDIT: Actually, I have £7.63 on my GAME Reward card, and want to trade in CoD: Advanced Warfare, so I might just do that instead...
  16. Muse - Drones (8th June)

    Reapers is going to be massive, it's easily some of Bellamy's best guitar work. Just listened to the leak of Mercy too, and I absolutely love it! Sure, it's really poppy, but it has a definite Black Holes & Revelations vibe to it. 8th June needs to hurry up!
  17. Bloodborne

  18. Bloodborne

  19. Bloodborne

  20. Bloodborne

    I've had this game since launch, and I think it's bloody brilliant! Frustratingly difficult, but then I was expecting that really. Haven't had a ton of time to play it though, so still attempting to blitz through it.
  21. P.T.

    I may have actually posted that pic to Konami's official Facebook page.... yeah.... :P
  22. P.T.

    So yeah, saying I'm gutted about this is an understatement. All I can say is, fuck Konami, I'm done with them. I may not even bother with MGS5 out of protest. Although if I do, I'll probably "obtain" it from somewhere...
  23. Guitar Hero Live

    Fair point, the entire music genre of games did die off after the last GH/RB games. Although I do think there's a new generation of audience that this will appeal to. I do admit, it may be a bit early to get hyped, as we don't know exactly how they'll release the content, but things are definitely looking interesting!
  24. Guitar Hero Live

    I'm not getting the negativity here, I think the direction this is going in is absolute genius! I'm definitely going to be picking this one up *for PS4* (as long as the tracklist is decent.)
  25. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [PS4, PC XOne]

    Updated the original post with the trailer, plus there's a link to the Game Informer coverage that's happening over the course of the month. Also, some more details: Source: Really sounds like exciting stuff! I'm glad the story will tie into the original, I look forward to seeing how they transpire.